Liftmaster 855LM HomeLink® Repeater Kit

Liftmaster 855LM HomeLink® Repeater Kit

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Liftmaster 855LM HomeLink® Repeater Kit Instruction Manual
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Product Description

The LiftMaster 855LM HomeLink Repeater Kit from North Shore Commercial Door is compatible for vehicles that have been equipped with HomeLink. For questions and advice about the HomeLink Repeater Kit, come to our website and our staff and customers can assist you.

Remember the following points:

•May be needed if you are unable to program a HomeLink system to a new Security+ 2.0™ garage door opener

•Contains a repeater and new remote control

•The repeater accepts and converts a non-compatible HomeLink signal into a Security+ 2.0™ compatible signal

•Only compatible with vehicles equipped with HomeLink

•Can be programmed to more than one Security+ 2.0™ garage door opener

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: because like seems the solutions for my request, I have a new car with Homelink and I am not able to use the system, because I have a Chamberlain door opener by Norberto C 8/25/2014
COMMENT: Brand Name by Mario H 8/15/2014
QUESTION: Will this unit work with a Genie overhead door opener? by Larry R 8/18/2014
ANSWER: I don't know. I have it connected to a Chamberlain door opener. by Eric P a
QUESTION: I have two vehicles with the Home Link, the one home link works fine but the other is an older home link and is not work with my Liftmaster 8550. My question is if this repeater is used will the other home link be cancelled out or will both home links be operable together\\ by Joe C 2/27/2014
ANSWER: Both should work with the repeater. by B R a
ANSWER: If you're asking if the built-in car opener will work at the same time the repeater is setup, the answer is yes. The repeater just looks like another car to the garage door opener. I've got that exact setup - a new car that works natively with the opener and an older truck that uses the repeater. by T I a
ANSWER: Sorry I don't have 2 cars like you do. :-/ by S A a
QUESTION: will this let you put purple button and yellow button on same remote? by None N 12/14/2013
ANSWER: Not sure what button you are talking about I got this unit 1 1/2 years ago, It has been working with out any problems, I need this unit to tie in my old cars On-star garage opener old to my newer garage door opener system by S A a
QUESTION: do i need a repeater kit for each older vehicle i own with home link or 1 repeater will work for multiple vehicles I got lift master 8500 installed and can't get my older cars to program to it. by eiffel c 12/7/2013
ANSWER: Hi, you only need one repeater kit per lift door. Then this repeater will work with any number of older vehicles, translating and relaying the commands to the 8500. by Earl M a
ANSWER: No, you only need one repeater. It's like the original box on your garage door opener but broadcasts in the frequency used by older vehicles. I have four vehicles using one HomeLink right now. by Sherry C a
ANSWER: One repeater is all I needed for multiple vehicles. by John K a
ANSWER: Hi,<br />You only need one repeater kit. The remote that comes with this kit is what you need to teach your in cars homelink button. <br /><br />As you already know, the remotes that came with your new garage door opener, cannot teach your in car homelink button.<br /><br />The device with the wire is what you plug in to a receptacle as close as possible to your new opener motor. I plugged mine into the same overhead outlet that the opener is plugged into.<br /><br />I have had it for several months and it works perfectly. by David G a
ANSWER: Thank you for all the replies. by eiffel c a
ANSWER: One repeater will work with multiple Homelink equipped vehicles and one Security 2.0+ MyQ garage door opener.<br /><br />One repeater will work with multiple vehicles and multiple MyQ openers as well. by James K a
ANSWER: One repeater kit is all you need. by Mark R a
ANSWER: one works for all. by Brian C a
ANSWER: We have two cars working with one repeater. Both cars, however, are relatively new, and from the same manufacturer - their HomeLink equipped rear view mirrors are, as far as I can tell, identical. by Brian J a
REPLY: I got my wife's 2011 Honda working without the repeater but need to get 2011 BMW and 1999 Lexus to work. Trying to decide if I need to purchase one for each car or one for the garage only. Thanks by eiffel c r