Finishline Garage Door Bottom Bead End Weather Seal PN2922

Finishline Garage Door Bottom Bead End Weather Seal PN2922

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Whether it's to protect your automobile or used for work at a warehouse, a garage fulfills many roles. Through our 35 years of experience, we at North Shore Commercial Door understand that a garage can be used for storage, as a hangout or to protect assets. That's why it's imperative to keep the weather from negatively influencing your garage's condition. With that in mind we offer the Finishline Garage Door Bead End Weather Seal PN2922. Important points about this product include:

  • PN2922 is meant to fit most Finishline home and commercial garages.
  • It is sold in specific lengths and you choose the amount you need.
  • The bead end of the seal measures 0.125 inches in diameter aka 1/8 inch.
If you have any questions, the staff at North Shore Commercial Door will be happy to help you. Don't leave your property at the mercy of the elements and nature. Get the Finishline Garage Door Bead End Weather Seal PN2922 today.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: To reseal Facility Bay door. Weather strip is old. by Victor L 6/16/2015
COMMENT: Customer service and fast shipping. by Randy P 6/14/2015
QUESTION: What is the width of the Finishline Garage Door Weather Seal PN2922? by James D 6/25/2014
ANSWER: Great product,easy to install, the width is appox 3 inches. Depending on the spacing of the track beads you will have about 2 to 2 1/2 inchs surface when installed. The seal to the floor is excellent by rinaldo p a
STAFF ANSWER: About 4 inches. orignally was 3 inches by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I need to install this from the header above my hangar doors to seal the gap above the accordion fold doors but I will need the track to slide the bead into. Can i get the track for the bead from you? The stripping will hang straight down from the header flush against the inside frame of the doors.<br /><br />Thanks folk!<br /><br />Mary Rosenblum by Mary R 4/27/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Please call us a 440-366-6112. We sell other seals that will seal that area better. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: I bought this produce for the bottom of my garage door. It works great. Don't know if they sell the track or not. <br />They asked me to answer your question but I don't think they read what you are asking. by Tom G a
QUESTION: I have a Genie GDS 500 9' garage door that needs a new weather seal. It only has one track and the old one has only one bead. The old seal is about 7/8" wide. Do you have a replacement? by Randy E 6/22/2013
STAFF ANSWER: The door is not made by Genie, Just the garage door machine is Genie. to measure your bead end seal you need to cut a small section of it out and lay it flat on the ground and measure from bead to bead. It may be best if you take a digital picture of your old seal and email it to us for identification. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Matthew O a
QUESTION: My door is old. THe weather seal I have is NOT very flexible anymore might just be because it is VERY OLDIt seems to be about 3 inches width and the bead is about 3/16ths of an inch. Will yours work in my door or is the bead too large and yours too wide? I cant find this stuff anywhere. by Susan N 5/22/2013
ANSWER: The flexibility is most likely 'cause its old, the rubber dries out. As far as the weatherstripping itself. Check to see if you currently have a "T" or "bulb" style bead. In regards to the size I removed a small piece from the bottom of my door and took dimensions that way. You can always try looking up the door specs on-line. The make/model number was located on the inside lock mechanism. by Shawn P a
ANSWER: I bought some different kinds at the local big box store. Spent days trying to get it to fit in saw this online received very quickly and had it installed immediately. Fits great! Just what I needed. by Andree H a
ANSWER: This worked fine for me and is very good quality. I couldn't find it anywhere else. by John C a
ANSWER: My old seal sounds just like yours. Since the bead keeps the seal from popping out, it is better if it is a bit larger. The outside 12" of my door is a bit further from the concrete due to settling. The seal is flexible enough to fill the gap after two years. I'm very happy with the product. It did require a secomd person to get it installed although I think I could have done it alone if I wanted to spend 45 minutes or more. You just need to keep it flat and parallel with the bottom of the door when your sliding it into the channel. That required a second person. by M I a
STAFF ANSWER: The finishline is approximately 1/8" and our other Bead end style seal labeled as 'bead end' measures approximately 3/16" to 7/32" in diameter. The finishline is the thinner of the two when it comes to the diameter of the bead. Also, The finishline we carry measures just over 3" from bead to bead. The other "bead end" measures approximately 4" by Matthew O a