Garage Door Bottom T Bulb Vinyl Weatherseal Seals

Garage Door Bottom T Bulb Vinyl Weatherseal Seals

Additional Details about: Sold by the foot. To place your order put how many feet you need it the quantity box and add your order to the shopping cart.
Item# TB-150
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Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door Co. has a large selection of sealants for your garage doors, including this T bulb vinyl weather seal. This seal comes in the bead style and the "T" bulb is made from a strong, grey vinyl compound. This weatherseal is designed with a ¼ inch "T" to fit popular T-style retainers.

North Shore sells this weather sealant by the foot, so the prices shown are by the foot. You simply need to specify the number of feet that you need, enter that number in the box and click on the "add to cart" button. If you have a question about this weather sealant and if it will work on you garage door, do not hesitate to contact North Shore with your query. You can use the comments/questions feature on the product pages to post a question that will be answered by other customers who have experience using the products. North Shore staff will also post answers in this section, in some cases providing links to guide you to the appropriate product. North Shore will also allow you to submit a photo of your old seal so they can assist you in selecting the best product for your garage door.

• Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above

• Bulb diameter is 1 1/2"

• T is 1/4" to fit most popular T-style retainers

• Made from grey vinyl compound

• Installs quickly and easily

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: To patch an existing seal by Bobby B 2/4/2016
COMMENT: It fits the door. by Mohammad S 2/4/2016
QUESTION: Does your T Bulb Vinyl Weatherseal Seal Item TB-150 keep out water better than the<br /> standard Clopy rubber seal? by George S 12/31/2015
ANSWER: It worked very good in my application. by Guy R a
QUESTION: I just received my order and it doesn't fit can I send it back with a piece of the old one ? by Mike K 12/10/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Absolutely our return policy is on the bottom of our website. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: My current diameter is about 3/4". Anyone use this larger diameter when starting with smaller? by None N 1/23/2015
ANSWER: I have used both at my facility with no issues. I like the larger size better. by A L a
ANSWER: Easy to install ,could not have found it any else . Would buy any garage door products from North Shore , as they stand by their products . by Roger S a
ANSWER: This door seal is better then the factory installed one. This product is very flexible and seals great and was easier to but in then taking the old hard rubber out. by Robert T a
QUESTION: How do I take the old seal out and install the new? by None N 10/5/2014
ANSWER: YouTube has a great video that will show you how step by step. by Teresa M a