Garage Door Bottom T Bulb Vinyl Weatherseal Seals

Garage Door Bottom T Bulb Vinyl Weatherseal Seals

Item# TB-150
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Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door Co. has a large selection of sealants for your garage doors, including this T bulb vinyl weather seal. This seal comes in the bead style and the "T" bulb is made from a strong, grey vinyl compound. This weatherseal is designed with a ¼ inch "T" to fit popular T-style retainers.

North Shore sells this weather sealant by the foot, so the prices shown are by the foot. You simply need to specify the number of feet that you need, enter that number in the box and click on the "add to cart" button. If you have a question about this weather sealant and if it will work on you garage door, do not hesitate to contact North Shore with your query. You can use the comments/questions feature on the product pages to post a question that will be answered by other customers who have experience using the products. North Shore staff will also post answers in this section, in some cases providing links to guide you to the appropriate product. North Shore will also allow you to submit a photo of your old seal so they can assist you in selecting the best product for your garage door.

• Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above

• Bulb diameter is 1 1/2"

• T is 1/4" to fit most popular T-style retainers

• Made from grey vinyl compound

• Installs quickly and easily

For other styles of garage door bottom seal, click here.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: It seems to meet my needs, although I was cut off in the chat session before I could be absolutely sure. by Don R 8/26/2014
COMMENT: replacement item by TOMMY e 8/26/2014
QUESTION: I have a Genie manufactured garage door... not an electric opener. The channel on the bottom looks similar to this product, although it is bent with age and may be more like a triangle at the top. Also the bottom of the bulb has a flap. Do you know what kind of seal I need for a Genie door? by jefferis p 6/10/2014
ANSWER: My old seal was similar to what you described. This worked for me. I can't say with 100% accuracy if the same seal would work for you. by Ted F a
ANSWER: I'm not aware of any Genie Garage doors. They primarily make garage door openers as well as commercial lifting equipment. It is most likely an Overhead Door brand doorGenie is owned by OHD which some use the seal you are describing. Some of the older T-Bulbs came with a flap on it, but this seal should work for you. Some older bulb seals also had a circular strip instead of the T but that shouldn't be the case here.Take the old seal out, lubricate the retainer with wd-40 and slide the new one in, and cut the excess off, leaving about 1/4 inch hanging past the door section on both sides to allow for shrinkage during the cold months.Hope this helps! J.T. B<br /> A.C.G.D. by John B a
ANSWER: If it has a T-bulb opening on the top and it is the same as the new one in size then it will work as far as the bottom it really dont matter to much it will lay flat on the ground . by charles m a
QUESTION: I have had a Genie Screw Drive IS,ISL,ISM Series. Is this seal comparable to my garage door Please advice. Thanks. Joe V. by Joe V 5/26/2014
STAFF ANSWER: I am sorry but the model of your garage door operator will not assist us with matching a replacement weather seal. Take a picture of the progile of your current seal and email it to <a href="http://"" target="_blank">"</a>" The angle at which you take the picture should resemble how we took the picture of the one advertised here. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I need the T to measure 7/16" in stead of 5/16". Do you have it? by Steve W 3/6/2014
STAFF ANSWER: No we do not. We will be manufacturing a T-Bulb of that caliber in the near future 6 months by Matthew O a
QUESTION: What type of weather seal would fit an overhead garage door 311 series? by Briona R 3/3/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Take a look at your seal or email... us a picture and match the profile to one on our website. Or buy a universal Kit. by Matthew O a
REPLY: My husband put the old seal in the garbage so now we have no garage seal all winter and nothing to compare to. I had seen online in an instruction manual for that series of overhead door a picture that showed the p-bulb seal so I already ordered that one. Do you think it will work Any resources on where to find this information I called overhead in my area and of course they acted like I couldn't get a new seal and would have to replace entire garage door for $900+ since this one is no longer made. So I am trying to figure this out on my own and replace the seal only if possible. by Briona R r
STAFF REPLY: call us in regards to a universal weatherseal bottom replacement kit. Very cost friendly for what they are most expensive for a double door is $100. we have others high quality double door kits around 45-65 dollars too the single door kits are half the price of the doubles. 440-366-6112 8-4pm eastern time by Matthew O r