Commercial Garage Door Opener Gummed Hose Air Switch

Commercial Garage Door Opener Gummed Hose Air Switch
Item# AS-1
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North Shore Commercial Door has everything you could ever dream of to improve or repair your garage doors. Whether it be residential or commercial doors, we have pieces and parts for everything. For instance, take a look at the AS-1 from Denco.

The AS-1 is an air switch, which is part of a reversing safety edge kit for commercial operators. The air switch connects to a pressurized air chamber which sits within the bottom seal of the door. If the air chamber meets an obstruction, the displaced air activates the air switch. The switch then sends a signal to the operator which then reverses or stops the movement of the door.

This particular Air switch can set the contacts in either the normally open, or normally closed position. It is important to know that Sensing Edge Systems are non-monitored, meaning that it is up to the consumer to inspect the safety feature and make sure it is up to UL standards.

Included in the package is:
Commercial Garage Door Opener Gummed Hose Air Switch
Converts to normally open or normally closed
Exterior air switch compatible with 2 or 3 wire operators
Not intended for use with Driveway treadle hose.

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Price most competitive by Raymond J 2/15/2016
COMMENT: Direction of hose inlet was on the top side which kept people from hitting the fitting and breaking it off. by johnathan k 12/23/2015
QUESTION: It is my understanding that when the air from the treadle hose activates the switch it should open my garage door. After a period of time the door will close automatically. When I wired the switch in the door just stays open. What did I do wrong? by Dan K 1/7/2016