GTO SW2002XL Double Swing Gate Operator The GTO PRO-SW2002XL

GTO SW2002XL Double Swing Gate Operator The GTO PRO-SW2002XL

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The GTO Model 2002XL has a new part number of 2002XLS. When you order on this listing we will be shipping the newest model available which is the 2002XLS
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GTO SW2002XL Double Swing Gate Operator The GTO PRO-SW2002XL
GTO SW2002XL Double Swing Gate Operator The GTO PRO-SW2002XL
Product Description
GTO/PRO Double Swing Gate Operator The GTO PRO-SW2002XL system will operate a double swing gate up to 24' wide (12' each leaf). Burying the power cable directly across the driveway is fine. It can be snaked through conduit also. Cable is 1/4 inch diameter with a 1 inch plug on one end only. Can operate 53 to 93 gate cycles during peak hours of operation, depending on gate size and weight.


Master Operator arm with 6 ft. power cable

Slave Operator arm with 32 ft. power cable

AC transformer

12 volt battery

Control box/control board

Receiver with 10 ft. cable

Entry transmitter

Mounting hardware

Installation/safety manual

Caution signs.

Warning Beeper

Adjustable obstacle-reversing safety feature
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COMMENT: My professional gate guy said these are the best openers to buy. The ones I am replacing are 17 years old. by Melissa F 7/12/2017
COMMENT: Repacement for GTO PRO 1000 series purchased 18 years ago. by Robert S 11/13/2016
QUESTION: Can u price a key pad to go with this operator, 10 remotes, keypad stand, loop detectors for in and out and other accessories we might need? by Dawn M 2/7/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Please contact our sales office @ 800-783-6112 by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I am looking to replace my aging GTO PRO 2000 Dual Swing. Parts are impossible to get. Is this product I should be buying. Will I have to change my mechanical hookup on my gates? They now have PRO 2000 arms.<br /><br />Let me know as I am in market to replace asap. by Stephen G 11/3/2012
ANSWER: I have found that the GTO openers are BOTTOM OF THE LINE......I have had nothing but trouble since day 1...we have a double gate and a single gate.....both propped open at this time.....looking for another brand. by Jerry H a
REPLY: Wow! I could not disagree more! My system has been incredibly reliable with exception of the battery the last few years. The batteries have needed to be replaced a number of times. You can get a new one at Walmart online for about $13. Other than that, it has been rock solid for years and years. by Robert S r
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