Overhead Door P-Bulb Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

Overhead Door P-Bulb Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

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Overhead door P-bulb garage door bottom weather seal is in stock at North Shore Commercial Door. This seal is used on most two-inch pan doors and is a perfect weather seal replacement for Genie Garage Doors and Overhead Door Brand Series model numbers 381, 188, 189, 390, 391, 399, 281, 288. This seal also fits Genie brand garage doors with the popular p-style seal. This seal is made from a strong, grey vinyl compound and is sold by the foot.

North Shore Commercial Door is one of the largest suppliers of garage door weather seals and garage door parts. You will be able to find the perfect weather sealant for your garage doors at North Shore. If you cannot find the specific item that you are looking for, North Shore staff members will work until your desired part is found. If the product is still being manufactured, North Shore will find it for you. As a result of this diligence, when it comes to available stock, North Shore Commercial Door is unmatched.

• Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above

• Made from strong, grey vinyl compound

• For Overhead Door Brand Series 381, 188, 189, 391, 399, 281, 288 and others

• Also fits Genie branded garage doors with the popular p-style seal

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: What i need , by Robin a 8/26/2015
COMMENT: This is a odd weather seal to find in retail stores. by Frank F 8/25/2015
QUESTION: I just installed this P bulb weather seal. Any suggestions for getting it in the correct shape? It isn't round like the photo, but "folded". by Jane S 8/9/2015
ANSWER: Be patient as it will fill out to the rounded shape after time. by Elizabeth H a
ANSWER: Mine was folded too when we first installed it but now, 2 years later, it has rounded out. When exactly that occurred, I couldn't say. Hope this helps. <br />SK by Sharon K a
ANSWER: I had the same issue. I duct taped it into place and the shut the door. Then the weight of the door helped to keep its new shape. I had to re-tape a few times after closing/opening, then it seemed to stay. <br />I used 1 6" piece of tape about every 1 foot in the parts that had issue, but depends on how stick the tape and the door surface is. by Randy M a
ANSWER: I slid 1/2" black pipe insulation into the tube. I split the pipe insulation in half. Provides more shape to the roll and provides additional insulation. by Leonard K a
ANSWER: The weather stripping itself will compress under the garage door when it's closed. The weight of the door resting on the weather stripping will flatten it out over a short time by Jamar S a
ANSWER: I used a piece of PVC pipe leftover from a lawn-scaping job that helped. by Jack H a
ANSWER: Had the same problem. Had to insert round garden hose section to obtain the desired shape. Initially installed and was "flat". <br />Will not purchase this item again for this application. by John A a
STAFF ANSWER: It will settle out once installed. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: This is what my current seal "appears" to look like as it is gray and slides into a single round shaped channel in a removal able galvanized metal strip. I did find a product label that my garage door is an Atlas Roll Light Door Corp model number 110. Is this the correct seal to order? by Jim G 2/26/2015
ANSWER: Sorry, ignore this. by Thomas K a
ANSWER: The Wayne Dalton seal has two round channels so this probably won't work well. by Thomas K a
QUESTION: can I send a pic of the seal I have to replace ?<br /><br />It similar to this one but the top piece is more a triangle shape. <br /><br />Can I buy a 1/2 foot to try it? by Joe J 12/2/2014
STAFF ANSWER: YEs, email is <a href="http://Sales@NorthShoreCommercialDoor.com" target="_blank">Sales@NorthShoreCommercialDoor.com</a> You can buy a quanitity of 1 and that will be a one foot sample. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: how do you replace this seal on an Overhead door? by None N 10/20/2014
ANSWER: It should slide into the metal channel on the bottom of the door. You may need to pry the channel open a bit with a flathead screwdriver to make it a bit easier. If it's going on a double car door, you may need want to spray the channel with some silicone lubricant to help it slide a little easier. A pair of pliers can help you get a better grip as well. by Chris D a
ANSWER: I could not slide it in, even lubricating the track, so I used a flat head screwdriver and carefuly nugged it in. Hope this helps. Good luck by Bruno V a