Garage Door Clip on Reverse Jamb Angle Seal

Garage Door Clip on Reverse Jamb Angle Seal

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In business for over 35 years, North Shore Commercial Door has all the items you need to repair and improve your garage. That tradition continues with the Garage Door Clip-on Reverse Jamb Angle Seal. Available in numerous colors including almond, gray, white, sandstone, black and brown, you can match the jamb seal to your garage door. You can control your heating and cooling costs with this efficient seal. Benefits and facts of this item include:

  • It is ready to install.
  • The seal clips to the angle iron on the door's perimeter, not the door.
  • It is for the inside of the door as opposed to stop molding, which is for the outside.
  • The seal clips to the frame of the garage door.
  • It is sold by the foot.
Contact North Shore Commercial Door online or by phone with your questions. If you need a Garage Door Clip-on Reverse Jamb Angle Seal, we're your go-to place.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: you had the part I needed by SHALAYNE F 9/16/2014
COMMENT: It matches what was on the door originally. by Wayne E 8/28/2014
QUESTION: I have a brand new home with a Double Car Garage - Single Door with Automatic opener and my problem is the Gap on the sides of the Door rollers and the edge of the Garage Door Frame - It is 1.5 inches and large enough for a variety of vermin to get through. According to the Builder this is required by code for ventilation, but it is unacceptable to me. What product if any should I use to seal this area? by None N 3/19/2014
ANSWER: I think this product will do exactly what you want. The part that sticks out to cover your void is exactly 1.5," so you might have gaps in some places if your void is wider than that. Also keep in mind it is flexible, so if vermin are persistent they could potentially push past it. by Taylor S a
ANSWER: First of all the builder is blowing smoke. There is no code in requards to that. I would suggest adding trim to close up the gap and then use a standard exterior door seal to finish off the job. You can get those at Home Depot, menards or lowes by John S a
ANSWER: Sounds like the door opening was framed to wide for your door. With that big of a gap you may have to trim the opening with wood and add a nail on jamb seal. North Shore carries these seals. They are vinyl and are easy to install. by Jim E a
ANSWER: This seal is for commercial metal door frames, not used in homes.<br />This explanation of needed ventilation sounds bogus. If ventilation was needed they would not sell insulated doors and door seals!<br />The molded frame with vinyl flap is what is used, but it only fills maybe a 1 inch gap.<br />Good luck by CURTIS S a
STAFF ANSWER: That builder is FOS. But this product could work, or you can use the Stop Molding. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: My door Is 1 in width will this be able to clip on? by Sol M 7/21/2013
ANSWER: Sol, this does not clip to the door. This is a commercial weather seal that clips to the angle mount by Jim E a
ANSWER: I used this type to make a custom wood seal for a customer. I'm not a garage door contractor so I couldn't tell you if it would fit by John S a
STAFF ANSWER: This seal clips to the angle iron around the perimeter of doors. It does not clip to the door itself. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I'm installing vinyl siding on a double car 8" concrete block garage with two individual 8' X 7'garage doors. The returns or Jambs that go from the outside face of the wall to the inner most edge of the 2" x 6", on the flat framework for the door tracks are quite wide 10" to 10 1/2" so I'm using 3/4"pressure treated plywood which is shot, shimmed, and glued to the block returns. The problem is that because I used 3/4' which was needed, I have closed down the opening finished width. These are Clopay 2050 doors with small raised panel design and my concern is I'll be coming too far in on the vertical edge stiles. I plan to wrap the returns in white coil and then apply the door weather stripping on top or slide this over the coil, adjust, and nail through both. Can you tell me if this would be the best product for me to use in my situation Also is the clip on part made of metal or Vinyl Thank You Ray by Raymond C 7/17/2013
ANSWER: Raymond, These clip on seals are design to clip on the <br />track supports not wood jams. The top seal would be<br />a nail up style. Hope this helps. by Greg. H a
ANSWER: Not sure about the rest of your question because I'm not that well versed in garage doors. I can tell you the entire piece is vinyl though. by Taylor S a
STAFF ANSWER: This is for the inside of the door. The stuff that goes around the surround of the door on the outside is called STOP MOLDING Here is a link to that.<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Matthew O a
QUESTION: How and where does it get installed<br /><br />Can it be fastened to a steel frame of the garage wall on the inside<br /><br />Will it seal a sectional overhead door that has a possible in and out movement of about one inch Why so much; this is a new home installation. by None N 3/14/2013
ANSWER: This particular seal is used on commercial door frames that have a steel lip for sliding it on. Usually home installations have the seal integrated into the trim piecs and must be installed / changed as one piece. This might seal for a 1 inch gap but 3/4 inch is more likely. by CURTIS S a
ANSWER: on my installation it slides over the steel angle on inside of door frame against the wall with seal angled in towards door. by Matt M a
ANSWER: I have a 6-bay garage w/ steel frame & siding. The overhead doors are 5-panel steel. So far, I have installed these seals on 3 of the doorframes, and they've sealed-out two severe rainstorms, and noticably reduced bug and mouse entry. I'm happy with them.<br /> I did not receive instructions with my order, but found the installation to be intuitive. If you look at the closed door from the outside, you should see a thin steel strip along each vertical edge-- this is part of the door frame the "jamb" where the seals are meant to be installed. The seals are a tight slip-fit onto these steel strips. So far, I have found no need to use screws or even glue to anchor them.<br /><br />My doors have some outward movement at least an inch at the top as they close; they simply shove the flexible flap of the seal outward, and it springs back and seals as the door closes. by Russel M a
ANSWER: First, in our application we had a metal lip on the inside edge fo the jab which the gasket slid onto.<br /><br />I can't answer your second question without know what the application looks like. Again, ours had a lip on the inside edge and the gasket slid into place without incident.<br /><br />Last, It would be close. I worked well in our application which only had a half inch gap. An inch would be pushing it. by William F a
ANSWER: This product is made for comercial doors with steel jambs. For a residental door you should get the nail on plastic stop with the vinyl seal attached by Frank A a
STAFF ANSWER: It is designed to clip onto the frame of the garage door. You may also want to consider the stop molding that goes on the outside of the door.<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Matthew O a