Liftmaster 61LM Digital Single-Button Garage Door Opener Remote Control - 390MHz

Liftmaster 61LM Digital Single-Button Garage Door Opener Remote Control - 390MHz

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Liftmaster 61LM Digital Single-Button Garage Door Opener Remote Control - 390MHz Instruction Manual
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Product Description

With 9-position trinary DIP switches, almost 20,000 digital codes and other great features for safety and security, the LiftMaster 61LM Digital Single-Button Garage Door Opener Remote Control from North Shore Commercial Door is a top choice. We will answer your questions on the site’s Q&A.

Features include:

•9-position trinary DIP switches

•19,683 digital codes

•Red LED indicates battery strength and signals sent transmission

•12V battery and directional visor clip included

•DIP switch coded for compatibility with all 390MHz LiftMaster Gate Operators and Radio Controls, excluding Security+ products

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: I am getting them for my children, who now drive cars and need them. I have this one and it is great... been using it for many, many years. by Dori M 1/29/2015
COMMENT: To replace one which got wet and now doesn't<br />work. by Janet G 10/27/2014
QUESTION: Will this remote work with my Liftmaster 1245lm opener, which emcompasses a green learn button? by Trent D 12/7/2014
ANSWER: mine had not and does not w/no help from Northstar by bgs m a
ANSWER: mine has a green learn button and it worked on mine by john D a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will work with green learn button Liftmaster units. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: I don't know. My opener is not a Liftmaster brand. It's a Sears brand, but it does have a green learn button. by larry w a
QUESTION: I have a LM 61LM remote with a LM 320LM receiver. The receiver is shot and I need to replace it. Will any <br />390HMz work? by karl E 9/23/2014
ANSWER: Karl I am not sure on that one. Sometimes some others will work and at other times they wont by greg l a
STAFF ANSWER: No , they no longer make a compatible receiver for the 61LM remote control. you will need to buy a new receiver and new remotes. I suggest the LIftmaster 535-2LM kit. Comes with two remotes , receiver , and power supply. by Matthew O a
REPLY: Thank you for your suggestion. I did purchase the 371 LM and 355LM and installed it and it works great. Except the wall mounted button no longer works and it was wire directly. The old button has only two wires connected and I'm thinking it may need a 3 wire wall mounted control? What do you suggest? by karl E r
QUESTION: When replacing batteries on the remote do I need to do something to reset the opener itself? I replaced the batteries but it still will not open the garage door? by None N 8/7/2014
STAFF ANSWER: You replace the battery in the remote and it still does not work then it means you need to replace the entire remote by Matthew O a
ANSWER: No there is nothing that you need to do to reset the opener. Make sure your contacts in the remote are not corroded, and also when opening and closing the sliding door on back to replace the battery, be careful not to press down to hard when closing the door it can move the dip switches and unit will not work. by greg l a
QUESTION: I have a Sears Model # 139.53200. my tenant open the remote because it was not working. may have move pin switches. where is the code located on the main unit. I looked everywhere and did not see it ? by chris m 7/25/2014
ANSWER: I think it depends more on the unit itself than the opener. If you take the outer casing off you'll probably see the pins.<br /><br />Google it ahead of time for safety though. by Nate H a
STAFF ANSWER: If you operator has a green learn button on it , then it needs to be synced with that. by Matthew O a
REPLY: It does have a green learn button. Does tgst mean pin switch location does not matter ? It will learn whaterver combo they are set to when i program it ? by chris m r
STAFF ANSWER: ON the operator or in a little box mounted to it. by Matthew O a