377LG Raynor Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry

377LG Raynor Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry

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377LG Raynor Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry Instruction Manual
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Product Description

Raynor 377LG Security+ Wireless Keyless Entry garage door opener - 315MHz

Compatible with Raynor Security+ Garage Door Openers and Radio Control Receivers only

One-button-to-close feature

Easier installation through improved screw keyhole design

Temporary password option

Program code directly from keypad

Backlit keypad

Includes 9V battery

Compatible Models:

KeyChain - Raynor 370RGD

1 Button - Raynor 371RGD

2 Button - Raynor 372RGD

3 Button Raynor 373RGD

Finger Print Keypad Raynor 379RGD

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: because the other one had water damage by lyle y 8/1/2014
COMMENT: To permit garage access without providing someone our house key by Forest J 7/21/2014
QUESTION: How do you open it to replace the battery. When putting in the pin, it is red and not green. Guess it needs a new battery? by None N 1/6/2015
ANSWER: To change battery open flap and look just below the push buttons, there is a small recess, use a coin or a flat blade screw driver. insert in hole and twist, the bottom cover will come off, swop battery and clip back together. <br /><br />I think red light is for wrong code but try battery first, if not read instructions on back of main unit in garage it tells you how to rest code.<br /><br />GOOD LUCK by mark s a
QUESTION: is this compatible with Raynor Pilot 1265RGD 1/2 HP garage door opener ? by None N 9/14/2014
STAFF ANSWER: I suggest you buy the Liftmaster 877MAX wireless keyless entry. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have a ray nor 150-7 with 10 switch multi-code receiver what wireless, keyless opener will work for me? by james h 9/6/2014
STAFF ANSWER: What is the Model number on the back of one of the Remotes that are currently in use or that were being using on your Garage door operator ? by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Which model is compatible with the Raynor Pilot 1/2 hp? by None N 5/18/2014
STAFF ANSWER: This 377LG is for Raynor Units with a PURPLE colored learn button on the operator head. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: If you match up your "learn button" you should have no problem finding the keypad that's right for you. by Lawrence H a