Garage Door Plunger Bumper Spring, 27"

Garage Door Plunger Bumper Spring, 27"
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Garage Door Plunger Bumper Spring, 27"
Garage Door Plunger Bumper Spring, 27"
Product Description
Our 27" return springs are made for sectional overhead doors that either have a jack-shaft style door opener or hit the back of the track and cause the cables to loose tension when being opened.

Overall length is 27"

15" travel

Approximate compression 10lbs/in

12 gauge bracket for 3/8" bolt

Sold by the pair
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COMMENT: keeps cable tight when starting door down when using a shaft driven operator... by Ron H 5/15/2017
COMMENT: Thought the door needed some help in the down motion. by Joseph L 5/11/2017
QUESTION: how do these install in the track ? by None N 4/28/2014
ANSWER: I mounted them directly to the track, but used a piece of 1/4" steel plate to create a brace to avoid tearing the track. by Michael P a
ANSWER: I mounted them to pre-drilled angle iron like used for mounting the rear of the tracks. Used the existing vertical run and added another vertical run for the front mounting slot. Have no idea if this is correct as there were no instructions but it works well. by allen m a
REPLY: Mine didn't have bolts or instructions. You don't find this out until you receive them! by Dick R r
ANSWER: You may have to drill your own holes- I did. I mounted it on the top side of the track with two 3/8 bolts if I remember right. This lined the plunger up with the end of the door. I only ended up using one, I figure ill find a use for the other some day soon! This is a great product- works better than the "leaf spring" style returns that are also available because this has almost a foot of travel that it pushes back. Good luck! by Russell G a
REPLY: After bolting them on, the mounting "flag" is fairly easily bent to "fine tune" and align the bumper with the door. by Jonathan S r
QUESTION: price for each or pair? by None N 11/25/2012
QUESTION: do i need 2 for 1 door? by None N 11/11/2012
ANSWER: Yes, you'll have to buy the mounting bolts at your local hardware store. There's no instructions either! by Dick R a
ANSWER: The springs are sold in pairs. by Michael P a
ANSWER: Yes, one spring on each side of the door. One per track. Are they sold in pairs? I don't think so. If I recall correctly, I ordered 4 springs for two doors. by E R a
REPLY: I used only one per door. Works well. by Jonathan S r