LiftMaster 888LM MyQ Control Panel

Liftmaster 888LM MyQ Control Panel
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Upgrade your old Chamberlain, Liftmaster, or Sears Garage Door Opener to MyQ Technology with the all new 888LM Control Panel
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Liftmaster 888LM MyQ Control Panel
Liftmaster 888LM MyQ Control Panel
Product Description

Upgrade your LiftMaster Security and garage door openers with the LiftMaster 888LM MyQ Control Panel, which will give you the updated Security + 2.0 radio and MyQ technology. If you need a premium radio system to address any interference problems or to get better range, the LiftMaster 888LM should solve your dilemma. It includes:

*Simple programming of new MyQ accessories and Security+ 2.0 remote controls and keyless entry products

*Motion-activated opener light control

*Adjustable light timer option

*Lock feature

*Timer to close

*Compatible with any LiftMaster, Sears, Chamberlain, Access Master, Master Mechanic, Formula I, True Value, True Guard, and Raynor garage door opener units manufactured after 1998 using an amber/orange, yellow, or purple learn button.

Red/Orange/Amber Learn Button (Security+, 390MHZ)
- Models: 1245R/1255R, 1265R, 2220, 2245/2255, 2265, 2280, 2500, 2575, 2585, 2595

Purple Learn Button (Security+, 315MHZ)
- Models: 1345/1355, 1356, 3220, 3240, 3265, 3270, 3280, 3800, 3500, 3850, 3585, 3595
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COMMENT: compatibility by Richard C 4/24/2017
COMMENT: Trying this control panel to see how well it works. May upgrade others if it works well. by Ben G 3/24/2017
QUESTION: I have a craftsman model number 139.53990D and and a craftsman assurelink kit.The garage motor is 2007 model wth purple learn button and the wall control is model 041A7928-1 .Your website says the liftmaster 888lm is a replacement for the 041A7928-1.Will the replacement connect to all my exsisting equipment,such as my assurelink gateway etc.? by john w 6/24/2017
QUESTION: will this replace the 398LM ? by None N 10/15/2015
QUESTION: Do I need the internet gateway if I have a MYQ Compatible smart home Hub already? by Shannon C 8/29/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Yes you do ! by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I've been using this door opener for months and all of a sudden the red and yellow light are blinking and it beeps every 20 or so seconds? by Michael C 7/23/2015
ANSWER: Try Liftmaster CS. It's a lot better than before when it as really bad. by Michael G a
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