Genie 38874R3.S (Replaces 37470R3.S and 38001R3.S) Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Assembly

Genie 38874R3.S (Replaces 37470R3.S and 38001R3.S) Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Assembly

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When ordering this product your box will arrive with part number 38877RS which is the newest available version of this circuit board.
Item# 38874R3S
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Genie 38874R3.S (Replaces 37470R3.S and 38001R3.S) Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Assembly
Genie 38874R3.S (Replaces 37470R3.S and 38001R3.S) Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Assembly
Product Description

If you need to replace the circuit board on your Genie 3024 model garage door opener, SilentMax 1000, and ChainMax 1000 North Shore Commercial Door Co. has the Genie 37470R3.S circuit board in stock and available at a low price. This circuit board has a new part number, 38001R3.S, representing the fact that this circuit board is the latest offering from Genie Company. When Genie Company releases new or update products they assign new parts numbers. This 38874R3.S (old #38001R3.S) circuit board is guaranteed to work very well in garage door openers that have the 37470R3.S board as an original item. One note about the 38001R3.S model circuit board, if your garage door system features Series III wall plates you will need to replace those wall plates with the Series II wall unit model that has a part number of GBWC2-BX. Genie Company is phasing out the Series III wall units and reverting to the Series II devices. This circuit board is standard on IntelliG 1000 garage door openers. IntelliG 1000 devices have belt or chain drives and feature Genie technology such as GenieSense, Intellicode and HomeLink and Car2U. In addition to model 3024 garage door openers like the IntelliG 1000, this circuit board will work with Overhead Door Series 3 model 7030 systems. In addition to the Genie 3024 circuit board assembly, North Shore Commercial Door Co. has a full line of Genie IntelliG 1000 garage door opener parts and Genie brand garage door opener parts.

•Genie 38001R3.S circuit board assembly is a new model of the 37370R3.S, 36681R1 circuit board assembly

•Compatible with Genie Series 3 model 3024 garage door opener systems and Overhead Door Series 3 Model 7030

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COMMENT: My Genie SilentMax 1000 stopped working after 2 years. The unit had power to the board but no power out. by David W 8/10/2016
COMMENT: Power outage cause door opener to stop working. Hope this will solve issue by Kenny L 7/18/2016
QUESTION: I have a geni, silent max 1000 is the circuit board #, I need to order 38001r3.s? by None N 6/28/2016
QUESTION: My old circuit board just says 37470R. How do I tell if it is a 1.S or a 3.S? by Lee W 5/25/2016
STAFF ANSWER: What is the model of your operator? by Taylor M a
REPLY: 3042 by Lee W r
QUESTION: my Genie is a power lift 1500 and it is in the 2011-2013 manufacture date range and its very hard to pair with any additional remote opener. Neither of my built in car openers will work nor the remote key pad I bought. If I replace the circuit board will it resolve these issues? by lanny h 5/25/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Changed circuit board in my genie 3042 opener and changed to the series 2 wall plate and opener will not work from the wall plate at all how do I fix this problem? by None N 4/21/2016
ANSWER: You have a wiring problem read the instruction and make sure you have it wired properly but don't forget to unplug before doing to wires by L O a
ANSWER: yes it fix the problem perfectly<br />Thanks you by Preecha T a
ANSWER: Did you confirm this is the correct replacement circuit board for your opener? Just asking as you list yours as the "3042" and they list the "3024". If you are not sure, call Genie directly and they should give you the part number for the board you need. If the board you purchased does supersede that one, then you have the correct board. I would then check the wiring to make sure it is correct / not loose. by Mark G a
ANSWER: I had to install a simple push button switch to operate this controller. It didn't work with the original 3-button lighted wall plate I had. by Jon G a