Garage Door Bottom Seal Weatherstripping For Wooden Doors

Garage Door Bottom Seal Weatherstripping For Wooden Doors

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Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door Co. has the ideal product for securing your wooden garage door from the elements. Bottom seal weatherstripping for wooden doors uses a neoprene rubber astragal to seal between the door and the floor. To install this product, you will need to use galvanized roofing nails to attach the weatherstripping to the door. This weatherstripping is to be used on the bottom of the bottom sections of the door. The astragal can be easily cut to length using scissors.

This weatherstripping is sold by the foot. When you place your order at North Shore Commercial Door, you will need to specify the amount of product that you need by feet. In addition to a large selection of products, North Shore has a very knowledgeable staff to help you select the appropriate weather seal for your application. If you have a question about a product, you can use the "ask a question" feature on the product pages. North Shore staff and other customers use these forums to share their knowledge on the products and how to install these products.

• Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above

• Made of neoprene rubber astragal

• Can be easily trimmed to length with scissors

• Installs with galvanized roofing nails (not provided)

• Saves money by reducing energy loss year round

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Cross-section diagram closely resembles original rubber installation/configuration. by Richard W 11/17/2014
COMMENT: This product is the same dimension as the door seal I am replacing. by Lawrence B 10/25/2014
QUESTION: Is it a soft or hard rubber Does the hardware also come with the weather strip, I need 16'? by Jug B 3/13/2014
ANSWER: It is soft rubber. I did not use the hardware provided as I had some self tapping screws that I liked better. by Robert D a
ANSWER: Weatherstipping is soft and comes with hardware. I was happy with the final result. by Steven V a
ANSWER: I bought mine back in the summer of 2013. I had a 50 year old costume 20 ft. long garage door and the old weather strip was beyond recognition. This one worked for me, it is a soft rubber that make a good seal along the concrete floor and it works well where the concrete is flat to about 1 inch. The hardware came with it 1 per foot when I ordered it, but I found I need twice as many nails as they send so I used washers and short screws. by Nickolas S a
REPLY: Thanks. Your response is very helpful, have a great day. by Jug B r
QUESTION: Will it be suitable for 1" wide wood garage door? by Jug B 3/13/2014
ANSWER: I used this seal on my 1" wide wood garage door and it has worked well for almost one year. by Jim R a
ANSWER: Yes, the product works great. I used it to seal the bottom of two wooden garage doors. You will want the wider product as it gives a nice wide seal and is easy to install. I taped it up along the bottom of the door with the door 2/3 of the way up. Then I used a strong staple gun to secure the weatherstrip and then a light hammer to lightly tap the staples in further. Do not drive the staples too deep or it will push through the weather strip. Great product! by Dana P a
ANSWER: I used this on a wood door that was 1 1/4 " thick. I don't see any problem using this on a 1" door. by Stephen S a
ANSWER: seal worked great for me and held well so far by B O a
ANSWER: my garage doors face a slop and the water wood always get Into the floor after installing the weatherstripping my floores are dry even in heavy rain I wood highy recommend putting them on it is money well spent by chris l a
ANSWER: YES... we also have 1" wide wooden garage doors three of them - two singles and a double. It was easy to install and has held us to the elements and use excellently! It didn't hold up well against our cat when he accidently got locked in and tried to claw his way out. Luckily we had extra stripping and it was easy to replace that section!! by R H a
ANSWER: Yes. The flat on this seal is 1-1/16" wide, so that's almost exactly the same as your door. Just put any excess on the inside. Make sure that the long, thin flange is on the outside. by L O a
QUESTION: what lengths does this product come in<br /><br />My doors are very heavy wood - 16ft in length.<br /><br />Thanks by Bruce F 5/8/2013
ANSWER: Looks like it is sold by the foot. They probably have it on a roll that's a few hundred feet long and they cut it to length per order. Price is currently $1.00 per foot. I think that's a good price. by L O a
ANSWER: My garage door is almost 18 ft and I had to trim some off. If yours is 16 feet, it should work fine. by P D a
STAFF ANSWER: Whatever length you change the quantity to, we will send you. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: On one end of the garage door there is about a two foot section where the door isn't meeting the ground leaving about a 1" gap. Will this work for that? by Tim M 2/25/2013
ANSWER: Only close to 1/2" on my door by S P a
STAFF ANSWER: Here is a link to a product that will better seal the bottom of your door<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Matthew O a