Stanley Garage Door Opener Universal Safety Sensor Kit CR2149

Stanley Garage Door Opener Universal Safety Sensor Kit CR2149

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Stanley Garage Door Opener Universal Safety Sensor Kit CR2149 Instruction Manual
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Product Description

Digi-Code Garage Door Opener Universal Safety Sensor Kit Model CR2149 Universal Beam Sensor The universal beam sensor works with all major brands of garage door openers - Chamberlain®, Liftmaster®, Craftsman™, Overhead® (1995+), Genie™ (2 Wire Systems 1995+), Challenger®, Stanley®, Linear®, Moore-O-Matic® and Raynor® models ( built by Chamberlain® ). The beams have a self programming feature which allow the installer to simply hook up the beams to the existing wiring, mount the units to the wall and the job is complete.

Compatible Accessories:

Mini One Button - 3082

Mini Two Button - 3083

One Button Visor - 1050

Keyless Entry - STANLEY KEYPAD

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Per a phone call with customer service, this should be a direct replacement for my Stanley garage door opener. D1000 A07 by David W 3/23/2015
COMMENT: I looked on Amazon and they were 11.00 more by Nancy W 3/14/2015
QUESTION: Will this work with a Stanley T-130? I currently do not have sensors installed. by Jarrett D 2/22/2015
STAFF ANSWER: no, If you do not have safety beams you can not add them. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Will this product work with a Stanley model 3200.46 and a model 3220.50. I have two models as listed and don't want to purchase and find out after the fact they won't work with these models because as noted if I try to install and they won't work I can't return them. Answer? by Chuck P 2/10/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Yes, this will work with your model 3200.46 and 3220.50. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Stanley question... confused by direction. I have 4 wires on the Red Side... and 2 wires on the Green side. Do i simply on the red side twist both negative wires together and twist the other two wires... Then screw them to the transmitter??? Leaving just one wire on each screw on the green side? by Bob S 12/7/2014
ANSWER: I'll do my best to answer this the way it was asked. I used these in a basement garage, so went down to recheck. On the green side, as you called it, it was straight-forward, one wire for each of the two screws. On the red side, we had two wires, with two "branches" coming out of each. We took one branch from each wire, and tied them into the two screws. If this makes sense, we tied in A to A on one terminal, and B to B on the other, and all worked just fine. by Don W a
QUESTION: I have a older model Stanly garage door opener, not sure of the model number. Can this item be used with all model of Stanly opener. Is this kit one that will open the door if there is a object in the way of the door closing ?<br /><br />Ron by None N 11/17/2014
ANSWER: It should work, as long as your exsisting opener had a sensor kit on it. Yes, these sensors should stop the door from closing if there is an object in the way. by Kevin M a
ANSWER: I got this sensor set a few months ago, it took a little bit to figure out the connections but it works without a hitch. yes it will sense things in the beam and open the door back up. by Steven B a
ANSWER: It worked with my 25 year Old Stanley Screw Drive Garage door opener. Just follow the directions for Stanley in the installation instructions. by GRANT R a
ANSWER: My opener was older model Aldo's, but this universal opener worked great. It does reopen if object blocks closure. by Danni B a
ANSWER: It should fit with an older model I have one that is 15 years old. If an object is in the way the door will reverse. Good luck! by Jim S a
ANSWER: I have an older Stanley opener as well. This will replace existing beam sensors that have gone bad, but will not add the beam sensor function if you don't already have it. by Chris M a
ANSWER: I recommend contacting North shore. I had my questions answered immediately by a salesman. I hooked it up as instructed and it worked perfect. I'm only sorry that I waited so long to repair. by Barrett B a