Liftmaster 41A3504 Residential Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension Kit

Liftmaster 41A3504 Residential Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension Kit

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Liftmaster 41A3504 Residential Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension Kit Instruction Manual
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Product Description

If you need to extend the range of an existing LiftMaster Garage Door Opener, the LiftMaster 41A3504 Residential Garage Door Opener Antenna Extension Kit available at North Shore Commercial Door can provide an extension to get the antenna closer to the car entry at car level and improve the reception from a vehicle's remote. The extension kit usually ships the next business day when you order from NSCD.

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: I have to be so close to garage door for my remote to work. I am hoping that with this unit I can open the garage door and I get in the driveway. by Saad S 7/15/2015
COMMENT: I needed to improve my Liftmaster garage door opener ranges from less than 10 ft range by Michael M 5/24/2015
QUESTION: Will this work on a Liftmaster Elite 3850? by Bill P 6/24/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will work on Elite 3850 by Matthew O a
ANSWER: I have and all metal building and the door would open with opener if you was close to door. I install this kit and it did get better. by David B a
QUESTION: Looking for an extension for a Genie 2024. Will this work? by Eric A 5/11/2015
ANSWER: Didn't work for me. There was no change from my original problem. I was trying to get my vehicles OEM remote at the rear view mirror to work at longer distances. only works when I am in front of the garage and I had to press the remote several times. by ROBERTO L a
ANSWER: Yes, this easy to install kit improved the range on my opener but the real problem turned out to be interference from my video cameras. The kit extended the antenna outside my metal garage and therefore helped the range. by Daniel M a
ANSWER: I installed the extension on my Guardian garage door opener and I don't noticed any difference in reception. by Steve F a
ANSWER: It did help om mine, its a 41DB002-2 by Harvey C a
QUESTION: My main interest is in getting my home link car remotes to work at longer range. Should I mount the antenna low at car level or high on the door for best results? by Ron A 8/21/2014
ANSWER: hi, i use the extension to get the antena closer to the car entry at car level, I think that car level works better than going high because the signal go better thru the windshield than the roof of the car. I also recommend you to mount the antena at lease i feet away of any wall and preferently perperndicular to the wall. sorry about my grammar, I live in mexico and english is not my mother language... by roberto V a
STAFF ANSWER: This would assist that range. At the very least it would increase your range by 15 feet. Likely much further though. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have 3 lw3500 chamberlain openers in a metal pole barn{garage} I can only open the doors right in front of the doors, do I need 3 of these or only 1? by tim m 1/19/2014
ANSWER: You will need 3 and they do help we had the same problem with 5 of our doors by R I a
ANSWER: hi, I used this extension and works great i can open my door from 45 foot away. is really easy to install. by roberto V a
ANSWER: Need one for each opener by J O a
ANSWER: I would start with one. Then go from there. Mine works pretty well. by M I a
ANSWER: You would need one for each opener. by S E a