976LG Raynor Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry

976LG Raynor Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry
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976LG Raynor Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry

Compatible with Raynor® Security+® Garage Door Openers and Radio Control Receivers only Temporary password option Program code directly from keypad Backlit keypad Includes 9V battery

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Recommended in Raynor Book as compatible with my system by Vince L 7/9/2016
COMMENT: To replace original equipment. by James B 6/24/2016
QUESTION: Have a 170-7 Raynor garage opener and need a key pad that is compatable ? by Dawn O 3/11/2016
ANSWER: It probably will, but your opener is not the same as mine. Call Raynor customer service and ask them to determine the compatibility. That's what I did; they were very nice on the phone. by Keith M a
STAFF ANSWER: What color is the learn button on your operator. by Taylor M a
REPLY: The learn button is red. by Dawn O r
STAFF REPLY: You will want the 877 Max by Taylor M r
QUESTION: We have a Raynot navigator model AC050-1 pro date 01/7 will the keyless remote work that you offer? by None N 2/21/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Does your unit have a learn button. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: keypad stops working in cold <50 degrees. New battery does not help. Suggestions? by None N 2/13/2016
ANSWER: Sounds like a malfunction from moisture or dust/dirt. I would suggest replacing the unit. by Stanley D a
ANSWER: Sorry but installed ours in sw florida by Theresa B a
ANSWER: Have not seen that problem here in the mid-Atlantic. Winters are routinely colder than 50 degrees. Does it light up[ when you push the buttons? Could it be the opener itself? by Michael W a
ANSWER: Had this issue last year with very cold NJ winter. I was told by an electrician that it is likely moisture that freezes. With my new opener I have not had that issue this winter, but it's been milder. by Robert S a
QUESTION: I have a Raynor model FLTSTR Gargage door opener & would like to no what key pad will operate this door?. by Chet F 12/22/2015
ANSWER: I replaced the original Raynor key pad with a Liftmaster key pad 2 years ago and it has been working fine with my FLTSTR opener. by John W a
REPLY: I wonder what model Liftmaster key pad he used. by Chet F r
ANSWER: I am not an expert on what openers work all Raynor doors. Suggest you do what I did, call Raynor customer service and ask them. That said, the Raynor 976LG opener I bought is likely to work. It is rather universal. by Keith M a