Genie Lens Cover 35234A.S Replaces 25559A.S 25650R 27838T

Genie Lens Cover 35234A.S Replaces 25559A.S 25650R 27838T
Item# 35234A-S
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Genie Lens Cover 35234A.S Replaces 25559A.S 25650R 27838T
Genie Lens Cover 35234A.S Replaces 25559A.S 25650R 27838T
Product Description
Genie Lens Cover 35234A.S

Replaces 25559A.S 25650R 27838T

Used With Pro Models: CM8600 PRO95 1050 1560 2560 3860 OHD 930 OHD 950 H4000 H6000

New- Backwards compatible to all Pro & Retail screw drives with stamped front panel with both screws and tab holes (1998- Current)
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COMMENT: My current lens cover shattered so I needed a replacement. by Robert S 2/11/2017
COMMENT: It was closest in appearance to my old lens cover among all the various models that I found on other websites. I seem to have an older Genie model, and most online retailers who carry Genie replacement parts do not seem to carry this particular one. by ROBERT A 12/11/2016
QUESTION: We have a Genie GXL9550 1/2 hp screw drive installed 1994.<br />It still works great but am in need of a light lens cover as the original one is brittle and beginning to disintegrate. Will this one fit my need?<br />Many Thanks! by Pat T 7/16/2014
ANSWER: I'm sorry. I've moved away from the house where I had the Genie garage door opener and bought the light lens cover. I can't remember the model. I will say, the one I ordered worked great for my needs and fit perfect. by Mike C a
ANSWER: Yes, perfectly. by John H a
QUESTION: Raynor 1/3 horse power<br />Model 160-7<br />Serial 16593<br />I am looking for a lens cover ? by Hans K 5/19/2014
ANSWER: Worked great. by John H a
QUESTION: I just need the screws that attach this lens cover to the main unit. I lost both of mine and Know its a sheet metal type screw but have no clue what size. Does anybody know who sells the screws or their size? by R B 4/12/2014
QUESTION: I have an old Genie Model #5000 1/2HP,120v,60Hz,6AMP screw drive garage door Opener. This garage door opener was manufactured 4/94.The original Genie screw lens cover P/N 27282A melted on top were the 2 bulbs are. <br />The dimensions of the cover are: 11"in.Lenghtx5.25"in.Widex6"in.Height.<br />Will the new Genie Lens Cover 35234A work if I do purchase it?<br />John V by None N 3/30/2014
ANSWER: It measures about 10" wide by about 5 3/4" high. Fits my Genie Pro screw drive model CM7600IC made in 95 perfectly and is of good quality and construction. I'm pleased with my purchase and would buy it again if I had to but expect this one to last a long time. by J N a
ANSWER: I have the Blue max model and it fit perfectly. Not sure what the model of mine is? by m w a