Keystone Heddolf International GRC390-1K One Button Garage Door Opener

Keystone Heddolf International GRC390-1K One Button Garage Door Opener

Item# GRC390-1K
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Product Description

Works with Genie® Intellicode® Garage Door Openers From 1995 To Today

Compatible with Genie Remote Models: GIC-1, GIT90-1, GIT-1, GIT-1BL, G2T-1, G2T-1BL, GICT390-1BL, ACSGT, ACSCTG Type 1, ACSGT Type 1, TBSTG Type 1, Series II Electronics Compatible Remote, B8QACSC

This remote will also work with Overhead Door CodeDodger Remote Models: OCDT-1, OCDT-2, OCDT-3, ACSCTG Type 3, ACSGT, ACSGT Type 3, ACSCTO Type 3, 33069S, FCC ID: B8QACSCT, Series II Electronics

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: hope it works by William S 4/1/2014
COMMENT: I have a model already and I like it. by John F 3/4/2014
QUESTION: I have a Genie remote FCC ID: B8QACSCT FCC Part 15 IC: RSS/CNR 210 ACSCTG Type 1<br /><br />Will this work Does it come programmed or will I need to program? by Linda C 2/22/2014
ANSWER: I am not sure what main garage door opener mechanism you have but as a replacement for my openers it works. It does not come pre-programmed but it is fairly easy to do when you follow the instructions. by J A a
ANSWER: Works great. Larger battery is a real plus. Programming is easy. Follow simple instructions. Push a button on your garage door opener. It blinks. Push your new opener. It connects. Basically it. Might not be exact instructions but close. I love it! by Ned H a
QUESTION: I want to use this as additional remote for 2nd car. In programming this unit will it ""deprogram my original remote still being used on other car by None N 2/21/2014
ANSWER: To my knowledge, no. I programmed two new remotes in proximity to the garage opener motor housing as per instructions. One of the original remotes is still being used on another family car. by G M a
ANSWER: It never interfered with any other remotes. by J A a
ANSWER: IT NEVER Interfered with my oringinal remote .Works fine with it . by J L a
QUESTION: is it compatible with ACSCTO Type 1? by Richard L 2/20/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Yes. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have a ascot type 1 remote will this remote be compatible ? by Staci U 12/30/2013
ANSWER: Thank you Sandra I already ordered by Staci U a
ANSWER: Do you have the GRC390-ik in Minie size keychaine by Sandra B a
ANSWER: Yes by S C a