Liftmaster 372LM / 892LT Security+® Garage Door Opener Remote Control - 315MHZ

Liftmaster 372LM / 892LT Security+® Garage Door Opener Remote Control - 315MHZ

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Liftmaster 372LM / 892LT Security+® Garage Door Opener Remote Control - 315MHZ Instruction Manual
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Additional Details about: The Liftmaster 372LM has been replaced with the Liftmaster 892LT

Product Description

The LiftMaster 372LM remote features two buttons that control two garage doors or gates as well as turn the lights on and off.  A different code is sent to the device every time it is used. Depending on your motorhead, the LiftMaster 372LM remote might not be compatible. Contact us in the Q&A section on the North Shore Commercial Door website.

It has the following features standard:

•315 MHZ Frequency, over 100 billion codes with code rotating technology

•Optimize electronic stability and range

•Featuring Enhanced Radio Technology (ERT)

•2 channel/button transmitter, compatible with models manufactured from 2005

•Open/close two garage door openers

•Turn garage door opener lights on/off

•Visor clip and Lithium battery (5 years life w/normal use) included

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: need it to open both new door opened and my other door by John T 10/21/2014
COMMENT: brand name by Tom W 5/5/2013
QUESTION: will this work with my 2 new lift master 3950 roll up doors? by Glenn B 1/7/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: where is the learn button the liftmaster model mj 5011u ? by ken m 12/27/2013
ANSWER: Hi Ken. I bought it for a client as I am a real estate agent so Im not sure. by Carl s a
STAFF ANSWER: It is inside the control panel and there should be a circuit board schematic that will indicate wher--e your learn / program button is. If you have further questions you should call the manufacture at 800-528-9131 by Matthew O a
QUESTION: how do I reprogram my remote? by Bill H 1/7/2013
ANSWER: Push the learn button on opener, then push remote button within 20 seconds by T O a
ANSWER: The answer to this is in the manual. The manual is also available on the Liftmaster website if not here, too. by Keith B a
ANSWER: To reprogram an existing 372LM remote, you must erase it from whatever it worked before -- hold the "learn" button down on the door opener for about 15 seconds to clear the memory. Then momentarily push the "learn" button again, when the "learn light" blinks, then push the button on the 372LM. Then, repeat the procedure for the other button on the 372LM on whatever other device you want it to operate. If there are other remotes that you still want to use, they must go through the momentary push of the "learn" button, also. This procedure is outlined in the remote instructions, complete with pictures, and can probably help more than my faded memory recollection! by N O a
QUESTION: how to reprogram the remote opener? by None N 11/8/2012
ANSWER: Hello,<br />I am sorry I cannot help you we had a service man do it for us.<br /><br />It is very good to see you are trying to help your clients. very nice.<br /><br />Regards<br />Steve McLean by I N a
ANSWER: To reprogram the 372LM remote, you must first erase the memory of the opener that it had been initially programmed. Hold the program button down on the opener unit for 10-15 seconds. Then momentarily press the program button a second time, and within 15 seconds, press the desired button on the 372LM. Repeat the procedure for any additional remotes you want to work. Then, do the same thing for the second button on the 372LM. by N O a
ANSWER: Press and hold the learn buttom the back of the garage door opener motor. When it remains on steadily, within 30 seconds, press and hold the remote buttom you want that door ontrolled by. Hold the buttom until the learn button on the back of the remote blinks. Release and the remote is programmed. by J J a
ANSWER: You need to push the button on the overhead opener. The light beside the button will blink. Then hold the button on the remote that you want to use until the light stops blinking. Release the button and then push it again. It should be programmed. by L E a
STAFF ANSWER: Push the learn button on the motor unit once. Then push the remote button twice to program the remote. by Matthew O a