LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5021-9G-315 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5021-9G-315 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

Item# 41A5021-9G-315
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LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5021-9G-315 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Instruction Manual
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Product Description

This replacement circuit board, part number 41A5021-9G-315, made by LiftMaster Chamberlain, can be used to repair your LiftMaster garage door opener as well as openers of certain other brands. Replacing a faulty circuit board is a simpler and less expensive alternative to replacing your garage door opener if the circuit board, sometimes called the logic board, is not working right.

This replacement circuit board fits the LiftMaster ATS2113X -horsepower chain-drive garage door opener. It can also be used on Raynor garage door openers because Chamberlain LiftMaster manufactures identical circuit boards for Raynor and Sears Craftsman units. The LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A5021-9G-315 circuit board will work with your garage door opener if the panel on which your circuit board is mounted has any of the following numbers:




For more information on compatibility of parts, see our Chamberlain LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Compatibility Chart, which includes lists of replacement circuit boards compatible with various garage door opener operators. If you have question about which part to buy or are unsure about installation, ask your question in our Comments/Questions section. You’ll get responses from both our experienced staff and our customers, many of whom are professional installers.

We recommend you use a LiftMaster 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector to protect your new replacement circuit board from electrical surges. North Shore Commercial Door offers special discount combo prices for a replacement circuit board and surge protector purchased together.

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: replacement because of power surge by keven s 12/30/2014
COMMENT: Price and helpful info on the website! by Walt S 8/7/2014
QUESTION: Is this a new part or a used? by Jane K 11/14/2014
ANSWER: it was new works good by Ferlin M a
ANSWER: new by Steve H a
ANSWER: The board I received was brand new, well packaged and received in a timely manner! by John O a
ANSWER: Its new. by Levi K a
QUESTION: Also can I get the plug and the wires that go into that circuit board from your company? 18 41 A5021 9G 315 by Loreto a 12/3/2013
STAFF ANSWER: IF you get the part number we can order it, verify the part number with the factory at 800-275-6187 by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have a ATS 2113 X Commercial Door operator 1/2 horse. The logic board burned up and also melted the plug that goes into it. What is the reason why this would burn up? It is only 2 years old and has been used sparingly. by Loreto a 12/3/2013
ANSWER: Lightning, high voltage. It zapped two different openers of mine at different times. by F O a
ANSWER: My board problem was that a screw attaching safety signal wire was over tightened and cracked one of the solder trails on the board causing the opener to operate intermittently.<br />I am no expert, but your problem sound like a short circuit causing the heat and meltdown by George E a