Commercial Garage Door Opener PBS-3 Three Button Station

Commercial Garage Door Opener PBS-3 Three Button Station

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Product Description

PBS-3 Three Button Station

Pushbutton control stations are used to operate gate openers and garage openers from a distance with a simple push of a button. Simple to install, they can be used to operate anything from a single gate to multiple gates or doors on your property. Wire is run to the open/close relay on your garage door opener or gate operator and some are key lockable for securing and entrance after hours or when access needs controlled.

•Momentary contact


•NEMA 1 rated

• H=5-5/16"" W=2-3/8"" D=1-13/16""

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: looks like the one i need by susanne s 1/19/2015
COMMENT: Our garage door switch needed replaced by Tyler B 1/15/2015
QUESTION: We have a large shop and just purchased a second control. Is it possible to wire a second station to work on the same opener. It seems to have removed the stop capabilitles? by None N 12/26/2013
ANSWER: Yes you CAN wire the second control. Your problem with the button is most likely a wiring issue. You need to make sure that both buttons are connected in series. To verify that this is in fact your problem have both buttons pushed simultaneously.<br />If the gate stops then your buttons are connected in parallel. by E D a
QUESTION: is this controller normally open on all 3 buttons?<br />Doug by None N 7/22/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Customer comments are correct on this. You may want to look at the PBS-3R as well. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: The 'Open' and 'Close' buttons have 1 normally open contact each. The 'Stop' button has 1 normally closed contact. by Arend V a
ANSWER: Stop is normal closed which will open a holding coil in the door opener to stop the unit the other two are normally open when the up is pressed in it will allow the door to open and stop when the door fully opens on an internal limit or if a safety is tripped the door will stop. The closed has to be held in to close a door for safety reasons and it will also be shutdown should a safety limit be tripped when closing the door by James S a
QUESTION: Is it a low voltage switch? Thanks by Mike C 7/9/2013
ANSWER: Yes, we are using it on 24 volt and 120 volt applications. by J R a
ANSWER: Yes. This is for low voltage by H E a
ANSWER: I have it in use with aroun 22 volts. by S P a
ANSWER: Yes they are low voltage by D E a
QUESTION: I am looking for 6 of these. Do you combine shipping and what is the eta to zip 06790? by Ed Z 3/12/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Yes, all of the shipping on our website is combined. The cost of shipping does not increase with the addition of each item to the cart. by Matthew O a