Overhead Door P-Bulb Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

Overhead Door P-Bulb Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

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Product Description

Overhead door P-bulb garage door bottom weather seal is in stock at North Shore Commercial Door. This seal is used on most two-inch pan doors and is a perfect weather seal replacement for Genie Garage Doors and Overhead Door Brand Series model numbers 381, 188, 189, 390, 391, 399, 281, 288. This seal also fits Genie brand garage doors with the popular p-style seal. This seal is made from a strong, grey vinyl compound and is sold by the foot.

North Shore Commercial Door is one of the largest suppliers of garage door weather seals and garage door parts. You will be able to find the perfect weather sealant for your garage doors at North Shore. If you cannot find the specific item that you are looking for, North Shore staff members will work until your desired part is found. If the product is still being manufactured, North Shore will find it for you. As a result of this diligence, when it comes to available stock, North Shore Commercial Door is unmatched.

• Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above

• Made from strong, grey vinyl compound

• For Overhead Door Brand Series 381, 188, 189, 391, 399, 281, 288 and others

• Also fits Genie branded garage doors with the popular p-style seal

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: This is the only online merchant I could find that offers this type of door bottom. Looking forward to receiving it and installing it soon. by James M 10/19/2014
COMMENT: Needed bottom replacement seals for my two 12-year old "Overhead Door" garage doors. Glad to see North Shore Commercial Door carried this "tough to find" product! by Michael C 10/19/2014
QUESTION: hi<br /><br />will this seal work on a stanley garage door? by None N 9/9/2014
ANSWER: do not know, but{if not already done so} I suggest looking up the door model number on the Stanley website. also the company might have a rep that can help. by Linda c a
QUESTION: will this p bulb fit my atlas roll-lite double garage door model 110 steel raised panel door ? by chuck c 8/21/2014
ANSWER: Thanks, ordering today. by chuck c a
ANSWER: If the old/existing weather seal is a "P" type then it should fit by Kenneth S a
ANSWER: Michael, Thanks It looks good enough to give it a try. I will post a reply once its in place<br />Chuck by chuck c a
ANSWER: I have an atlas door, 22 years old, and I don't know the model number but this seal fit just fine. by Michael W a
QUESTION: Don't know the exact brand of my garage door. The hinges say Holmes Hardware model #1500. They are the square aluminum doors. 8 feet wide. So I need two 8 ft pieces. The groove along the bottom of the door looks like it is the P shape. Am I on the right track with this weatherstripping. Do they come in colors? by John E 8/4/2014
ANSWER: Only comes in the grey color by marcello d a
ANSWER: my doors are about 20 years old and are from overhead doors.i cannot find a model number, but the grove also resembles a P shape and when removing the old weather stripping, it was obviously p shaped. you might want to back off your current stripping to check it out. of note, it is a bear to replace without help and a little wd-40. hope this is helpful,linda by Linda c a
QUESTION: My garage door is 18 feet. Can I extend the seal on both ends to make it seal better Is it easy to cut the seal Will a utility knife do the job<br />Thanks<br />Young by KouYhi Y 7/15/2014
ANSWER: I added a couple of inches to each end for a better seal worked well. Cuts easy with a sharp utility knife. by Charles B a
ANSWER: I did leave the seal extended on each end approx 1 inch and have had no problems. A knife or utility shears work fine. by Rick H a
ANSWER: I did leave the seal extended on each end approx 1 inch and have had no problems. A knife or utility shears work fine. by Rick H a
ANSWER: I bought this and had to trim off one end and it was very easy to cut. by Jenifer C a
ANSWER: Not sure I'd extend it past the seal track. Would probably wear out rubbing on the door track.<br /><br />I cut mine easily with a sharp pair of scissors. by William W a
ANSWER: On my door, the weather seal butts against the track, so extending it would require that the seal be notched to accommodate the track. This could be done, but it would not have improved my seal much. The seal is easy to cut with a utility knife, but if you plan to notch it you may want to use a side cutter or nipper to get a little more control. by Glenn W a
ANSWER: When you order the P-Bulb weather seal by your garage door length, it usually comes a few inches longer on each side to allow you some leeway.<br />The seal can be cut with a utility knife or a heavy duty scissors. by B R D a
ANSWER: A sharp utility knife will cut it just fine. It slides into the channel on your door so yes, you should be able to cut it long and have it stick out a bit on either end providing it doesn't catch on any of the track by Chris D a
ANSWER: It's easy to cut the seal with a sharp utlity knife. It's best to install the seal first before cutting. In the process of pulling the seal through the slot recommend using a silicon lubricant, the seal will stretch slightly. Let it settle back to it's normal shape before cutting. My garage door did not have any room on each end to cut it long. I probably cut it an extra 1/4 inch. by Michael W a