Keystone Heddolf P220-1KA One Button Gate & Garage Door Remote

Keystone Heddolf P220-1KA One Button Gate & Garage Door Remote
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Keystone Heddolf P220-1KA One Button Gate & Garage Door Remote
Keystone Heddolf P220-1KA One Button Gate & Garage Door Remote
Product Description
Create a simple, streamlined solution for your home with this Keystone remote from North Shore Commercial Door. The Keystone Heddolf P220-1KA garage door opener remote works with Allstar and GTO/Mighty Mule remotes and receivers, making it a great option for many homeowners. Plus, the easy one-button setup is a favorite among our customers since it makes it easier than ever to get instant access to your garage or storage space. The remote is a nine dip switch, three-position 318 MHz model.

This Keystone Heddolf P220-1KA remote is available online today. If you're unsure about compatibility or simply want more details about this model's specifications, see our "Comments/Questions" section below. You can check out previous queries or submit your own with the "Ask a Question" button.

This Keystone remote is compatible with the following models:
  • Allstar 9931T
  • Allstar 9931MT
  • GTO RB741
  • GTO RB742
  • GTO RB743
  • Transmitter Solutions model Firefly 318ALD31K
  • Transmitter Solutions model Stinger 318ALD31V
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: price by Alan G 11/21/2016
COMMENT: they work by kawa C 11/20/2016
QUESTION: does it have an visior clip? by None N 10/31/2016
ANSWER: yes by JOHN K a
ANSWER: Yes by M B a
ANSWER: Yes by Judy B a
ANSWER: Yes by Deborah M a
ANSWER: Yes it does. I have these in many vehicles as it controls a gate into my Ranch. Excellent controller, zero problems in 10 years. by Big Tom B a
STAFF ANSWER: NSCD-390GIV4 will work ! by Taylor M a
ANSWER: It will only work if the Mhz and the number of pins which you set inside the remote are exactly the same, if the old one has a different Mhz number, it won't work. Hope this helps! by Brian H a
QUESTION: Is the P220-1KA compatible with Gemoe 912? by None N 1/19/2015
STAFF ANSWER: No it will not G220 is the model you need for a Genie 912 by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is this the same as the 300MHz Keystone Model: M220-1KA? Thanks! by None N 10/19/2014
ANSWER: To the best of my knowledge it is and has a great range , very easy to set or change the codes without having to take it apart because it has a easy to remove battery cover. by Joe B a
ANSWER: No, You have to be careful what MHz you get or the remote won't work. If you have a 300 Mhz model now and you want to replace it, you have to get another 300 Mhz. by Brian H a
STAFF ANSWER: No it is not the same by Matthew O a
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