Genie Garage Door 24701R.S Chain Drive Chain Dog Set

Genie Garage Door 24701R.S Chain Drive Chain Dog Set
Item# 24701R-S
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This Genie Garage Door 24701R.S Chain Drive Chain Dog Set is a direct replacement for older model Genie Chain Drive openers with steel T-rail assembly. The set includes all of the original Genie mounting hardware and it seamlessly replaces the clip-on limit switch mounts on a chain with screws.
  • Includes three per set
  • Replaces chain ("dogs") on the older Genie SP99, 129, 229, 200 door openers
  • Does not include instructions for installation, but can be found at Genie website

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: good price, free shipping, trustworthy company by Daniel S 3/13/2016
COMMENT: Difficult to find. I am thrilled, by R L 7/11/2015
QUESTION: Will these dogs fit my Model 99? by None N 1/26/2015
ANSWER: They worked fine on my Model SP 99 door opener. I was very happy I found them. by Don N a
QUESTION: Garage door tech stated we were missing the dog ear clips on my sons Genie SP99. Charging 89. to replace and 60 to install. Are these what I need? Is this a home job? by None N 5/4/2013
ANSWER: Yes, this is what you need and it is a job you can do yourself. by N L a
ANSWER: Hello glad to help, with just a little patience, a tape measure, and a little attention to detail, you can certainly install this hardware and save quite a bit of money. The directions can be found on the internet, I believe I found a copy of the installation manual in my garage, and reviewed all the details.<br /><br />Good luck by R O a