Genie GT912-1BL 9/12 Garage Door Opener 35673R

Genie GT912-1BL 9/12 Garage Door Opener 35673R

This item is discontinued.
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Genie GM3T-BX Genie Master Universal Garage Door RemoteGenie GM3T-BX Genie Master Universal Garage Door Remote
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Product Description

The Genie GT912 is no longer available. The Heddolf G220 is a compatible remote that works the same as the original. When you place your order on this page we will send the Heddolf G220-1K as a direct replacement product.

The Genie GT912-1BL for 390MHz frequency garage door opener is no longer being manufactured, but the Heddolf G220 is a suitable replacement. This remote will work for all of your Genie products and will substitute for the Genie GT912. Go to North Shore Commercial Door for more information in the Q&A section.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Compact size and the previous one I ordered works well. by Ronald G 8/18/2014
COMMENT: Good web site by John B 8/14/2014
QUESTION: We have a Genie Professional AR85, screw drive pre 1985. Wehad a universal remote several years ago but don't have it now. Will this remote work for us? by Cathy N 8/1/2014
QUESTION: will this remote work on an old cryptar II digital control? by jonnie j 7/29/2014
ANSWER: It should. The one I replaced was 19 years old for the Genie Medallion series. by Thomas L a
ANSWER: Have no idea......but it worked great as a replacement for my Genie 912! by Kerry M a
QUESTION: Does the replacement remote include instructions on how to program the remote? by K C 7/23/2014
ANSWER: Yes by Kerry M a
ANSWER: Yes there are instructions. You just need to move tiny dip switches to match the dip switches in the box at the top of your garage. The tough part for me was moving the little jumper to the right of the switches not always necessary. If you change the dip switches and it still does not work you need to move the little u shaped jumper pin to the other position. by Philip K a
ANSWER: Yes it has instructions for a 9 pin and 12 pin by Sylvia P a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it does. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Does the replacement remote include instruction to program it And what kind of battery does the new remote use? by K C 7/22/2014
ANSWER: yes, batery included by Don L a
ANSWER: Yes it comes with instructions, and it is a 9 volt battery. by Barbara R a