Liftmaster 3950 Jackshaft Door Operator for Commercial Rolling Sheet Door Applications

Liftmaster 3950 Jackshaft Door Operator for Commercial Rolling Sheet Door Applications

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Product Description

If you need a remote controlled garage door opener, the LiftMaster 3950 Jackshaft Door Operator for Commercial Rolling Sheet Door Applications from North Shore Commercial Door is for commercial use only and ideal for self-storage facilities. The maximum recommended duty cycle for this door is ten cycles per hour. It can be used with live or dead shaft measuring as high as 12 feet and as wide as 14 feet. It cannot surpass 650 pounds.

Additional mounting flexibility for this remote controlled garage door opener can be achieved by purchasing the 3950MB mounting bracket, available from North Shore Commercial Door. Optional accessories include a keychain, 1-4 button remote, wireless and fingerprint keypad. The door can be opened manually if necessary. At North Shore Commercial Door, our friendly and courteous staff is here to help you with your questions over the phone or online. Online is best because you can check the Q&A section and see responses from customers and staff members. When in need of a remote controlled commercial garage door, the LiftMaster 3950 is a great choice.

The LiftMaster 3950 Jackshaft Garage Door Opener features the following:

•A two-year warranty.

•A six foot power cord.

•Push button limit settings.

•Wall mounting on the left or right side of the door with brackets for mounting.

•Compact and ideal to use in locations where you might store a boat or RV.

•A smooth starting and stopping motor.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Heard good things about it by Michael h 5/28/2014
QUESTION: Will work outside? by Lonzia C 5/20/2014
ANSWER: Yes it will. I have mine mounted out side but I also built a rain shield to protect it by kevin m a
STAFF ANSWER: This is not recommended for the elements. Please call us for an outdoor application. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: The rool up door has a chain lift system now. After installing liftmaster on the other side can the chain remain for emergency use? by Roger L 4/18/2014
ANSWER: Yes by ClemCo P a
ANSWER: No, I would only want a chain on the side that the liftmaster operator is on. by robert s a
ANSWER: Mine never had a chain. by J I a
ANSWER: No, I don't believe you should leave the chain. The installer did not leave the chain on mine. Mine works wonderful it is now motorized, and plugged into an electrical plug. I also ordered two remote control openers with mine, and the remote controls work great to raise and lower door. Mine is a 16 foot door 8 ft. tall. A very heavy metal door. by Nora W a
ANSWER: Yes, but the chain will move when the door cycles, so be sure to keep it clear from hanging up on anything. by Robert O a
QUESTION: We have a Wayne Dalton roll up door with the manual chain lift. Will the 3950 replace the chain lift The chain lift actually drives a large sprocket that is already on the jackshaft. I can supply a picture if needed. by Paul B 3/6/2014
ANSWER: I believe I had the same set up as you described. I ordered the power garage door opener 3950, with remote control openers. The installs took off all chain driven parts and replaced it with the power one. Mine works wonderful. by Nora W a
ANSWER: Leave the chain in place so you can still operate the door manually just in case there's a power outage or for some reason your liftmaster malfunctions. My jack shaft was long enough to mount the liftmaster on the opposite end from the chain sprocket. Make sure to order the mounting brackett because it's well worth the money. If you would like to provide me with your cell number I would be more than happy to forward some photos by Willie K a
ANSWER: Yes, but you will most likely have to change the sprocket that is already on the door you have with the one that comes with the 3950 in order to make the gearing right. It may run too fast or too slow if the gearing ratio is not correct. by Robert O a
STAFF ANSWER: Please call us at 440-366-6112 with the dimensions of your door . Our sales staff will help you pick the best option. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Can I leave manual chain hoist on the other side? by None N 2/12/2014
ANSWER: Only if you have a clutch release sprocket for chain by kevin m a
ANSWER: Probably not a good idea even if it works since the chain could get caught on something or somebody. by T A a