LiftMaster 41A5021-I Logic Board Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

Liftmaster 41A5021-I Logic Board Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Item# 41A5021-I
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Liftmaster 41A5021-I Logic Board Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Liftmaster 41A5021-I Logic Board Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Product Description
A malfunctioning garage door opener system is not just an inconvenience; it can be a danger to you and your family, especially if young children are involved. Fortunately, replacing your garage door opener system’s circuit board may be a simple fix, saving you time and money. Many times, a replacement circuit board can restore your system, preventing you from having to replace the whole system. At North Shore Commercial Door, we carry replacement circuit boards for every type of Chamberlain LiftMaster model system.

A popular replacement for many LiftMaster logic boards manufactured between 1997 and 2005, the LiftMaster 41A5021-I is simple to install, program and adjust. The 41A5021-I circuit board can replace LiftMaster part 41A5021-F and the LiftMaster 41A5021-D board. In addition, the 41A5021-I circuit board can also replace model numbers:

To ensure your replacement 41A5021-I circuit board is compatible with your system model or can replace your current circuit board, please reference our Chamberlain LiftMaster Circuit Board Compatibility Chart.

In most cases, replacing your circuit board is a simple process, and there is no need to seek professional assistance. Once installed, programming and adjusting your system are also a simple process. It is important to always check your safety reversal system multiple times after you replace your circuit board. For detailed instructions on installation, programming and adjusting, please reference the 41A5021-I Product Manual.

Most faulty circuit boards are caused by power surges and lightning strikes. For this reason, we suggest using a 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector to prevent future problems with your replacement circuit board and ensure you system continues to operate correctly.
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COMMENT: The video by this firm was very clear, giving me confidence that I am ordering the correct part. With free shipping, their price is competitive with other sellers, and the reviews on their website, admittedly are excellent. by John D 8/28/2016
COMMENT: Compatible to my original logic board bought in 1998 by Robert M 8/23/2016
QUESTION: Here is the problem. The light burned out and when I replaced the new blub the contact would not touch the end of the new blub. I tried to bend the contact up , but i did not want to bend or break it so put foil in the gap and plug it up which caused a spark and the opener did not work after that . Prior to this ,the door went up and down but no light. Am I right to believe it is the circuit board that shorted or is it something else? by None N 8/17/2015
ANSWER: Assuming that your AC power source is OK, I would guess the problem is the circuit board. by Lowell S a
ANSWER: Sounds like you were using one of the new energy saver type of bulbs. Yes, you can bend the contact in the socket up. Obviously with the power cord unplugged<br /><br />Look very close to the contact in the socket. Do you see any signs of burning or charring? If so, simply get a new socket for that board. They all are basically interchangeable. I can assure you that if all else works, and the ONLY issue is that the light bulb does not come on, the the circuit board is NOT shorted. The light works directly off the primary relay. If NOTHING now works, then you will need to order a new board.<br /><br />WITH REGARDS TO FOIL IN SOCKETS. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER DO THIS. by Steve D a
QUESTION: my Model 41A5021-5E<br /><br />Which of your models do I need?<br /><br />Is there an upgrade? by Olen F 5/13/2015
ANSWER: I have a Lift Master Professional Line Formula 1 opener where the manual indicates Model 1280R 1/2 HP along with the security+ multi function wall unit and keyless entry.<br />The Logic Board was hit by lightening and replaced with Liftmaster 41A5021-I Logic Board. The "original" Logic Board # was 41A5021-C. As you can see the only difference in Logic Board numbers is the last Letter..."C" on the original unit and "I" on the replacement.<br />With this new Logic Board, the LIGHT BULBS on the opener WILL NOT GO OFF. I had Garage Service out and he tested the wall unit to see if the circuit board there was not functioning causing the lights NOT to go off. He hooked up a new "wall unit" circuit board and the lights still would not go off. He said the problem was in the main Logic Board.<br />I have tried many suggested fixes for this with no success. I now have grown used to NOT having functioning lights on my opener which works just fine otherwise. <br />You may wish to contact Liftmaster and get their replacement part number for your Logic Board and ask them about functionality of light bulbs. FYI: My New Logic Board was properly installed with the correct wiring...I am thinking the new logic board was missing something but did not want to invest any more time or $ to figure it our or replace the whole opener. by Ruth D a
STAFF ANSWER: The current model of this board is 41A5021-5I by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Is 41A5021-I the correct replacement for my Craftsman door opener model 139.53675SRT2 logic board 41A5021-2C? And is its light socket also compatible? by None N 8/16/2014
ANSWER: i used it on my chamberland unit and it works great. Its been over a year now. by emery v a
ANSWER: This panel worked great on my opener. It was also very simple to install. Just make sure you unplug your opener from the power source first. Also you will have to have to reprogram your remote openers. by Robert P a
QUESTION: My who unit is probably almost 14 years old. My outside keypad doesn't work ...or light up with new battery remote only works sometime, but rarely and it's not the battery. Should I replace the circuit board or the whole thing at this age? by Trish V 7/9/2014
ANSWER: I replaced the circuit board, and while it did result in like-new performance it was quite a job.<br />The wires are pretty short and not easy to disconnect and reconnect again, especially while working in place. My unit had no headroom which made it difficult. Then, you have to reprogram the unit and remote. It was all very tricky and tedious.<br />So, it does work but it was a lot more trouble than it appears to be. The customer service dept at Chamberlain was very patient and helpful, so that was a welcome surprise. Good luck! by anthony b a
ANSWER: I replaced my board after having the same issues. No problems since. its been a couple of years. if the rest of the unit is working fine why not save the money and buy just the board. its easy to change. by emery v a
ANSWER: My unit is the same age. Our hard wired wall button worked fine but all of our remotes started working intermittently at the same time. Replaced all the batteries and they still worked only off and on. Replaced the logic board and all the remotes and the opener started working like new again. Very simple to replace too..about a 15-20 minute job. by Michael P a
ANSWER: I meant to say my lift master chamberlin formula i by Trish V a
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