Chamberlain 953CB / 953C Multi-Function 3-Button Garage Door Opener Remote

Chamberlain 953CB / 953C Multi-Function 3-Button Garage Door Opener Remote

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Product Description

Extremely secure and easy to program, the Chamberlain 953CB multi-function, three-button garage door opener remote is the ideal way to control entry and exit points in your home. This versatile and affordable remote is designed to work with Chamberlain garage door openers set to a 390 MHz frequency; it also works with other manufacturers' models, such as the Liftmaster/Chamberlain 525LM receiver and the same company's 635LM plug-in receiver.

Because it's designed to work on such a specific frequency, the Chamberlain 953CB is compatible with garage door openers that feature an orange "Learn" button. It can replace or be used in conjunction with original remote controls with gray or tan buttons. Additionally, if your Chamberlain garage door opener was manufactured before June 1, 2005, the Chamberlain 953CB remote will work for you.

This three-button remote control can operate up to three garage doors or security gates. It can also turn on or turn off your garage lights, as well as operate small appliances and lights inside your home. With innovative Security+ rolling code technology, the 953CB sends a brand-new code to your unit each time it is used, providing you with the highest level of protection available. This model comes with a long-lasting, 5-year, 3-volt battery for added convenience.

The Chamberlain 953CB multi-function, three-button garage door opener can serve as a replacement for a lost or broken remote. It can also be used by another member of your household without compromising security at your gate or garage.

Choose the Chamberlain 953CB remote garage door opener if:
  • The motorhead on your garage door opener has an orange "Learn" button
  • Your original remote features gray or tan buttons
  • You have a Chamberlain garage door opener that was made before June 1, 2005

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: next door neighbor needs one by david s 2/26/2014
COMMENT: Replacement for one no longer working by Gary E 2/11/2014
QUESTION: My two remotes don't open or close the door. The keyless entry works,the button inside the garage works. I also programmed two cars using the the remote .Now everything works but the remotes.? by Paul M 9/28/2013
ANSWER: Suggestion: 1 by S T a
STAFF ANSWER: Reset the system memory by holding the colored learn button on the machine for two minutes. by Matthew O a
REPLY: The remote still won't program,However I had to reprogram the two cars and the keyless clicker by Paul M r
QUESTION: We just bought a used home with a 2004 Chamberlain opener. There is only one opener, so we bought a second one. How do we match the code signal of the new unit to the old unit? by Tom K 5/30/2013
ANSWER: hi,<br /><br />there should be a sheet with instructions inside the package. They walk you through how to set your new remote to your garage door. I can't remember exactly, but it involves 1. pressing a button on the garage door assembly itself I needed a ladder to reach mine then the garage door lights will flash for a period of time during which you need to set your new remote. 2. You then go to the garage door switch probably mounted just inside your garage door, press and hold it while at the same time press and hold the button on your new remote. It is something very similar to this. Please take a look at the instructions on the sheet provided. If there isn't any instructions, just google it. I'm sure the instruction sheet is available online.<br /><br />Good luck,<br />Ed by E D a
QUESTION: how to change batter on the 953cb remote control? by Arlene M 12/25/2012
ANSWER: Look on the edges of the unit and you'll see little notches for a small flat head screwdriver. That will separate the top from the bottom and you'll then see the battery. by D O a
QUESTION: what are the 2 otherbuttons for? by Joe M 12/13/2012
ANSWER: If you just have one door, you could program the second button to turn the garage light on or off, irrespective of its operation during the normal door cycle. Or, if you have two garage doors, you can program the third button to control the second door and more. You can read about these things on the NorthShore webpage, under the Chamberlain 953CB / 953C product description. It may sound complicated, but take the programming actions in order as described, and it's a piece of cake. by S T a
ANSWER: other doors if you have a three car garage or another door and a gate. by C H a
ANSWER: Not sure, Joe---I've never, ever used the two small buttons on any garage door opener.....I think they are for house lights and maybe a lock for the opener....Go to the Chamberlain website and download their user manual to be sure.<br />By the way, the door opener and garage door coded together easily and perfectly....never had any problems with it. A great purchase for our third vehicle.<br />Best Regards, <br />Robert by R O a
ANSWER: Honestly I don't use them and they don't seem to do anything with the Chamberlain garage door opener that I have. <br /><br />The remote is capable of turning your garage door opener lights on and off and can open up to a total of three garage door openers. You will have to refer to the owners manual that came with the original remotes and garage door opener unit.<br /><br />I only use the large button to open and close my garage door. by T U a
ANSWER: Great Question! I have often wondered too Would love to know the answer. by H A a
ANSWER: Starting from left to right:<br /><br />1 = Is another programable button for a garage door. We programmed my sisters garage door with it because we need to go in and out of her garage alot.<br /><br />2 = Light on and off button.<br /><br />3 = Open and close garage door of course. by L J a
ANSWER: This is remote is good for three garage doors. by Mohammad I a