Genie 38874R3.S (Replaces 37470R3.S and 38001R3.S) Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Assembly

Genie 38874R3.S (Replaces 37470R3.S and 38001R3.S) Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Assembly

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If you need to replace the circuit board on your Genie 3024 model garage door opener, North Shore Commercial Door Co. has the Genie 37470R3.S circuit board in stock and available at a low price. This circuit board has a new part number, 38001R3.S, representing the fact that this circuit board is the latest offering from Genie Company. When Genie Company releases new or update products they assign new parts numbers. This 38874R3.S (old #38001R3.S) circuit board is guaranteed to work very well in garage door openers that have the 37470R3.S board as an original item. One note about the 38001R3.S model circuit board, if your garage door system features Series III wall plates you will need to replace those wall plates with the Series II wall unit model that has a part number of GBWC2-BX. Genie Company is phasing out the Series III wall units and reverting to the Series II devices. This circuit board is standard on IntelliG 1000 garage door openers. IntelliG 1000 devices have belt or chain drives and feature Genie technology such as GenieSense, Intellicode and HomeLink and Car2U. In addition to model 3024 garage door openers like the IntelliG 1000, this circuit board will work with Overhead Door Series 3 model 7030 systems. In addition to the Genie 3024 circuit board assembly, North Shore Commercial Door Co. has a full line of Genie IntelliG 1000 garage door opener parts and Genie brand garage door opener parts.

•Genie 38001R3.S circuit board assembly is a new model of the 37370R3.S, 36681R1 circuit board assembly

•Compatible with Genie Series 3 model 3024 garage door opener systems and Overhead Door Series 3 Model 7030

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Found on Google; one of few places to sell product and this had best price same part, but half the price of Genie by Clayton p 1/31/2016
COMMENT: price by Paul F 1/9/2016
QUESTION: No light on indoor console, no lights on Genie Powermax 1000 and no lights on safety seeing eyes. Have power to unit, but it totally acts as if there is no power. Does this mean a new circuit board or a whole new unit is needed? by None N 1/18/2016
STAFF ANSWER: I would recommend a new circuit board ! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I am troubleshooting a Genie Silentmax 1000. I confirmed it has the 37470 R board in it. I was diagnosing a problem with the door opening fully when the whole head unit seemed to die. No indication of life. How do I know it's the board and I need to replace it? Thanks for any help! by Ron R 1/15/2016
ANSWER: With my problem there was no sign of life on either the wall console switch or the infrared beam. I knew the electrical outlet was good so the only other option was the board. If you are seeing electricity at your wall console switch and your infrared beam then the problem is likely your motor, otherwise it's your board. I hope this helps. by Mark S a
REPLY: Thanks Mark. Likewise, I have no LED indications on the unit, on the wall console, or on the Safe-T beams. I do have power at the outlet the unit is plugged into. It just seems weird that I unplugged the unit to adjust the door springs, plug it back in, and the board is dead. by Ron R r
ANSWER: Sounds like a board to me by Pawel D a
ANSWER: The motor is DC voltage and not likely to have a problem especially if the circuit board appears to dead and the door button isn't lighted and main door sensors aren't lighted either and the motor is diconnected when you turn on power. I'm not sure what the voltage is for the motor but it may say what it is and if it does and you have a DC power source to match you can test the motor. by THOMAS W a
QUESTION: How do I configure circuit board model 38878r? by Maggie C 1/6/2016
ANSWER: I installed this circuit board and couldn't get it to work. I called Genie and was told that I needed a Series 2 wall switch. Mine was a Series 3. It looks like you have to back up the technology to get the board to work. I had to find the Series 2 wall switch on line as none of the hardware stores carried it. Once I got that installed everything works fine. Except the outside key pad. It had stopped working before and I haven't replaced it yet. by Terry A a
ANSWER: If you mean program it for door opening/ closing etc., it comes with specific instructions on how to do. It was very easy to install and to program. This is the first time I have changed a board and programmed the operation of a garage door opener. Just follow the directions exactly and you won't have any issues. by Mark G a
REPLY: THank you for your reply. I have programed the open/closing settings. My wall mount control will not operate the door, only the remote controls will. I even bought a new wall mount control with same results. Tried the wall mount on a neighbor's door so I know that the control is good. Don't know why it will not open mine. by Maggie C r
ANSWER: Make sure you bought the wall switch and the follow the instruction of the model to set the limits by L O a
QUESTION: Is this brand new or refurbished? by None N 12/26/2015
ANSWER: The circuit card is brand new. Took about 15 min to replace old card. I now also have a better range operating the vehicle homelink system. by William C a