Finishline Garage Door Bottom Bead End Weather Seal PN2922

Finishline Garage Door Bottom Bead End Weather Seal PN2922
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Finishline Garage Door Bottom Bead End Weather Seal PN2922
Finishline Garage Door Bottom Bead End Weather Seal PN2922
Product Description

Whether it's to protect your automobile or used for work at a warehouse, a garage fulfills many roles. Through our 35 years of experience, we at North Shore Commercial Door understand that a garage can be used for storage, as a hangout or to protect assets. That's why it's imperative to keep the weather from negatively influencing your garage's condition. With that in mind we offer the Finishline Garage Door Bead End Weather Seal PN2922. Important points about this product include:

  • PN2922 is meant to fit most Finishline home and commercial garages.
  • It is sold in specific lengths and you choose the amount you need.
  • The bead end of the seal measures 0.125 inches in diameter aka 1/8 inch.
If you have any questions, the staff at North Shore Commercial Door will be happy to help you. Don't leave your property at the mercy of the elements and nature. Get the Finishline Garage Door Bead End Weather Seal PN2922 today.
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COMMENT: shape by David K 8/26/2016
COMMENT: The bead size appears that it will fit my bottom seal frame. I haven't been able to find it any where else. Once I have it installed I will be glad to answer any questions from other customers. by Larry W 8/10/2016
QUESTION: What colors do they come in? by None N 8/2/2016
ANSWER: The bead I received was black; I don't know if any other color is available. by Francis B a
ANSWER: Black, by Herand S a
ANSWER: Mine was black and I think that's the only color by CLEM Z a
QUESTION: My original weatherstripping was 3 inches wide, will the PN2922 that is 4 inches wide work? by Harry H 7/21/2016
STAFF ANSWER: As long as the bead matches your current seal this would work with no problem. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: does it come in three inch widths? by None N 9/23/2015
STAFF ANSWER: No this seal only comes 4 inches by Matthew O a
QUESTION: what is the best way to install the new weatherstripping on the bottom of a garage door? I bought 3/16 beaded weatherstripping for my door which has 3/16 tracks inside diameter but the new weather stripping won't slide into the tracks beyond 6-7 inches. The tracks are not bend or compressed. should i have bought 1/8 beads? by Frank A 9/6/2015
ANSWER: I had the same problem. I removed track from the bottom of garage door. soaped up the track with liquid soap and water. With help from my wife, we were able to pull it on. It did'nt slide on easy, but it slid on much easier...After install I rinsed the track and allowed it to dry before reinstall. by Randy P a
ANSWER: Yes, 1/8" will work fine. With 3/16" you have no room for it to slide thru. Also, I lubricated the seal and track that the seal fits in with some penetrating oil to ease the process of installing. by Fred K a
ANSWER: Hi. Probably is theproblem! I bought a generic at a box store that said universal and had the same problem. I even tried cutting the bead. Get the smaller bead. Will slide right through by chad s a
ANSWER: My husband and I installed this same product. We rubbed liquid soap on the area first. He pulled and I pushed a few inches at a time. It took about 15 minutes. It fits fine and does the job. We ordered the same size as the track. by Douglas C a
ANSWER: I'm not sure about the size...if you're able to get it in 6-7 inches it is probably the right size from what I recall. There are 2 or 3 different beads one is flat; one has rounded edges<br /><br />To install it I found it really took 2 people -- one pushing and one pulling. We made sure the track was as clean as possible and then put some soapy water in the track -- that seems to help. Even with 2 people and the soapy water it was a fairly slow process ... an hour or more to do a 2-car garage door. Hope that helps by David S a
ANSWER: I suspect so. I used PN2922 for my track and forced it in from the bottom instead of feeding it in length-wise. by Daniel P a
ANSWER: There are at least two videos on YOUTUBE that are extremely helpful. The videos describe removing the bottom plate and working the weatherstripping on in a flat open work area. CAUTION --- pay close attention to instructions to remove the bottom plate! Do it wrong and the garage door will fall off. That being said, use soapy water to lubricate the weatherstripping. That will allow it to slide on 2 or 3 inches at a time. by Charlie H a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes the seal is to big for that track. You can try using soap and water and clean the track and it maybe easier to slide in. by Matthew O a