Garage Door Bottom Bead End Vinyl Weather Seals

Garage Door Bottom Bead End Vinyl Weather Seals

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Additional Details about: Sold by the foot. To place your order put how many feet you need it the quantity box and add your order to the shopping cart.

Product Description

Keeping the elements on the outside and your vehicle, tools and toys inside your garage safe and warm is very important and this task can be aided by using seals on your garage door such as bottom bead end vinyl weather seals. These seals are available at North Shore Commercial Door Co. at economical prices.

These garage door bottom bead end vinyl seals offer a high-quality seal that is available in four-inch widths. The bead end measures approximately 3/16 inch to 7/32 inch in diameter. Weatherstripping on garage doors will eventually need to be replaced. One tale-tell sign that your weatherstripping is faulty is if you notice water seeping in or mice moving into your garage. These vinyl seals are easy to install and this product is sold by the foot. When you place your order at North Shore, you simply need to enter the number of feet that you require.

• Sold by the foot – provide length desired (in feet) in box above

• 4" in width

• Bead end is approx. 3/16" to 7/32" in diameter

• Currently Black in color (your original may be Gray)

• Installs quickly and easily

• We have another bead end style seal available with a smaller bead (not interchangeable. Search for FINISHLINE to find it.

For other styles of garage door bottom seal, click here.


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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Round bead was key to this purchase and detailed sizing. by Mark S 9/15/2014
COMMENT: appears to be the same as my existing door seal. by Ron S 9/15/2014
QUESTION: Will this work as a replacement weather seal for a Taylor Insulated Sectional Garage Door By picture in installation book it looks like it has bead ends. by None N 8/23/2014
ANSWER: Your product worked for us. by Arthur W a
ANSWER: Unsure of Taylor brand door but this should work if it requires a beaded end weather seal. While shopping, I found the "T" end and the bead end...the bead end was the obvious product I needed and worked perfectly for me. One thing to keep in mind is whichever seal you use, they shrink over time. So this being the second one I've installed, I compressed it once installed and pinched the bead grooves closed a little smashing the bead and holding it from overextending/rubbing in the beginning. by John D a
ANSWER: That is what my weather stripping looked like and this worked perfectly. It worked so well for my single garage I ordered for my double garage also. I couldn't find this in local stores. by barbee c a
ANSWER: As long as your seal matches this it will work. Mine was toren . This saved me $200.00 by doing myself by Bob C a
ANSWER: It worked on my insulated sectional Taylor door. If all their models and years used the same seal, it will work on yours. If your old seal looks like this, this one will work by harvey e a
QUESTION: Do you have one in 2 inches in width? by None N 8/18/2014
ANSWER: I used this seal on a garage door that is a little over 2 inches in width. I installed the new seal over a year ago and it is working fine. Hope this helps. by DONALD K a
STAFF ANSWER: No we do not unfortunately. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: is it possible you could ship me an inch length of this to see if it will fit my door? by None N 8/6/2014
ANSWER: Sure will by tim W a
STAFF ANSWER: You can order a quantity of one and that will be a one foot sample. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: What do you mean by bead end? by Michael D 2/5/2014
ANSWER: The 2 parts that slide into the channel at the bottom of the door are round. I looked high and low before I found what I needed for my doors here. This is not a common seal from what i gathered. Most of the ons you find at home improvement stores etc. are t-shaped. by Mark B a
ANSWER: The end is shaped like a bead, rounded all the way around, as opposed to a T or a D. by Sarah K a
ANSWER: As shown in the picture, the part that attaches to the bottom of the door is round. Bead may be misleading since it is more like a long cylinder. Other weather stripping may have a TEE shape instead. Look at the old weather stripping and match the size and shape. by W E a