Genie 302357T Garage Door Opener Screw Drive Coupler

Genie 302357T Garage Door Opener Screw Drive Coupler

Item# 302357T
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Product Description

•Genie Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Replacement Coupler 30257T

•Attaches rail assembly to motor head. Mounts to rear of opener and fits in motor head

•For Clutchless Screw Drive Openers

•Genuine Genie Replacement Part

Typical symptoms of a stripped Screw Coupler is a grinding noise coming from the rear of the motor head. The motor turns but the screw does not. Remove Coupler and check if it is stripped or has no more threading

On Genie’s "clutchless" openers, there is a small plastic coupler that connects the screw assembly to the main power head. To inspect and replace that part, remove the two screws holding the rail to the main power head. Slide the rail away from the main power head. The coupler may still be attached to the motor shaft. Remove the coupler with a pair of needle nose pliers and inspect both sides of the coupler. Note: If the screw assembly on your Genie garage door opener protrudes out the back end of the main power head, you do not have a "clutchless" opener, and there is no coupler on that opener.

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Because this was also trashed during the up limit switch failure. Wish I had known so could have ordered all the parts at the same time. Lesson learned. by Ronald W 8/8/2014
COMMENT: The motor would run but the screw wouldn't turn. Upon examining the coupler, it was stripped. by CHAD P 7/13/2014
QUESTION: Will this work with genie Model 2060L-07/M And is this part made of metal? by Chris N 3/31/2014
QUESTION: I have a Genie garage door opener model ACSR3G, screw drive. it was built after 1993. Which model screw drive coupler and carriage assembly do I need<br /><br />jim by Jim S 10/7/2013
ANSWER: I used the part above.<br />It fit perfectly and is still working fine. <br />Caveat: I'm at work and not sure what the model number of the door opener is.<br />..... by T O a