Liftmaster 63LMC Digital Single-Button Garage Door Opener Remote

Liftmaster 63LMC Digital Single-Button Garage Door Opener Remote

Item# 63LMC
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Product Description

Large button activates primary receiver and two smaller buttons for use with secondary devices

9-position trinary DIP switches with 19,683 digital codes per channel

Red LED indicates battery strength and signals sent transmission

12V battery and directional visor clip included

DIP switch coded for compatibility with all 390MHz LiftMaster® Gate Operators and Radio Controls, excluding Security+® products

Order the 63LMC if:

•Your garage door opener motorhead has dip switches

Compatible Models:

KeyChain - Firefly

1 Button - Liftmaster 61LMC

2 Button - Liftmaster 62LMC

3 Button – Liftmaster 63LMC

Wireless Keypad – Liftmaster 66LMC

Comments / Questions

QUESTION: So from the question below, are you saying that you will no longer have this item in stock at all? by None N 5/13/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Correct, but the Liftmaster 894LT is a direct replacement. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: When will this item be in stock I need to replace a couple of broken ones. Otherwise, is there a replacement for this that will also work? by None N 4/30/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Buy a universal Receiver replacement and install on all three devices... then buy a compatible remote with 3 or more buttons. Call us for assistance with the best way to do this 440-36-6112. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have this type of opener for my garage. What wireless keypads are compatible with this model<br /><br />Thank you,<br /><br />LouP by None N 9/22/2013
STAFF ANSWER: The 387LM by Liftmaster is compatible. by Matthew O a