Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement Kit Comes with Spring and Winding Bars - Max Length 39"

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement Kit Comes with Spring and Winding Bars - Max Length 39"

•Wire Size •Inside Diameter •ENTER Length of spring in Inches: •Wind of spring •Winding Bars::  •Number of Springs •Long Life 25,000 Cycle Spring Upgrade
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Additional Details about: Our springs include cones installed on the springs.

Product Description

Now you can replace your own garage door springs thanks to this handy replacement kit from North Shore Commercial Door. Each garage door torsion spring replacement kit includes replacement torsion springs and sturdy winding bars to help you make the switch quickly and safely.

Standard springs come with a life of approximately 10,000 cycles. With our long-life option, you’ll get about 25,000 cycles out of your garage door torsion springs for just $15 more. Please note: when long-life spring option is picked, the spring size shipped with be different from what you ordered. We will have calculated the change in size to provide a spring that will function the exact same but will last much longer than your standard life cycle springs. For additional information about our garage door torsion spring replacement kit, see our “Questions” app below.

We always recommend replacing your garage door springs in pairs on doors with 2 springs. Springs are designed to open and close the door a predetermined number of times - if one spring breaks, it's only a matter of time before the other spring does, too.

  • Includes spring and winding bars for easy replacement
  • Comes with cones attached on each end as shown
  • Available in wire sizes and inside diameter sizes to the nearest 1/16th inch
  • Order custom spring sizes to fit your doors
  • Choose from left- or right-wound springs

    The four items required to purchase the correct replacement torsion spring:

    #1 Wire Size
    #2 Inside Diameter
    #3 Length of spring
    #4 Wind of spring (Right or left wound)


    A spring’s wire size can be determined by several different tools or techniques. Use of a caliper, micrometer, or wire gauge are common ways to determine a spring’s wire size. If none of these tools are available, simply measure ten coils of wire to the nearest 1/16th of an inch, and refer to the Spring Wire Chart. The spring must be tightly compressed, with no gaps. It’s also a good idea to measure twenty coils as a double check.


    Measure the inside diameter to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. In most cases, the cones inserted in each end of the spring will have a manufacturers name (OHD or Raynor, etc.) which will give a clue toward the proper identity. The chart on the right shows common ID’s used by various manufacturers. If no manufacturers name is evident, usually a part number on the cone will indicate the inside diameter: 134 or 175 = 1 3/4" ID 258 or 263 = 2 5/8" ID 375 or 334 = 3 3/4" ID


    Measure spring length with the spring in its unwound state. In the case of a distorted or broken spring, simply count the total number of coils and multiply by the wire size. 120 coils x .250 wire = 30" 120 coils x .375 wire = 45"


    To ensure the correct wind, please refer to the Winding Chart below. Please remember the side of the door a spring is located on does not indicate the wind of the spring. Most winding cones are color coded for hand identification. Right hand wound springs should have red winding cones. Left hand wound springs should have black winding cones.


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    Comments / Questions

    COMMENT: need right spring. want higher cycle spring. by David H 4/14/2014
    COMMENT: The information on the order mirrors the information on the existing torsion springs. by PAGE S 4/2/2014
    QUESTION: The unwound length is 23", but the wound length is 25.5", is this normal? by Ron B 4/10/2014
    ANSWER: Yes it is by Tony A a
    ANSWER: Yes. That sounds about right, depending on turns. Mine measure 28" unwound and 29.75" wound. Working well for over a year. by Erik G a
    ANSWER: yes, when you installed and wound the torsion spring, you added more coils and each coil added to the length. if your spring was made from 1/4" diameter wire, and you needed to wind the spring 10 full turns to get the right lift tension for your door, you would have added 10 x 0.25" or 2.5" to the original length of the spring. by KELSEY B a
    STAFF ANSWER: Yes, it is normal. When ordering your springs go by the unwound measurements. Make sure you measure each dimension when the spring is in the unwound state!!!!!! by Matthew O a
    QUESTION: Does this item come with new door cones? by None N 2/14/2014
    ANSWER: Yes it does. You mean the cones at each end of the spring? by Francisco M a
    QUESTION: Most of the single replacement springs for a 16x7 door I found were .250x2x32Green 159-163lb. door. The spring that broke on my door is a #1Gold .250x2x35according to Clopay. My door, according to Clopay, is a 159lb. doorspring lasted 11years. What is the difference between springs Green,Gold\ Clopay says there is a difference in the type of metal When asked about length and color they said the shorter spring, .250x2x32Green was for an eight foot door That is when everything started to become gray for me. Any advice\ by Paul S 2/3/2014
    ANSWER: I was lucky enough to find the exact replacement springs for my door. If the good worked for eleven years and you find the exact match replacement, go for if!!! If not, their recomandations are usually right on the money. by Juancarlo E a
    STAFF ANSWER: Forget everything you have looked at on other sites. All we need to get you the correct spring is listed in our ad. The ad tells you how to measure your old spring and gives you a place to input your information. Feel free to call if you have any questions or need help. 800-783-6112<br /><br />Thank you by Matthew O a
    QUESTION: i have a door 11ft high 12 ft wide spring inside dia is 1 5/8" i need price on spring set theres 2 . and 14 rollers and cables if you have them thanks josh by josh m 1/8/2014
    STAFF ANSWER: Please go to the 2-5/8 spring page. by Matthew O a