Chamberlain 950D Multi-Function 1-Button Garage Door Opener Remote

Chamberlain 950D Multi-Function 1-Button Garage Door Opener Remote

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Product Description

Make sure you have convenient, easy access to your garage door or gated entrance with a Chamberlain 950D remote. This multi-function, one-button garage door opener remote features Security+ rolling code technology for the ultimate in safety and security. Security+ sends a new code to the unit each time it is used, making it one of the most advanced remotes on the market. This versatile Chamberlain garage door opener remote can also be used to turn on lights or small appliances inside your home from an outside location.

The Chamberlain 950D is easy to program and easy to operate. With a one-button touch feature, it makes entering and leaving your property easy, all from the comfort of your vehicle. Because it's the exact same model as the Chamberlain 950CD (the manufacturer changed the part number during production), it can be used as a replacement or compliment to that version. There is also a keychain version of the Chamberlain 950D: the 890MAX model.

This convenient Chamberlain garage door opener is designed to work with several garage door and gate models. If your motorhead features a purple "Learn" button or if your original remote control has black buttons, the 950D is right for you. It works with Chamberlain garage doors manufactured after June 1, 2005 or those classified as "D" models, as well. It comes with a 5-year 3-volt battery for added convenience.

The Chamberlain 950D remote is a good choice if:
  • You have a security gate that's compatible with a one-button remote
  • You're interested in rolling security codes for extra protection
  • Your garage door opener motorhead has a purple "Learn" button
  • Your original remote control featured black buttons
  • You have a Chamberlain garage door opener that was manufactured after June 1, 2005
  • You have a "D" model Chamberlain garage door opener

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Same model as the back of the current remote I have. by Shawn T 10/18/2014
COMMENT: I already had one by Tsung L 10/16/2014
QUESTION: Hello I have a 950cd and would like to replace it will this work on my garage door My is 1573,950cd,hbw1573, That is all the numbers on my remote please help, THANK YOU by roland c 7/24/2014
ANSWER: Yes, it will work perfectly. I got this 1 because mine came with 1 remote we needed 2. It's identical to the ones you got with your unit. Set up is just as easy. Hope this helps. by Jasmine R a
STAFF ANSWER: No it is not. You need to purchase the Chamberlain Clicker by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Hi,<br />What is the difference between the Chamberlain 950D remote and<br />the Chamberlain 950CD<br /><br />My garage door opener has a purple learn button. I want to make sure<br />other garage door openers in my condo complex next to my garage<br />can't open mine. Thanks, julie by None N 2/1/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Only the part number..LOL Chamberlain change the part number midway through production for some unknown reason. If your opener has a purple learn button this is the remote you need. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: this item works with a purple learn button? by None N 12/22/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it does. by Matthew O a