Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch

Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch
Item# KS1-NSCD
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Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch
Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch
Product Description
Our keyed garage door opener switch activates your garage door using a key to ensure that you're never without access to your garage. The Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch (B100) is essentially just a turnkey for garage doors that's designed to work with all gate and garage door openers. This keyed garage door switch can be installed using household tools and North Shore Commercial Door's Universal Key Switch Instruction Manual.
  • Comes with electronic key switch, weather-proof mount plate and two keys
  • System activates garage door using a key
  • Universal design works on all gate and garage door openers
  • Barrel Length: 1 15/16"
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COMMENT: Previous reviews, price and quick shipping turnaround. by Gerald P 4/15/2017
COMMENT: This keyed unit will be used on my Dune Buggy Shrine Unit equipment garage that the guys on the unit store our dune buggies during our competitions season. We need enough keys made so every one on the Dune Buggy Unit will have a key for access, the switch we have now is old and we can not get any more keys made for it, so we need a new unit for unit use. Thanks, Butch Tumlin by William T 4/10/2017
QUESTION: how do you connect switch? by Joseph S 8/8/2016
ANSWER: It's the same as a light switch all you're doing is making a connection the red wire should hook on one side and out the other you should have two wires are red and white cut the red wire hook either side to either Pole when you key it on completes the connection by TIM R a
QUESTION: I have read that Chamberlin garage door openers use a doorbell button that requires a circuit board. Would this KS1-nscd work? I am getting a Chamberlin model PD220. thank you. by Robert B 3/25/2016
ANSWER: This is just a simple make/break switch. When the key is turned, it makes the connection. It's much like a push button, but with a key. by Kenneth K a
QUESTION: KD1-NSCD and KS1-NSCD Do you have them keyed the same in a package? by Tim H 1/6/2016
STAFF ANSWER: No you will have to choose the keyed the same option. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: What material is the mount plate made of? by None N 9/26/2015
ANSWER: Metal by Ron G a
ANSWER: The mount plate is made of sturdy metal. by ROBERT L a
ANSWER: Stainless Steel by guy s a
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