Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

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Product Description

Liftmaster 8500 RJO Residential jackshaft Garage Door Opener with MyQ Technology Part of the Elite Series Openers.

The LiftMaster 8500 Garage Door Opener from North Shore Commercial Door offers a multitude of features. This remote controlled garage door opener is more than a convenience — it enhances safety with remote entry. Installed via wall mount, the LiftMaster 8500 eliminates the noise and wasted space that is common with other remote garage door openers. It has a PowerLock deadbolt system that cannot be opened by force.

When you purchase your LiftMaster 8500 remote controlled garage door opener, you will have the durability, safety and ease of use North Shore Commercial Door products are known for. Our Q&A section on the website will allow you to interact with our staff for any questions and to explain the difference between LiftMaster 3800 and 8500 remotes.

Included in the LiftMaster 8500 price are the following features:
  • A power cord that measures six feet.
  • Quick-Connect terminals to install wires quickly and easily.
  • A battery backup in the event that there is a power outage –a model 475LM battery is needed.
  • MyQ technology allowing you to turn on the garage and house lights remotely from your smartphone or computer.
  • There is a lifetime motor warranty, a five-year parts warranty and a one-year battery backup warranty (model 475LM).
  • A 200 watt light with adjustable time delay and the ability to place it anywhere on the garage ceiling.

  • Included Accessories:

    3-Button Elite® MAX Remote Control (895MAX)

    MyQ® Control Panel (888LM)

    Remote Light 380LM

    Power Door Lock 41A6102

    Optional Accessories:

    EverCharge® Standby Power System Liftmaster 475LM

    Extension kit Liftmaster 480LM

    Alternate Power Source (580LM) Liftmaster 580LM

    MyQ Enabled Optional Accessories:

    Internet Gateway Liftmaster 828LM

    Remote Light Control Liftmaster 825LM

    Remote Light Switch Liftmaster 823LM

    Garage Door Monitor Liftmaster 829LM

    3 Button Remote - Liftmaster 893MAX

    Deluxe 3 Button Remote - Liftmaster 895MAX

    3 Button Keychain Remote – Liftmaster 890MAX

    Wireless Keypad – Liftmaster 877MAX


    Lifetime motor warranty

    5-year parts warranty

    1-year Battery Backup warranty (475LM)

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    Comments / Questions

    COMMENT: DC motor, space saving, can be run off of a battery by Gregory P 9/3/2014
    COMMENT: Will work well in my low overhead garage by John J 8/31/2014
    QUESTION: When I click on this link to the 475LM for the 8500 it states that it works with the 2500 the 3500 and 3800.<br /><br />Does it also work with the 8500<br /><br />Optional Accessories by Robert L 9/10/2014
    ANSWER: It is exactly the right one for the 8500 by bernard c a
    STAFF ANSWER: Yes the 475LM does work with the 8500. by Matthew O a
    ANSWER: Robert L, I did not add the standby power system to my opener but to answer your question this option will work on the models you listed. In my opinion this is the best garage door opener on the market today. Hope this helps. by Randall G a
    QUESTION: I have 20 ft. 10 ft. garage door watch opener do I need ? by None N 8/21/2014
    ANSWER: I imagine your door is already balanced By that I mean, the liftmaster simply turns the end of the shaft the spring is tensioned around. Imagine disengaging the old opener and lifting using the rope cord supplied after releasing the drive mechanism say because of a power outage. by James T a
    ANSWER: The 8500 will lift 650 pounds. If your door does not require more lifting power than that, it should work fine. by Richard S a
    QUESTION: I currently have a Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Torsion Spring with 2 springs left & right and the opener is a i-drive motor positioned in the middle of the 2 springs i.e. middle of garage door. The springs are located in a somewhat oval shaped tube. I assume that the i-drive motor/opener will need to be removed. Is there an attachment to connect the 2 torsion bars or will a new bar that goes across the top of door side to side need to be installed Also, I haven't looked and don't even know what the ends look like that would attach to the LM8500. by None N 7/3/2014
    STAFF ANSWER: This Operator will NOT work on Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Springs. by Matthew O a
    ANSWER: You must remove the idrive motor and the safety lights from the Wayne Dalton door. Make sure the torsion springs are adjusted so the door stays where you put it manually. It should not drift up or down when halfway.<br /><br />The same torsion bar fit into the Liftmaster.<br />Install the new safety lights as directed<br />Install the lock as directed<br />Tension lever must be on top of the cable<br /><br />This is a very simple install if you follow directions. Make sure all wiring is correct, program remotes and enjoy.<br /><br />Best door opener on the market by bernard c a
    QUESTION: do I need additional equipment or accessories Is this product ready to use? by None N 6/21/2014
    ANSWER: Yes just attach it to the door and wall ur good to go by tammy d a
    ANSWER: The kit is complete with the opener, safety beam, wall mount control, spring cable tention safety monitor and remote light it needs a celling ac 120 plug and turnes on/off remotly. you can purchase additional celling lights, battery for power outages and a wireless computer module that has a cell phone app to let you know the door status; open, closed or if you need to let someone in when your not home or it will let you know if someone opens it when your not expwcting it.<br />The Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener unit is really quite and powerfull enough to open a double-door providing springs are adjust correctly. <br />I don't work for North Shore or Liftmaster but I am an elecrtical engineer and factory trained auto mechanic and know a good quality product and this Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener is a great improvement over any door opener ever.<br />If your installing it yourself, i thought it was very stright forward you may need to cut off the spring shaft if it has been damaged on the end where it slides onto the opener unit. A pipe-cutter works great for getting a nice clean shaft end. Don't cut off too much as it slides into the door opener and it has to be long enough and not too short. Last thing is the AC lead for the opener is too short to reach most garage ac power outlets, depends on where your ac receptical is located. take-care, ken. by ken w a
    ANSWER: It's ready to use. Comes with wall mount button, overhead light, remote and the unit itself. I did not need any additional hardware. You'll need basic tools for install. It's quite easy to install. I have a very tall garage and an overhead unit would have been a pain, and given my storage platform, impossible. This unit needs minimal clearance and is very quiet. I'm very happy with it. I definitely recommend it. by Mark B a
    ANSWER: Everything you need is in the box. by J E a
    ANSWER: I ordered two units and completed full installation with what was included in box. I did use some heat shrink tubing to neaten up some of my wiring, because of the way I installed them but not necessary. by Alex H a
    ANSWER: Yes by Sonny W a
    ANSWER: You may need some standard slotted angle to mount the the wire detector but this all depends on your garage setup. <br />Other then that it's is an easy install. I have 3 of them installed myself. by Pieter D a
    ANSWER: It comes with everything. Easy to install and ready to use. by Thomas M a