Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

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ZAP 8825-R4 Residential Jackshaft Garage Door OpenerZAP 8825-R4 Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

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Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Instruction Manual
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Product Description

Liftmaster 8500 RJO Residential jackshaft Garage Door Opener with MyQ Technology Part of the Elite Series Openers.

The LiftMaster 8500 Garage Door Opener from North Shore Commercial Door offers a multitude of features. This remote controlled garage door opener is more than a convenience — it enhances safety with remote entry. Installed via wall mount, the LiftMaster 8500 eliminates the noise and wasted space that is common with other remote garage door openers. It has a PowerLock deadbolt system that cannot be opened by force.

When you purchase your LiftMaster 8500 remote controlled garage door opener, you will have the durability, safety and ease of use North Shore Commercial Door products are known for. Our Q&A section on the website will allow you to interact with our staff for any questions and to explain the difference between LiftMaster 3800 and 8500 remotes.

Included in the LiftMaster 8500 price are the following features:
  • A power cord that measures six feet.
  • Quick-Connect terminals to install wires quickly and easily.
  • A battery backup in the event that there is a power outage –a model 475LM battery is needed.
  • MyQ technology allowing you to turn on the garage and house lights remotely from your smartphone or computer.
  • There is a lifetime motor warranty, a five-year parts warranty and a one-year battery backup warranty (model 475LM).
  • A 200 watt light with adjustable time delay and the ability to place it anywhere on the garage ceiling.

  • Included Accessories:

    3-Button Elite® MAX Remote Control (895MAX)

    MyQ® Control Panel (888LM)

    Remote Light 380LM

    Power Door Lock 41A6102

    Optional Accessories:

    EverCharge® Standby Power System Liftmaster 475LM

    Extension kit Liftmaster 480LM

    Alternate Power Source (580LM) Liftmaster 580LM

    MyQ Enabled Optional Accessories:

    Internet Gateway Liftmaster 828LM

    Remote Light Control Liftmaster 825LM

    Remote Light Switch Liftmaster 823LM

    Garage Door Monitor Liftmaster 829LM

    3 Button Remote - Liftmaster 893MAX

    Deluxe 3 Button Remote - Liftmaster 895MAX

    3 Button Keychain Remote – Liftmaster 890MAX

    Wireless Keypad – Liftmaster 877MAX


    Lifetime motor warranty

    5-year parts warranty

    1-year Battery Backup warranty (475LM)

    Installation Requirements

    In order for the 3800 or 8500 to be installed, the door must:

    • Use a one inch torsion bar

    • Use four to six inch drums

    • Be no taller than 14' in height, 18' in width, and the area must not exceed 180 square feet

    • Use a track with a minimum 12 inch radius

    • Weigh no more than 650 pounds

    • Have a minimum of 7" between the side garage wall and the end of the torsion bar

    Compatible Door Types

    The 3800/8500 will work on the following types of doors:

    Standard Lift: The 3800/8500 will work on a standard lift garage door using a miniumum of 12" radius track up to 32" radius track.

    High Lift: A highlift door, starts and upward movement prior to the door turning to a horizontal state. The highlift door works well with a 3800/8500 because the lower panel is already in the vertical tracks.

    Follow the pitch: The 3800/8500 works well with a follow the pitch style door and track. A follow the pitch is a door which already has a downward angle on it as it descends to the closed position. These types of doors typically use highlift drums.

    The 3800/8500 is compatible with quick turn brackets, as long as the track radius is larger than 12".

    The 3800/8500 will not work on the following types of doors (Incompatible):

    Low Headroom Dual track doors: Dual track doors are opened by pulling the top of the door back towards the rear of the garage. The 3800/8500 opens doors by cranking the torsion bar and pulling the door up.

    Low Headroom Doors that use reverse wound drums: The 3800/8500 is designed to lift the door by cranking the torsion bar and pulling the cables up. Because the cables are reversed, when the torsion bar is cranked the cables will unwind.

    Low Headroom Rear mounted spring doors: The 3800/8500 opens the door by cranking the torsion bar and pulling the door up. A rear mounted door does not have a torsion bar located over the top of the door. Instead, the torsion bar is located near the end of the horizontal door track. Also, the cable tension monitor will not fit due to the angle of the cables.

    Doors equipped with Wayne Dalton Torque Master Springs: Wayne Dalton Torque Master Springs are self contained within a spring tube. This spring tube may look similar to a traditional torsion bar but is much larger in diameter.

    Full vertical doors: Full vertical uses a tapered drum that when matched with a 3800/8500 has the potential of ripping the cable tension monitor off of the wall. If a full vertical door is connected to 3800/5500, the user may find nusance reversals and or cables thrown. The 3800/8500 was not tested or approved for use on full vertical doors.

    High lift doors with more than 54" high lift: Dependent on diameter of drum

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    Comments / Questions

    COMMENT: TRUST by Randy P 10/7/2015
    COMMENT: I purchased the wall mount to allow for height clearance in case I decide to install a hoist by Stewart K 9/20/2015
    QUESTION: How do I keep the remote light from lighting up in the daytime when someone activates it. Is there a timer for the lite to stay on ?? Thanks , Tom by None N 5/24/2015
    ANSWER: It is a motion activated light. It stays on for 10 minutes. You would have to install an on-off switch to the outlet to make it stay off in the daytime. by bernard c a
    QUESTION: Will this garage door opener work for a 12' garage door? by Bill B 4/20/2015
    ANSWER: yes but not a sixteen footer have two unite,s would not work by bernard m a
    ANSWER: Thanks George, I will order me up 1 of these.<br /><br />Thanks! by Bill B a
    ANSWER: Yes, our door is 12' x 12' and insulated, this unit works fine. by GEORGE W a
    ANSWER: yes I installed it on a 12 ft. door and it works fine. it was easy to adjust. by Anthony F a
    ANSWER: It should. I installed the Liftmaster 8500 on two garage doors; a 8' single bay and a 16' double bay. Both doors are working perfectly. by Michael A a
    REPLY: I should have been more clear. My door is 12' x 12'<br />I wasn't sure about the height. I didn't know if there was a limit as to the height of the door. <br /><br />Thanks! by Bill B r
    REPLY: Bill, page 3 of the manual states that the opener will work on "high lift up to 54 inches high and standard lift sectional doors up to 14 feet high". by Michael A r
    ANSWER: Yes<br />My door is 18ft and it has no problem. Great piece of equipment. by bernard c a
    ANSWER: I believe it will, provided the door is properly balanced. by John J a
    QUESTION: Will this opener work on my 9-6 high x 10-0 aluminum and insulated garage door? by Tom M 4/2/2015
    ANSWER: Yes, it will work if you have a 1 inch rod and cable lift by bernard c a
    QUESTION: I have a 16 x 10 insulated door, is it powerful enough? it is for my cottage by john m 3/2/2015
    ANSWER: Yes by bernard c a
    ANSWER: It handles mine fine by Alex H a
    ANSWER: yes it is plenty strong as long as the door is balanced. by tony A a