Garage Door Bottom T Vinyl Weather Seal 3-3/4"

Garage Door Bottom T Vinyl Weather Seal 3-3/4"

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Garage Door Bottom T Vinyl Weather Seal 3-3/4"
Garage Door Bottom T Vinyl Weather Seal 3-3/4"
Product Description

Garage door bottom seals are an important feature on garage doors and North Shore Commercial Door Co. has these T Vinyl weather seals in stock. These 3 3/4" seals fit garage doors manufactured by: Amarr, Arm-R-Lite, CHI, Clopay, DBCI, Deldon, Gadco, Martin, Raynor, Richard Wilcox, and Safeway garage doors. You must make sure the T portion of the old seal is the same dimension of the seal sold by North Shore which is 5/16".

The T rubber seal is constructed using durable, black EPDM synthetic Vinyl. The advantages of using these seals is that they stay soft and flexible to temperatures to 65 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, they conform to uneven floors with over one inch compression, contact ensures a tight seal, you will save money by reducing energy loss year round and these seals can be installed quickly and easily. North Shore Commercial Doors sells these seals by the foot so when ordering, you will need to specify the number of feet that you are purchasing.

Sold by the foot - provide length desired (in feet) in box above

3 3/4" in width

T Height is 5/16", T width is 1/16"

Stays soft and flexible to -65F

Conforms to uneven floors with over 1" compression

Contact insures tight seal

Saves money by reducing energy loss year round

Installs quickly and easily in just minutes

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COMMENT: It met my needs quickly by Richard E 5/31/2017
COMMENT: jake sent me the seal info. It is hard to do business with this company. I have questions and I have to deal with the phone message machine to try and get answers. They just want to shut you up and move on to the next customer. I never did get to talk to jake by ken P 5/26/2017
QUESTION: will this product fit a Midland Door? by None N 10/5/2015
ANSWER: Yes, it worked perfectly for mine. by LINDA B a
STAFF ANSWER: Now a days you could have any track on any door. The best way I can help you out and recommend a seal for you is if you could send me a picture of your current seal. Also if you could take the picture of the side of the seal so I can determine the bead of it and a picture of the end of your track where the seal slides into would help me greatly. <br /><br />Support@<a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Matthew O a
ANSWER: My garage doors are from Clopay Products, so I do not know if that is the same as Mida;land Doors.<br /><br />the product has been very good to us. by John L a
QUESTION: Robber or vinyl? by None N 6/15/2014
ANSWER: Vinyl, but totally pliable. by Paul S a
STAFF ANSWER: Vinyl as stated in the item title.... but it is "rubber like" by Matthew O a
REPLY: The second paragraph of the description says "The T rubber seal is constructed using durable, black EPDM synthetic Vinyl.". Thus the question "rubber or vinyl?". I am no expert, but I think EDPM is synthetic rubber. Please advise. by Mark B r
QUESTION: is item# FR-375 SEAL available 3" width ? by None N 6/3/2014
ANSWER: I do not know if it comes in 3 inch. It has been a while since I purchased mine. I first bought one of those will fit ones from Home Depot and it would not go in the channels on the bottom of my door. After much trying and choice words I came in and got on the computer and found the product that you are inquiring about. I found a size that listed my brand of garage door and I ordered it. Well when it came I had it installed in about 15 minutes. It fit to a tee. Made of good material and very reasonably priced. by Charles S a
STAFF ANSWER: No , but we do have the EPDM T rubber in three inch. The size of the "T" is 1/16" different. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: my door has a 3/16 T & will not accept 1/4<br />does anyone make it with 3/16 T? by Ray S 5/15/2014
STAFF ANSWER: If your T is that size it will be best to buy the universal kit that we offer. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: Not to my knowledge anymore. Use the 3-3/4 seal then adjust the door closure to accomodate the the pressure. by Ralph N a