Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch

Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch

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Keyed the Same: 
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Product Description

Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch B100

Universal key switch, will work with all gate and garage door openers

Easy to install, includes key switch and weather proof mount plate

Never get locked out of the garage again, this item will activate the door using the key!

Includes 2 keys, electronic switch and plate

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: It was just what I wanted by Carroll T 7/19/2014
COMMENT: The univeral remotes do not work with my older garage moter but with the key opener I can get into the garage from outside. by William M 7/16/2014
QUESTION: Greetings! I ordered one of these Door Openers from you last year -- I have since lost one of my keys and want to order an extra or two! I went to our local Hardware store and they do not have the blanks that match this key -- How would I go about ordering replacements? by Drew P 6/16/2014
ANSWER: I would think you could get the key code off the side of the key or off the face of the lock. manufactuer should have another by kyle l a
ANSWER: Already did! Thanks! by Drew P a
ANSWER: Try another h/w store! by M I a
REPLY: Thanks all. I found a locksmith that carried the right blanks! by Drew P r
STAFF ANSWER: It would be cheaper for you to Just buy new and replace the cylinder. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Can these be keyed to an existing key to be used by volunteer members of a fire department to prevent us from having to issue another key to some 30 different people? by None N 4/27/2014
ANSWER: we don't use ours anymore. A thief can just pry that loose from it's mounting point and cross the wires and he is into your building. It happens even if you countersink into frame. Sorry, it was a great idea at first. by George I a
ANSWER: it is a simple tumber system. you would need o ask a locksmith if he can change it by L A a
ANSWER: Sorry I didn't try to re-key them I just installed on individual garage doors. by kyle l a
ANSWER: Don't know. I used keys that came with it and made additional keys. You would have to have a locksmith to re-key it, which I would think would cost as much or more than additional keys. PS. I have been completely satisfied with the product. <br /><br />DS. Texas by D A a
QUESTION: can i wire two garage door openers into one key switch? by will h 2/7/2014
ANSWER: Yes as long as the wiring from both openers are wired to the terminals on the back of the opener switch. by Tim F a
ANSWER: I have installed a number this switch. It can be done but why would you Both doors would open or close at the same time. The switches are inexpensive. Buy one for each opener. by William S a
ANSWER: Your garage doors may have separate power sources hard wired or plugged into grounded outlet - so I don't recommend using one switch for 2 door openers. <br />Additionally, the garage door openers are installed to save effort ... if you're opening the door in rain or snow, you may only want one opened up at a time. by Dan S a
ANSWER: if you have one line for both garage doors, you can by Gwendolyn T a
ANSWER: Yes. Turning the key closes the switch and will open both doors simultaneously. by Joe C a
ANSWER: There are a number of things to consider before trying this. The key switch is just a single pole single throw spring loaded switch and as such just provides a shorting path across two terminals. If both door openers are of the same type and model and share common ground characteristics, where the switch just provides a ground point to the opener circuit, then it will work. If the switching is other than a ground connection, damage could occur to one or both of the openers. I would check this out carefully before I tried it. by John D a
QUESTION: What does "keyed the same" mean? by John V C 2/6/2014
ANSWER: I believe it means if you order for two doors they will be keyed the same. I only have a single door by D E a
ANSWER: I have a duplex with a three stall garage and needed all three key switches to be "keyed different" for security reasons. So the bottom line is If you want all keys to open all doors you would key the same. by Rick L a
ANSWER: It means if you order more than one lock you can get them so they use the same key. by D A a