81RGD Raynor Garage Door Opener 1-button Remote 390Mhz

81RGD Raynor Garage Door Opener 1-button Remote 390Mhz
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Providing reliable operation and enhanced security, the 81RGD Raynor garage door opener is compatible with all of Raynor's Billion Code series of garage door openers and gate operators. It is also compatible with other 80 Series devices. To ensure the 81RGD garage door opener is compatible with your model, check your system's learn button, which should be green. The single-button model of Raynor's 80 Series of remotes, the 81RGD provides users convenient operation for general use.

For enhanced security, the Raynor garage door openers send new computer-controlled private codes each transmission to protect your home and family. The 81RGD remote can easily be programmed by using your unit's learn button. Simply press your motor unit's green learn button until the LED glows. Within 30 seconds, press and hold the remote's button, and the motor head's light should blink to indicate successful programming. For convenient vehicle mounting, a directional visor clip is included. In addition, a 3V lithium battery is also included, which should last up five years with normal use.
  • Compatible with Raynor Billion Code Series garage door openers and gate operators
  • Simple to program
  • Billion code security technology
  • Visor clip and 5-year 3V battery included

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: one of my two openers no longer work by lee p 5/4/2016
COMMENT: Remote was missing when I purchased home. by Lyne P 4/3/2016
QUESTION: I need to replace a Raynor K1025 03/95 81RGD HBW0710. Will this work? by Mitch Z 5/9/2014
ANSWER: Thank you...I just ordered it! Mahalo from the 50th State! by Mitch Z a
ANSWER: here is what i had a K1025 02/95 81RGD HBWO710. and replaced with the 1 button remote works great by David S a
QUESTION: Is this the correct remote for model #250-8 ? by garrett b 3/11/2014
ANSWER: i got the remote for a 81RGD an older model from a ray nor door and worked great with great customer service by David S a
QUESTION: My opener remote is a Raynor 81RGD will this work? by None N 1/25/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Hi I have a raynor 170-7 and can not find a learn button anywhere on the opener. Which remote do need and how to program it? Will it work with my 2003 BMW home link ? by Rick S 1/8/2014
STAFF ANSWER: A raynor that old probably has dip switches , not a "learn button". by Matthew O a
REPLY: Hi, thanks for the answer. I took all the covers off and can find no dip switches either. by Rick S r
STAFF REPLY: The 81RGD / 61LM program two different ways. If you replaced an 81RGD with a 61LM remote, disregard the dipswtich programming instructions. Program to the green learn button on your garage door opener. by Matthew O r