373RGD Raynor Garage Door Opener 3-button Remote Control 315Mhz

373RGD Raynor Garage Door Opener 3-button Remote Control 315Mhz

Additional Details about: Please note. When you order this remote we will be sending the Unit Labeled "Liftmaster 373LM" it will work the exact same as the original. Chamberlain Liftmaster Makes the Raynor 373RGD and has just stopped making the unit with the Raynor Label.
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373RGD Raynor Garage Door Opener 3-button Remote Control 315Mhz Instruction Manual
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Product Description

The 3-button Raynor 373RGD garage door remote control provides increased signal range and optimal security. Compatible with 315 MHz Raynor Security Plus garage door openers and radio controls, the 373RDG remote also works with other 300 Series remotes and keypads. To ensure your system is compatible with your 373RGD Raynor remote, check your system's learn button. The button should be purple.

The Raynor 373RGD remote is equipped with Security Plus rolling code technology, ensuring optimal security for your family and property. Although the remote is simple to program, it's recommended to have a working garage system bulb installed, as it will indicate when the remote is properly programmed. The 373RGD remote includes a lithium battery, which provides five years of life with normal use, and a vehicle visor clip.
  • Compatible with 370RDG, 371RDG, 372RDG remotes and Raynor 300 Series keypads
  • Compatible with Raynor garage door systems featuring Security Plus technology
  • Features Security Plus rolling code technology
  • Easy to program
  • Includes lithium battery and vehicle visor clip

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: need to replace old one that is not working. Best price and was happy with previous purchase from company by L L 1/5/2016
COMMENT: Price by William D 11/16/2015
QUESTION: How do I replace the battery? I can't figure out how to remove the back cover. by None N 4/23/2015
ANSWER: Place a screw driver between the two halves of the opener and twist and it will pop open. The battery is easy to replace and when you were done simply snack together the two halves again by Jewell l a
STAFF ANSWER: Pry open along the edges with a thin flathead screw driver. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Does in come with instructions on how to program? <br />Thank you. by A P 2/22/2015
ANSWER: Yes it does, and they are very easy to follow. by Carol D a
ANSWER: Yup, very clear takes less than 3 minutes. It will surprise you. locate and push learn button watch lights then push button on remote. by Jim B a
ANSWER: Yes by Bingyuan P a
STAFF ANSWER: yes all of our remotes are new and come with instructions. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: My existing remote says 373WRGD and is dated 04/05. Will this 373RGD work with my system as a second remote? by Doug G 1/18/2014
ANSWER: Wish i could help but i no longer own this garage door opener and remote. by A L a
ANSWER: Yes, without a doubt it will work! by Sheila A a
STAFF ANSWER: YEs the 373RGD will work in place of that. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: something in neigherhood is opening my door how do i reprogram the remote to another setting? by stan c 5/9/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Call 800-528-9131 to reprogram that. by Matthew O a