Keystone Heddolf International GRC390-1K One Button Garage Door Opener

Keystone Heddolf International GRC390-1K One Button Garage Door Opener

Item# GRC390-1K
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Keystone Heddolf International GRC390-1K One Button Garage Door Opener Instruction Manual
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Product Description

Create a simple system for your home with the Keystone Heddolf GRC390-1K garage door opener. This one-button transmitter is a great choice for those who desire easy setup and use. This particular Heddolf model can be used with a variety of models from top brands like Overhead Door and Genie.

Order your Keystone Heddolf GRC390-1K garage door opener from North Shore Commercial Door today. Further specifications are listed below, but if you still have questions about this product, please see our "Questions" app below. This useful tool allows customers to submit their questions and get live responses from our staff and current customers.
  • Compatible with the following Genie remote models: GIC-1, GIT90-1, GIT-1, GIT-1BL, G2T-1, G2T-1BL, GICT390-1BL, ACSGT, ACSCTG Type 1, ACSGT Type 1, TBSTG Type 1, Series II Electronics Compatible Remote, B8QACSC
  • Compatible with the following Overhead Door CodeDodger remote models: OCDT-1, OCDT-2, OCDT-3, ACSCTG Type 3, ACSGT, ACSGT Type 3, ACSCTO Type 3, 33069S, FCC ID: B8QACSCT, Series II Electronics

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Replacement and great product by Lawrence G 6/30/2015
COMMENT: Extra for my Mother's garage door. by Cathleen D 5/28/2015
QUESTION: What type of battery should be used with this model? by Deb R 1/26/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Remote comes with the battery. It will require a part # A23 battery when it needs replaced. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: I don't know but I have to tell you that this is a great product. I bought it with some concern but now without a doubt, I highly recommend it!!! <br /><br />Thank you.<br /><br />Sincerely, by Percy L a
QUESTION: What are the actual dimensions of this remote? I am looking for a mini sized model to replace my genie intellicode by None N 4/23/2014
ANSWER: It's not mini. It's about 2 inches long. by T E a
STAFF ANSWER: Get the G1T-BX. IT is a keychain intellicode remote that is the smallest around. And it is made by genie. It works as a Keychain remote and comes with a visor clip so that it can be put on the visor of your car. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have a Genie remote FCC ID: B8QACSCT FCC Part 15 IC: RSS/CNR 210 ACSCTG Type 1<br /><br />Will this work? Does it come programmed or will I need to program? by Linda C 2/22/2014
ANSWER: I am not sure what main garage door opener mechanism you have but as a replacement for my openers it works. It does not come pre-programmed but it is fairly easy to do when you follow the instructions. by J A a
ANSWER: Works great. Larger battery is a real plus. Programming is easy. Follow simple instructions. Push a button on your garage door opener. It blinks. Push your new opener. It connects. Basically it. Might not be exact instructions but close. I love it! by Ned H a
QUESTION: I want to use this as additional remote for 2nd car. In programming this unit will it ""deprogram my original remote? still being used on other car by None N 2/21/2014
ANSWER: To my knowledge, no. I programmed two new remotes in proximity to the garage opener motor housing as per instructions. One of the original remotes is still being used on another family car. by G M a
ANSWER: It never interfered with any other remotes. by J A a
ANSWER: IT NEVER Interfered with my oringinal remote .Works fine with it . by J L a