Chamberlain 953CD Multi-Function 3-Button Garage Door Opener Remote

Chamberlain 953CD Multi-Function 3-Button Garage Door Opener Remote
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Additional Details about: The 953CD by Chamberlain LiftMaster has been discontinued. When you order this product you will receive the Direct replacement Liftmaster 373LM.
Give yourself the luxury of controlling up to three garage doors or gates from the comfort of your own vehicle. The Chamberlain 953CD multi-function three-button garage door opener remote is exactly what you need to save time and protect your home and garage with the latest in security code technology. This innovative tool can turn on and turn off your garage door opener lights, and it can be used to control lights or small appliances inside your home. The 953CD offers the same functionality and convenience of the previous model, the Chamberlain 953D.

Featuring Security+ rolling code technology, the Chamberlain 953CD sends a new code to your garage door opener each time it is used. That means it's safe, secure, and best of all, highly effective. The 953CD is compatible with garage door openers and gate openers that operate on a 315 MHz frequency; generally, openers on these frequencies have a purple "Learn" button on the actual unit. Programming your remote is simple. Follow the manufacturer's instructions, which are included, and use the purple "Learn" button on your garage door opener. You can program up to three different devices within minutes. This remote opener is ideal for people who need access to different doors in different locations, such as property gates, driveway gates and garages.

The Chamberlain 953CD multi-function three-button garage door opener remote is the ideal choice for cost-conscious homeowners and property owners who value the convenience of an all-in-one unit that's easy to take anywhere. The 953CD is the right remote for you if:
  • The motorhead on your garage door opener has a purple "Learn" button
  • Your garage door opener or gate operates on a 315 MHz frequency
  • You have a Chamberlain garage door that was manufactured after June 1, 2005
  • You have a "D" model Chamberlain garage door opener

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: I lost my other remote and needed a new one. works well by Annette B 5/10/2016
COMMENT: Same model as current one. by HAN L 3/3/2016
QUESTION: Is the price the same?? by phil s 4/17/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Same price as ? by Taylor M a
QUESTION: will the 953CD clicker work for my chamberlain opener with the model number HD200DM? by dan b 1/20/2016
ANSWER: Yes it will. by Harold W a
QUESTION: I have a model 953t remote. How do I get to learn my gate code? by None N 1/18/2016
ANSWER: It is pretty simple when you follow the directions that comes with the remote. bought mine about 10 months ago and can't remember all the details but i remember that I open a door on the side of the garage door opener and push a button until the light started flashing and that was it. by robert d a
QUESTION: why does the remote work to open garage door from in the garage but not outside the garage? by betty s 1/2/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Your receiver may be bad. by Taylor M a
ANSWER: I would offer two guesses: One, your remote's battery might be low, so it's not sending the signal strongly enough or powerfully enough to penetrate the garage door. Second, your garage door might include a material that the remote's signal can't penetrate. I'd change the battery first and see where that takes you. by Greg M a
ANSWER: I Bought one and it works from the inside and the outside. by Josh S a
ANSWER: The remote sends a signal to the garage door opener to operate the door. I believe the remote signal is not strong enough for the opener to work. This can be caused by a weak battery in the remote, an opener that needs a stronger signal or both. Try using the remote at larger distances from the garage to determine how close the remote must be to work. Some remotes have weaker signals by design. You may need to consult a competent service company for an on site diagnosis. by Dennis T a