Garage Door Inflatable Bottom Weather Seal Inner Tube

Garage Door Inflatable Bottom Weather Seal Inner Tube
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Garage Door Inflatable Bottom Weather Seal Inner Tube
Garage Door Inflatable Bottom Weather Seal Inner Tube
Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door is Excited to offer our customers a new weather seal solution! We are now carrying Air Seal from Dynamic Rubber, Inc. This company specializes in creating seals that are inflatable. Similar to how a tire works, this product is pumped full of air until pressurized, then capped.

This product is designed to work in conjunction with existing weather seal and is installed by placing the inner tube within the existing seal. Once installed in the existing seal, this product is inflated to seal gaps and voids between the concrete and the bottom of your garage door. The inflatable seal will fit safely in seals that measure 3 ¼” and above. In order to insure that you buy the proper length of seal, please measure the bottom of the door prior to entering your purchase.

Air Seal is a perfect solution for garage doors that let the hot summer air in, or the icy winter winds. For more information on installing this product please watch the video below. If you still have questions after the video feel free to pick up the phone and call us for technical support @800-783-6112. Act now to try this amazing new product from Dynamic Rubber, Incorporated!

Package Includes:
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 1 Air seal
  • 1 Nylon ball with string attached to end of Air Seal
  • 1 Valve cover
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COMMENT: like the idea of inflating to adjust as the weather changes by jonathan P 1/30/2017
COMMENT: Because everything else seemed insufficient to meet my needs. by Richard G 1/2/2017
QUESTION: How do you get it to stay in place , if the bottom of the garage door is flat, and doesn't have a hollow center to feed it into? by Danny G 9/7/2016
ANSWER: The door needs to be equipped with a traditional bottom seal to house the air tube. by Jeremy D a
QUESTION: What is minimum size of t seal needed to install inflatable seal in 16 foot door ? by Everett T 8/25/2016
STAFF ANSWER: 4 inch by Taylor M a
QUESTION: what are the dimensions of the seal deflated? Inflated? by Derek H 7/6/2016
ANSWER: Deflated 1.5"x.25"x whatever length of order. Inflated turns round and depends on pressure used. by Kaye M a
ANSWER: They fit inside the usual garage door bottom. I have purchased the larger door bottom and barely inflated the tube due to a wimpy opener, but I also have a heated garage and a sagging floor, and it does the trick barely inflated. Saved me a pile last winter. by Steve N a
QUESTION: i have a new house and 3 car garage 16 ft one side 9 ft other side my builders cement contractor failed to put in lip on concrete pad and when it rains and winds blow hard out of the south water comes in under garage door would this work for me and what else would i need for this to keep water out as i have epoxy floor and does not soak up water does product come in 16ft lengths and 9 ft lenghts ? by JAMES A 1/10/2016
ANSWER: It does come in 16 ft lengths. <br />I had a heck of a time getting it into the door seal. I finally made it smaller using masking tape around it. once I put the air to it the tape broke apart. The other problem was my door does not come down enough to seal out some of the elements. You wont have this problem if your door has minimum space from your floor. by Walter B a
ANSWER: The product aids in making a door bottom close on my cracked garage floor, and helps keep the heat in. My garage door openers' touchy pressure setting negates some of the positive effect this could provide, but it definitely helps. I have an 18 foot door, can't answer to other sizes. by Steve N a
ANSWER: The inflatable inner tube will help with this problem, however the "T" seal that typiccaly comes with a new garage door might not be big enough to fit the tube. I purchased a 6 inch T seal, however, if your concrete is <br />flat and level, a 3 inche T seal will probably work. The tube for a 16 foor door was about 10 inches longer than my door. I merely folded over the non schrader end, cable tied it in place to itself, then pushed it back into the track so the fill valve was visable at the other end. by Barry L a
ANSWER: I have two 40 foot hangar doors subject to wind blown rain. Using a glue down threshold and the inflatable seal, each door is well sealed. I filled both of mine with nitrogen, the moisture in air compressor gas will cause swelling in hot weather, collapse in cold weather. Both the seal and the threshold are needed for a tight seal. by Bill C a
ANSWER: AAbsolutely... This is a great product. Has kept out wind and snow . by Kaye M a
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