2-1/4" Raynor Garage Door Torsion Spring Cones

2-1/4" Raynor Garage Door Torsion Spring Cones
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These 2 1/4" Raynor garage door torsion spring cones from North Shore Commercial Door make it easy to complete quick and affordable repairs to your garage door opener right at home. Find out more about this Raynor product by checking out the Questions app below.

  • 2 1/4" length
  • Comes with winding and stationary cones
  • Winding Cones fit into torsion springs to permit winding and tension adjustment
  • Stationary Cones fit into the end of a torsion spring permitting the spring to be fixed to the center bearing bracket, and may also incorporate a retainer for a ball bearing or a nylon bushing
  • Additional Raynor springs available

Comments / Questions

QUESTION: what does all the numbers of the metal tag on the spring mean?<br />3970712 225-24.75BR by None N 10/22/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Please take a picture of the metal tag and send it to support@<a href="http://northshorecommercialdoor.com" target="_blank">northshorecommercialdoor.com</a> for better assistance. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: does the stationary end have a plastic insert inside? by Alejandro E 7/17/2013
ANSWER: No by R W a
ANSWER: No, just the metal cone, with the two bolt flanges. The inside of the cone tapers from about two inches at the flange end, down to about one and a half at the tip. The outside of the cone has the spiral groove for the spring.<br /><br />Hope that helps. by Martin R a