Allstar 190-110925 110925 MVP Quickcode Remote 318 Frequency Garage Door Opener

Allstar 190-110925 110925 MVP Quickcode Remote 318 Frequency Garage Door Opener

Item# 110925
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Allstar 190-110925 110925 MVP Quickcode Remote 318 Frequency Garage Door Opener Instruction Manual
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Product Description

This miniature Allstar garage door opener model #110925 is ideal for slipping into a pocket, attaching to your keys or clipping onto a car visor. The compact design makes it ideal for use in tight spaces. Best of all, this MVP garage door opener can operate up to three separate garage doors, so you won't have to carry around multiple devices.

This item is compatible with the MVP Keyless Entry (MVP-WKE) as well as the Allstar garage door opener MVP by Allstar, MVP Super Quiet and the Challenger 9000M series with MVP radio systems. To learn more about how the Allstar Remote QuickCode works or how to set up your unit, please see the "Questions" app on this page.

  • Convenient 3-button design
  • Battery and visor clip included
  • Simple programming instructions for quick setup
  • Made for use with up to three garage doors
  • Size: 1 5/8" x 3 1/8"
  • Frequency: 318 MHz

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Bought a home, no remotes with the house. by Sean B 2/2/2016
COMMENT: Reasonable Price and my current remote stopped working. by Christopher T 1/28/2016
QUESTION: Confused about how and where to enter the 9 digit code to program the transmitter? by None N 9/17/2015
ANSWER: My friend's son did it for me. I'm sorry, I don't know what he did. by Maxine Z a
ANSWER: Normally,<br /><br />you don't need to program the 9 digit code that I remember, but you need to program the receiver to work with the garage door. <br /><br />Programming MVP Receivers<br /><br />Step 1: Momentarily press and release the<br /><br />Program button. The LED will turn on. press the program button on the garage door motor this may be a button or a place to slide a clip. <br /><br />Step 2: Using a programmed transmitter, press<br /><br />the desired transmitter button. When the receiver<br /><br />learns the transmitter code, the LED will turn off.<br /><br />Step 3: Repeat to add additional transmitters with<br /><br />different codes.<br /><br /> See attached manual link by Richard W a
ANSWER: Program transmitter to any combo of -, +, and 0 as per instructions. Then erase receiver's memory under programming the MVP door operator. Forget whatever code was there and start all over again with new code - assuming you have no idea what present code is. by Keith C a
ANSWER: Put the Transmitter in Program Mode<br />Step 1: First, press and hold the “+” button. The<br />Red LED will turn on. Next, while continuing to<br />hold the “+” button, press and hold the “-” button.<br />Continue to hold both buttons until the LED starts<br />to blink approximately 5 seconds. Release both<br />buttons while the LED is blinking. The LED will<br />blink two times and then remain on to confirm you<br />are in programming mode.<br /><br />Choose the Button You Wish to Program + 0 -<br />The three buttons may programmed for identical or different codes.<br /><br />Step 2: While the LED is on, press the button you<br />wish to program. The LED will blink off once and then<br />remain on.<br /><br />Create Your 9-Digit Code<br />The 9-digit code is a series of 9 characters consisting of +, 0 or -. Such as +++---000. Write down your 9-digit code.<br /><br />Step 3: Enter the 9-digit code from your notes by<br />pressing the +, 0, or - buttons in order from your notes.<br /><br />Confirm Entry<br />After the 9-digit code is entered, the LED will blink<br />twice to confirm a valid code and remain off. by Gary G a
STAFF ANSWER: The cover comes off and the switches are underneath. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: All 3 remotes including key pad do not work. the main allstar mvp opener works. what could it be?<br />vr<br />John by John C 7/3/2015
ANSWER: I'm not familiar with this unit, but I assume the main mvp opener is not a remote i.e. it's hardwired to the opener motor. The problem seems to be with the remotes. If all 3 quit at the same time, it's probably not batteries, although you should check them in each remote and key pad. These units transmit a signal to a receiver with a small wire antenna most likely located beside the opener motor. This receiver most likely needs to be replaced and the new one set to communicate with your remotes. by Marvin C a
ANSWER: Since it is all three of the MVP remotes, have you checked the dip switches to make sure they are in the same positions as the main Allstar MVP remote? The other possibility even if the remotes are new- is something particularly in a purse pressed up against the button and ran the battery down. by Terry T a
ANSWER: Check the Remote Openers to see that the Red LED light turns on when you press the buttons. This means the remote is transmitting.<br />For no Red Light - change the battery.<br />On the Super Station there is a Learn Enable button. You need a bent paper clip to activate this button. See page 12 of the Super Station Manual for instructions on button location and what to do after activating the learn function. by Gary G a
REPLY: Gary, cant thank you enough. it worked. Happy 4th<br />John by John C r
QUESTION: How do I change the battery? by Charles C 2/20/2015
ANSWER: Use a slot-head screw driver or table knife to place in the side narrowest part under "MVP" to pry the device open. Carefully slide the batteries out and do NOT disturb the encasement for the batteries because, if that becomes loose, the batteries will no longer make contact and your device will not work even with new batteries. by Joanne W a
ANSWER: It's made in two parts; take a small flat tip screw driver and pry it apart along the seam. It will pop open and you will see the battery. by Tyler P a
QUESTION: How do I reprogram the quick code remote? Someone else keeps opening my garage door by None N 1/23/2015
ANSWER: look on the back page of your instruction booklet and you will find a code. Enter that code. If that doesn't work, check to see if the instruction book gives you a way to change the code in the opener. If not, call the manufacturer and they can walk you thru the process of changing the code in the opener. It sounds like someone changed their code to yours. Happened to my sister and she had to change her code. by Virginia J a
ANSWER: 1. Press and hold the + button. The red light will come on. Keep holding the + button and press the - button until the red light flashes. Release both buttons and it should flash 2 times and stay on. You are now in program mode. <br /><br />2. Push the button you want to program. The red light will blink once and stay on. <br /><br />3. Enter the 9 digit code combo of +, -, or 0. Write down the 9 digit code for future reference. <br /><br />4. If a valid code is entered it will blink twice. <br /><br />5. Program the other buttons if needed the same way. <br /><br />When done the red light will go out eventually when the programing mode tines out. <br /><br />Now you have to program the wall unit. <br /><br />1. Press and release the small hole on the front of the wall unit. Below the "stop" button The work light and red button on the back of the opener will turn on. <br /><br />2. Press and hold the button on the transmitter. When learned by the opener the work light and the red light on the opener will go out. <br /><br />It may seem complicated but keep trying. It does work. by Gregory C a