Genie 24412R.S Garage Door Opener Transformer

Genie 24412R.S Garage Door Opener Transformer

Item# 24412R
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Product Description

Genie 24412R.S Garage Door Opener Transformer (24412R.S)

Compatible with ALL Genie PRO Screw Drive models: 83, 88, 90, 93, 98,7500, -7600, -8500, -8600 and Chain Drive models PMX-60, -65, -70, -75, -80, -85, -300IC and 500IC Replaces burned out transformer usually found directly on the circuit board or off to one side of the circuit board Original Genie replacement part

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Because this is what I needed. by Cynthia F 6/9/2013
QUESTION: I how a Buzzing problem when press wall unit, I READ THIS THE PROBLEM WITH TRANSFORMER? by JUAN C 5/23/2013
STAFF ANSWER: You may want to verify and trouble shoot this problem with the factory 800-275-6187. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: THE UNIT that's in my opener has four hook ups in different place than the one you are showing . Dose it matter where the four wires get hook up\ by Dan Q 10/25/2012
ANSWER: you must make sure that the common terminal goes to each unit by T O a
ANSWER: It matters a great deal. The wires that are connected to the old transformer high voltage side 90-125VAC must be reconnected to the same terminals of the new transformer. The low voltage wires 20VAC must be reconnected to the same or equivalent terminals of the new transformer. <br /><br />It is not necessary to connect either set of wires A-B, C-D to the exact same terminals. The old "A" terminal wire can be connected to the new transformer "B" terminal and visa versa. The same is true for the low voltage wires. Nothing bad will happen if you cross connect the old "C" terminal wire to "D" on the new transformer and visa versa. <br /><br />Connecting an "A" or "B" wire to a "C" or "D" terminal can destroy the transformer if you are lucky or totally destroy the electronics in the garage door opener if you are unlucky. <br /><br />If in doubt, obtain competent help. A first semester electronics school student should have no problems determining which wires to connect to the transformer primary 120VAC and which to the transformer secondary 20VAC. <br />. by C R a