Genie 20235R.S Garage Door Opener KEP-1 Keypad

Genie 20235R.S Garage Door Opener KEP-1 Keypad

Item# 20235RS
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Product Description

Genie 20235R.S Garage Door Opener KEP-1 Keypad

Keypad with Ribbon Cable Only

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Unit I now have is broken. by Robert D 4/15/2014
COMMENT: It should be what I need plus a back up by Joseph T 4/6/2014
QUESTION: I have just a "door bell" push button hard wired for my GCG & PCG opener. I would like to replace it with a "keypad" to put outside for security. How long is the "ribbon cable and where does it plug in? by Fred O 3/21/2014
ANSWER: I will have to look at my installation, but if memory serves, the ribbon is about a foot long. It plugs into a stand alone module that decodes the buttons this is a 'dumb' keypad and provides two terminals that you can parallel your button across.<br />The keypad you are looking at is actually a replacement for the one in this kit: 35674R.<br />When installing the keypad mine is outdoors make sure that the keypad is protected from water ingress around where the pad mounts to the wall and where the wires go through the wall. The aforementioned kit comes with the keypad, transformer, control module, wire and nicely written instructions. by T O a
STAFF ANSWER: You cannot just use the Keypad if you have never installed the full kit. You need the Full KEP-1 KIT by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is this keypad backlighted? by None N 12/23/2013
ANSWER: No, this keypad is not back lit.<br />Also, this is a replacement part to a kit. It will not control the door by itself. by Bob M a
ANSWER: No. It is not lighted it a flat membrane with dome=type switches that click when pressed. by Mark L a
STAFF ANSWER: No it is not. If you want a Hardwired universal Keypad that is back-lit, I suggest the Domino Model GD-1. I have attached a link to that particular product. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: is a replacment keypad compatable with any control box? by lennie r 4/6/2013
ANSWER: no, I don't think so by Mark L a
ANSWER: not sure by Joo J a
ANSWER: i have changed two and had no problem both times i didnt change the control box by Robert B a
ANSWER: I had no problem plugging this control pad into my existing control box. The wiring ribbon was identical although the press keys were a little smaller than my original it works fine.<br /><br />Bill Graber by William G a