Garage Door Clip on Reverse Jamb Angle Seal

Garage Door Clip on Reverse Jamb Angle Seal

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In business for over 35 years, North Shore Commercial Door has all the items you need to repair and improve your garage. That tradition continues with the Garage Door Clip-on Reverse Jamb Angle Seal. Available in numerous colors including almond, gray, white, sandstone, black and brown, you can match the jamb seal to your garage door. You can control your heating and cooling costs with this efficient seal. Benefits and facts of this item include:

  • It is ready to install.
  • The seal clips to the angle iron on the door's perimeter, not the door.
  • It is for the inside of the door as opposed to stop molding, which is for the outside.
  • The seal clips to the frame of the garage door.
  • It is sold by the foot.
Contact North Shore Commercial Door online or by phone with your questions. If you need a Garage Door Clip-on Reverse Jamb Angle Seal, we're your go-to place.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: The best pricing I have found by Dustan R 3/3/2015
QUESTION: can you send me a sample so I can see if this is what I need? by David A 2/19/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Please order 1' of this and put in all the correct info and we will ship right out for you. by Matthew O a
REPLY: does this clip on rail track and seals against outside of door? by David A r
QUESTION: Can imusemthis on the inside of my garage door to create a better seal. when you say it attaches to the angle iron what are you referring to? by Kevin Z 11/18/2014
ANSWER: This is not for the homeowner type of garage door. This is used on commercial applications that have a metal angle edge that it slides onto. by CURTIS S a
QUESTION: my garage door when closed has a gap between the door and the wall on top will this help seal the gap? by None N 10/13/2014
ANSWER: Yes it did on mine by James P a
ANSWER: I'm not sure, I use this seal on the side of my garage door. by Carl P a
ANSWER: We have about a dozen shop doors that we use this on. It is designed to fill the gap between the door and the wall. The garage door frame around the opening of our doors has a piece of steel that the seal slips onto. As the door closes, it comes into contact with the seal. I don't believe that it would be flexible enough to stay on the door instead of the frame. by Chris C a
ANSWER: I don't think so. This is designed to slip onto thin steel, which we have on the sides of our door, not the top.<br />on our door commercial type on a steel frame building the top has a metal and rubber piece that is screwed to the top by Loie B a
QUESTION: do you have a video for garage door clip on reverse jamb angle seal? by Joan T 9/24/2014
ANSWER: If this helps, we bought this because it matches what is on our commercial steel door on the outside of the jambs. the slot slips over sheet metal, so that the single flap part is on the outside and seals the jamb. That's how our door was built originally, so we're going with that. Good luck by Loie B a
STAFF ANSWER: No at this time, sorry. What questions do you have about it ? by Matthew O a