Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch

Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch

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Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch Instruction Manual
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Product Description

Our keyed garage door opener switch activates your garage door using a key to ensure that you're never without access to your garage. The Garage Door Opener Universal Key Switch (B100) is essentially just a turnkey for garage doors that's designed to work with all gate and garage door openers. This keyed garage door switch can be installed using household tools and North Shore Commercial Door's Universal Key Switch Instruction Manual.
  • Comes with electronic key switch, weather-proof mount plate and two keys
  • System activates garage door using a key
  • Universal design works on all gate and garage door openers

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: hard to find in stores - needed for customer by David C 3/6/2015
COMMENT: I couldn't find one in town. by John W 2/18/2015
QUESTION: how do i wire it to my overhead door opener model 556? by buddy k 9/6/2014
ANSWER: Thank you Bill it worked fine. I really appreciate it. by buddy k a
ANSWER: It is very simple it just gets wired to the same spot as your interior button by Thomas S a
ANSWER: I just ran mine to the inside opener button. Or to the wired button connections on the opener unit. The key switch does the same a pushing the button to open or close. by BILL H a
QUESTION: will this work with a overhead door opener? by buddy k 9/1/2014
ANSWER: Yes, works with any opener that has a push button inside garage. by Daniel M a
ANSWER: I installed this key switch on my daughter's garage which has an overhead opener. It works fine. However, it won't work, or course, if the power goes off. In that case, if you have no other access to the inside -- such as a door or window -- you will also need the disconnect device that mounts on the door itself and releases the lifting mechanism with a pull of the wire connector. I installed one of these, as well, and it works fine too. by Len C a
ANSWER: yes - this is a momentary key switch -meaning the key springs back - after initially making electrical contact by ROBERT K a
ANSWER: Yes by William S a
ANSWER: Yes, should not matter what type of door opener you have. by Adam G a
ANSWER: Yes, the two switch terminals are just wired into the perfectly. by S N a
ANSWER: As long as you can use a push bottom to open/close the door, this will work with it does need wires to be connected to the opener by william c a
QUESTION: Is the on/off a momentary spring loaded switch? by None N 8/4/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it is spring loaded and is momentary. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: 1. Can the key be removed in both positions?<br />2. Does the key spring back to the original position after turning? by craig a 7/29/2014
ANSWER: The key works similarly to the PB inside, that is you turn it and it opens a closed door or closes an open door. You cannot remove the key in the turned position. When release the key it snaps back to the de-activated position. The key can only be removed in the snap back position. by Daniel M a
ANSWER: 1. The switch is spring loaded therefore the key is always put into and removed in the same "key" position.<br />2. if the door is closed you insert the key turn it and the door opens. Once the door starts to open you can remove it from the switch. To close the door with the key switch, insert the key turn it and as the door closes remove the key and go on your way. P.S. make sure the door closes before you drive off. by William S a
ANSWER: The key cylinder is spring loaded. The key returns to original position when released. by Marty S a