Keystone Heddolf P220-1KA One Button Gate & Garage Door Remote

Keystone Heddolf P220-1KA One Button Gate & Garage Door Remote

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Product Description

The Heddolf P220-1KA one button gate and garage door opener remote is a 9 dip switch 3-position, 318 MHz remote that is compatible with Allstar and GTO / Mighty Mule remotes and receivers.

Compatible remote for the following Allstar, and GTO models:

* Allstar 9931T

* Allstar 9931MT

* GTO RB741

* GTO RB742

* GTO RB743

The P220-1KA is also compatible with the following after market brands:

* Transmitter Solutions model Firefly 318ALD31K

* Transmitter Solutions model Stinger 318ALD31V

View our Heddolf Compatibility Chart to see the remote that will work for you.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: have them for several years they are great by anthony b 4/9/2014
COMMENT: To replace broken remotes by Jackie L 3/27/2014
QUESTION: Hi, <br />my device just has P220-1 no KA after the -1 . Is it the same remote. if it is how do I program it<br /><br />thanks by Cate B 4/1/2014
STAFF ANSWER: p220 and p220-1 and p220-1ka are the same thing. They can all work with eachother on the same system. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: Assuming they are the same device even though the model designator is different, you open the face cover and push the switches 1-9 to mate with the receiever's settings i.e. 2 up 2 down 5 center. Each switch has three positions up, center or down. The switches on the remote must match those on the receivers device or it will not function.<br />Hope this helps. by J O a
ANSWER: I can't say whether the "KA" is the same as yours but I would expect that if you've got the correct frequency that it is. As for setting the code it's merely a matter of setting the dip switches in the new unit to match the settings in the old. by Robert B a
ANSWER: When you open the battery compartment, you will see a row of small switches. Move the position of the switches on the new remote to that of the old remote. That should do it. Once you get the new remote working, make sure you change the switches on the old remote to something else before you throw it away. If you don't, someone can find it in your trash and use the code to gain access to your stuff.<br /><br />Hope this helped. by Kirk T a
QUESTION: will this work with a genie opener? by Kevin M 6/5/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Not unless you have a 318Mhz receiver on the genie unit. Do you have any remotes we can match a replacement to If you call us we can tell you what information you will need for us to get you a remote that will work on your unit. 440-366-6112 by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Do any of the mini transmitters you sell do the same job as this transmitter The Heddolf P220-1KA? by Geoff G 2/19/2013
ANSWER: Yes I bought both aMini and the regular and they both work as designed. by C O a
ANSWER: I have a small key chain remote. It replaced one I of the big ones. Mine is for a gate, not a garage door. The ones I use have 9 dip switches. If this matches yours, it should work. by Kirk T a
STAFF ANSWER: The P219-1kA is the key chain version of the P220-1ka. Here is the link:<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Matthew O a