372RGD Raynor Garage Door Opener 2-button Remote Control 315Mhz

372RGD Raynor Garage Door Opener 2-button Remote Control 315Mhz
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Additional Details about: The Raynor 372RGD is now replaced with the Newer 892LT model. When you order this Raynor 372RGD we will be sending you the Liftmaster 892LT Model that is Completely Compatible and made by the same company as the Raynor Branded Product
Featuring Raynor's Enhanced Radio Technology, the Raynor 372RGD remote provides optimized electronic stability and increased signal range. The 372RGD remote, Raynor's two button and channel model of the 300 Series, is compatible with 315 MHz Raynor two garage door open/close systems manufactured after 2005. The 372RDG remote is also compatible with other Raynor 300 Series remotes and 300 Series keypads.

The Raynor Safety Signal 372RGD programs easily with the simple use of your garage door system's learn button. To ensure that your 372RGD remote is compatible with your model, your system should have a purple colored learn button. Equipped with Security Plus technology, the remote provides code rotation of over 100 billion codes, ensuring optimal security for your home. The remotes also control garage door system lights, and your purchase includes a visor clip and lithium battery with up to five years of life.
  • Compatible with 315 MHz Raynor garage door systems manufactured after 2005
  • Compatible with 370RDG, 371RDG, 373RDG remotes and Raynor 300 Series keypads
  • Features Enhanced Radio Technology for optimal signal distance
  • Includes vehicle visor and lithium battery

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: matches original opener by Edwin K 1/25/2016
COMMENT: extra remotes for different cars by Richard B 3/4/2015
QUESTION: Can the remote be reprogrammed to a new code? by None N 8/24/2014
STAFF ANSWER: yes by Matthew O a