Liftmaster 10A19 3V2016 Lithium Battery for 373P Remote

Liftmaster 10A19 3V2016 Lithium Battery for 373P Remote

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Product Description

This battery kit is for the Liftmaster 373P remote. The Liftmaster 10A19 kit comes with the following batteries:

2ea CR2016 for the LED and transmitter buttons

1ea CR2450 for the proximity sensor

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: GREAT PRICE!<br />Web site easy to use and clear to understand. I was able to see that all batteries require for remote control were included in package. by Patrick P 1/17/2016
COMMENT: I needed a battery. by Betty W 11/28/2015
QUESTION: do you need all three? by Su W 8/17/2015
ANSWER: Yes by Marty S a
ANSWER: My garage door opener will not work if I don't replace all three. by Catherine B a
ANSWER: Yes. All 3 are needed. by Barbara K a
QUESTION: dose this include all 3 batteries for the remote ? by james p 7/8/2015
ANSWER: The package I bought has all 3 batteries for my garage remote by Catherine B a
QUESTION: IS THE {2}CR 3V2016 AND {1}3V2450 A SET FOR ONE LIFTMASTER<br />OPENER? by None N 4/25/2013
ANSWER: yes , that's what I bought and it is the right combo.... by M A a
ANSWER: yes these are it by H A a
ANSWER: These work for the 371remote but don't know about the 373. by A V a
STAFF ANSWER: It is for the premium model 373p remote that has three light up buttons. the two 3v2016 batteries stack on top of each other in a slot and the 3v2450 is used to power the motion sensing proximity chip that lights up the buttons. by Matthew O a
REPLY: Can you use a 2032 instead of 2016? Does the 2016/2032 impact the lighting of the proximity sensor? by Joe P r
STAFF REPLY: YOu need to have 2 ea. 2016 and one 1 ea 2450 for the Liftmaster model 373P to work properly. by Matthew O r
QUESTION: what size battery does the 371LM remote use? by None N 4/15/2013
ANSWER: Cannot find the 371LM remote but I have six 373P remotes, the kind that lights up and opens 3 doors. These remotes use 3 batteries as shown. Batteries last about one year. Matt has been very helpful when I've ordered. Suggest you look to see if 371LM might be a newer version of 373P. Hope this helps. by A V a
STAFF ANSWER: The battery replacement for the Liftmaster 371Lm Remote is CR2032. Here is the link to that battery on our website.<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Matthew O a