Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch

Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch

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Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch B100

Universal key switch, will work with all gate and garage door openers

Easy to install, includes key switch and weather proof mount plate

Never get locked out of the garage again, this item will activate the door using the key!

Includes 2 keys, electronic switch and plate

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: replacement for a switch with no keys by James H 8/26/2014
COMMENT: with 2 kids and the wife this switch will make garage access easier for the whole family without having 4 remotes to lose by herb g 8/4/2014
QUESTION: Is the on/off a momentary spring loaded switch? by None N 8/4/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it is spring loaded and is momentary. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: 1. Can the key be removed in both positions<br />2. Does the key spring back to the original position after turning? by craig a 7/29/2014
ANSWER: I believe the key can only be removed in the original position the position in which it is inserted. The key does spring back to the original position upon turning. by Adam G a
ANSWER: The key works similarly to the PB inside, that is you turn it and it opens a closed door or closes an open door. You cannot remove the key in the turned position. When release the key it snaps back to the de-activated position. The key can only be removed in the snap back position. by Daniel M a
ANSWER: 1. The switch is spring loaded therefore the key is always put into and removed in the same "key" position.<br />2. if the door is closed you insert the key turn it and the door opens. Once the door starts to open you can remove it from the switch. To close the door with the key switch, insert the key turn it and as the door closes remove the key and go on your way. P.S. make sure the door closes before you drive off. by William S a
ANSWER: The key cylinder is spring loaded. The key returns to original position when released. by Marty S a
QUESTION: Greetings! I ordered one of these Door Openers from you last year -- I have since lost one of my keys and want to order an extra or two! I went to our local Hardware store and they do not have the blanks that match this key -- How would I go about ordering replacements? by Drew P 6/16/2014
ANSWER: I would think you could get the key code off the side of the key or off the face of the lock. manufactuer should have another by kyle l a
ANSWER: Already did! Thanks! by Drew P a
ANSWER: Try another h/w store! by M I a
REPLY: Thanks all. I found a locksmith that carried the right blanks! by Drew P r
STAFF ANSWER: It would be cheaper for you to Just buy new and replace the cylinder. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Can these be keyed to an existing key to be used by volunteer members of a fire department to prevent us from having to issue another key to some 30 different people? by None N 4/27/2014
ANSWER: we don't use ours anymore. A thief can just pry that loose from it's mounting point and cross the wires and he is into your building. It happens even if you countersink into frame. Sorry, it was a great idea at first. by George I a
ANSWER: it is a simple tumber system. you would need o ask a locksmith if he can change it by L A a
ANSWER: Sorry I didn't try to re-key them I just installed on individual garage doors. by kyle l a
ANSWER: Don't know. I used keys that came with it and made additional keys. You would have to have a locksmith to re-key it, which I would think would cost as much or more than additional keys. PS. I have been completely satisfied with the product. <br /><br />DS. Texas by D A a