Overhead Door P-Bulb Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

Overhead Door P-Bulb Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

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Overhead door P-bulb garage door bottom weather seal is in stock at North Shore Commercial Door. This seal is used on most two-inch pan doors and is a perfect weather seal replacement for Genie Garage Doors and Overhead Door Brand Series model numbers 381, 188, 189, 390, 391, 399, 281, 288. This seal also fits Genie brand garage doors with the popular p-style seal. This seal is made from a strong, grey vinyl compound and is sold by the foot.

North Shore Commercial Door is one of the largest suppliers of garage door weather seals and garage door parts. You will be able to find the perfect weather sealant for your garage doors at North Shore. If you cannot find the specific item that you are looking for, North Shore staff members will work until your desired part is found. If the product is still being manufactured, North Shore will find it for you. As a result of this diligence, when it comes to available stock, North Shore Commercial Door is unmatched.

• Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above

• Made from strong, grey vinyl compound

• For Overhead Door Brand Series 381, 188, 189, 391, 399, 281, 288 and others

• Also fits Genie branded garage doors with the popular p-style seal

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: proper fit for project by thomas s 2/9/2016
COMMENT: No one else had this product! by Blaine E 2/3/2016
ANSWER: Where the seal contacts the floor it does keep out water. However with my door a small amount of water gets around the end of the seal on both sides during a heavy or long lasting rain. by Dave M a
ANSWER: I wouldn't call it water-tight, as the down force is rather light and gaps likely exist at either end of your garage door. It's good at keeping rain out, but I would expect some leakage if water pools at the base of the garage door. by Charles W a
ANSWER: It has for me and I live in Florida where we have lots of rain. by Janet F a
ANSWER: It may, however, I bought a floor weather strip that seals against dust, bugs and water. by Jesus D a
ANSWER: Yes, as long as your concrete is levelor sloping out and the rubber/vinyl adequately seals against the floor. by Todd W a
ANSWER: Should as long as it squishes against the ground once it is installed. Kept water outside for us. by Eldonna r a
ANSWER: Absolutely-if door is properly adjusred. by Richard B a
ANSWER: My experience - effectively creates wind/water/rodent resistant seal; don't believe mine creates waterproof seal probably won't keep all water out in event of flood/extreme conditions, but my garage floor isn't perfectly level or without imperfections, so didn't expect that functionality/protection by Richard S a
QUESTION: I have an overhead garage door and need to replace the seal. The seal is attached to a galvanized strip that is then screwed on to the bottom of the door. To replace the seal do I just unscrew all these screws so I and remove the galvanized strip and thus run a new seal in the groove, and then reattaching the strip? TIA Steve by Steve H 11/9/2015
ANSWER: Yes , but the door I have from overhead door does not have the correct. galvanized strip to accept the new seal. It works but it seals on the inside of the door instead of the outside. HOPE this helped! Sorry I took so long to answer! by Steven C a
ANSWER: I left the strip on and lube the seal and slid it on. by Dan M a
ANSWER: I was able to slide my seal out with out removing the galvanized strip. They had crimped down the edges of the slot where the seal runs. Uses a screw driver to lift the crimped edge back up and was able to slide the seal out and slide the new one in. Initially my seal was flat from shipping, after a few weeks it went back to the rounded shape. by Mike L a
QUESTION: Where can I obtain the metal retainer channel for a Windsor door p-bulb weather seal? by None N 9/29/2015
ANSWER: Sorry I only needed The weather seal my metal retainer was fine by Larry L a
ANSWER: I do not know the answer. by Sandra T a
STAFF ANSWER: They no longer make the retainer anymore. I would recommend one of our replacement kits.<br />For more information please give us a call. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: The p-bulb garage door bottom weather seal didn't flatter properly. How do I retrain the seal to seal properly? by Alison S 9/7/2015
ANSWER: Soak it in hot water with soap for 30 mins and then reinstall it warmer weather helps retain flexible so you can shape it hope this helps by john r a
ANSWER: If the seal hasn't learned the wrong way already? I took painters tape and pulled it towards the inside of the door, I just taped it every two feet and just forgot about it for a while. After the door goes up and down a few dozen times if will be trained to sit properly? by Stephen D a
ANSWER: I had this same problem myself. I wrote a detailed procedure for making the seal work for you but I exceeded the 2000 character reply limit. So suffice it to say you need to heat the whole seal with an adjustable heat gun. Heat it thoroughly and uniformly until it is almost limp. Be very careful not to burn or distort it. Practice on a cut off scrap. While it is very soft, disengage the opener and lower it manually. When the bulb compresses against the ground make sure it is uniformly squeezed out, with an equal amount protruding outt from the front and back side of the door. If not, lift the door slightly and adjust it till it is perfectly aligned. Close the door completely using the opener to compress it against the ground and lett the seal cool completely. If any part creeps out of position over the next few months just heat that part up and repeat the procedure. by Bob S a
STAFF ANSWER: You can set in the sun and it should work for you. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: Guys:<br />This weather seal worked perfectly on my Windsor door. Collapsed down to form a perfect seal... Best I can tell you<br />Regards<br />Rick Jensen by Richard J a
ANSWER: I never could get it to set properly so I installed a retainer on the bottom of the door and used the rubber that they call the triangle<br />end door bottom weather seal-Amarr. This on there web page, it worked a lot better.<br />Hope this helps. by James W a
ANSWER: I would not bother to even try to retrain it. Recommend just getting a new seal .. they aren't very expensive. by Ed P a