Genie Garage Door Opener Replacement Circuit Board Model 31184R (20386R)

Genie Garage Door Opener Replacement Circuit Board Model 31184R (20386R)
Item# 31184R
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Replacing the circuit board on your Genie garage door opener is one method available to breathe new life into your older garage door opener. North Shore Commercial Door Co. has the 31184R (20386R) Genie Garage Door Opener Replacement Circuit Board in stock and at a very low price. If your garage door opener only works part of the time or if the opening operation is sluggish, you should consider a remedy such as replacing the Genie sequencer board before making the commitment to purchase a new garage door opener unit. When you buy the Genie 31184R at North Shore Commercial Door Co., you will be spending tens of dollars for a new part as opposed to hundreds of dollars for a new garage door opener system. This Genie sequencer circuit board 31184r is compatible with all Genie Intellicode™ Screw Drive garage door opener operator’s manufactured after 1996. Genie Company routinely updates and changes the parts numbers for its products so you can be assured that the model 31184R is the same as the old part number 20386R.

If you are not sure of the part number for your old circuit board, you can open the garage door opener unit to view the circuit board. You should be able to see the number without removing the circuit board. If you are still unsure about the correct circuit board for your garage door opener, North Shore Commercial Door Co. recommends that you contact Genie Company directly to verify the board needed for your device.

•Compatible with operator models PRO 95, CM8600, CM7600 and IS550

•Use of the Woods Garage Door Opener Surge Protector is recommended when replacing circuit boards

•Circuit board is easy to install, even for novice handymen

•Model number 31184R is the same as model number 20386R

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: was told this was the problem, as the unit would not turn on. by victor d 4/30/2016
COMMENT: Existing Genie Intellicode Series II garage doors operate intermittently. DC voltage to sensors should be 12V but is 9.5V and drops to 8.5V and the sensor intermittently flashes 3 times or flashes 4 times. With sensor working, door still intermittently fails to close although down-force is all the way up and door easily closes by hand. by Chatwin L 4/16/2016
QUESTION: why is the safety sensor light blinking green? by Brian J 2/13/2016
ANSWER: I'm not sure why it's blinking. Unfortunately, the circuit board didn't fix the problem. I continued to have problems, so I purchased a Sommer direct drive opener. by Brian S a
ANSWER: If flickering you have a short in the wire to that eye or a corroded connection at the eye most likely, it is possible the eye is bad. If any work has been done on the opener recently make sure the eye wires are on the proper terminal, with improper connections the can light up but not work. Also if the eyes have been replaced with the newer bullet style it possible you have a bad set, there was a bad batch produced about 1 year ago. Check wire first, connections at eyes and head second, actual photo eyes third. by Phillip L a
QUESTION: No power to opener !! Outlet works but no lights , no up/ down, remotes don't work, wall button doesn't work!!! Is this a board problem???<br />Thanks by randy s 9/18/2015
ANSWER: I had a similar problem, replaced board and it didn't fix it. Replaced the relay and it worked. Put the old board back in. Worked great. It was just the relay, and it's a lot cheaper. by Brian W a
ANSWER: That was my problem it was the board, I would check the fuse first<br />but most likely the board by Jerry B a
ANSWER: First use a volt/ohm meter to determine if power is getting to your a circuit board. If there is voltage to it very likely it is the circuit board problem. If there isn't any voltage trace back to the outlet where it drops off. If you had a lightning storm lately it will knock the board out. by RON M a
QUESTION: I tried screwing in socket to plug-in adapters into the sockets of my genie ISL. I must of had one cord's polarity switched. It blew this control board I think. The opener still operates from remotes and wall switches. I did see an area on the back of the board that looked smoky. think a swap out will fix so I can use the lights again?<br /><br />Thanks,<br /><br />Charlie by Charlie V 1/21/2015
ANSWER: Mine was fried by lighting nothing worked replaced the board working just fine by William J a
QUESTION: genie garage door goes up but comes back down by its self, a piece that stops in must be gone, what do I need to fix this.<br /><br />Can I fix this myself? by Kathy R 8/25/2014
ANSWER: I am responding to a request by North Shore about my experience with Circuit Board 31184R 20386R which I replaced on my Genie garage door opener. I found it very simple to install and it solved my problem. I have the Genie H6000A-2K which was installed early 2007. In late 2012, I began having problems with the door opening by itself without any particular time relations to closing the door, sometimes right after but other times hours later. When it did so, the wall button would not shut the door until some time later.<br />If your door is reversing directions while it is opening, your problem does not seem be the same as mine. The stops may be gone or need adjustment. The door may be binding as it goes up due to a broken spring or misalignment. There could be other reasons so you need further analysis by a professional on site to pinpoint the cause. by Arthur C a
ANSWER: Piece of cake by john k a
ANSWER: I had a similar problem with my Genie garage door. I replaced the circuit board and have had no problems since. It was very easy to replace it, less than 20 minutes to fix. You will need some basic tools and a step ladder. by Kenneth S a
ANSWER: I replaced this part after an electrical storm. In my incident the door would only go up and never come back down. I'm not sure if it's the same issue but replacing the circuitboard fixed my problem. by Jeff G a
ANSWER: I had that same issue. Started happening after a storm, figured the circuit board was blown. I bought this part, swapped it out with the old one, and still had issues with the door. It was fairly simple to do.<br /><br />Luckily for me, a friend has the same garage door opener that I have. I borrowed his safety sensors and that fixed my problem.<br /><br />I would see if any friends have sensors that are compatible with your garage door opener. If so, trade with them and see if theirs work for you, also see if yours work for them.<br /><br />You can also call Genie for support, they'll walk you through a few things to try and help narrow down the problem.<br /><br />Good luck! by Michael D a
ANSWER: I can't help you on your question. I check YouTube videos for most of my work. I find the answer there most of the time. Good luck! by Ted M a
ANSWER: Make sure the magic eyes are in line and nothing is blocking the beam. by Chris K a
ANSWER: Adjust the up force setting by Robert B a