Liftmaster 66LM Wireless Keyless Entry Garage Door Opener - 390MHz

Liftmaster  66LM Wireless Keyless Entry Garage Door Opener - 390MHz

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Product Description

The LiftMaster 66LM Wireless Keyless Entry Garage Door Opener remote at 390MHz from North Shore Commercial Door has all the features you’re looking for in a remote. The 66LM is easy to install and we’re available to assist you with the question and answer section on our site. 

•For use with older model LiftMaster garage door openers

•Backlit keypad

•Completely wireless - mounts directly on garage door jamb

•Includes 12V battery

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Garage door repairman recommended your company. by Wayne H 10/23/2014
COMMENT: Needed exact fit replacement by Frederick E 9/19/2014
QUESTION: Is this the correct replacement for model 740cb/66lm? by Jerry M 10/19/2014
ANSWER: It works for me as a replacement for that model. by Robert S a
ANSWER: Yes. Works great. by Bobby A a
ANSWER: This is a replacement for the 66lm.<br />They ship you the 877max.<br />It programs and works just fine.<br />the Mounting holes are not the same, but I search all over for <br />the model and it is no longer made.<br /><br />Works great. by Frederick E a
ANSWER: there is some numbers on your old remote,i gave those numbers to the man at north shore an he looked up the replacement....good luck by james u a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it is by Matthew O a
QUESTION: can this operate the garage door and the automatic gate opener? by cheryl g 10/6/2014
ANSWER: After i installed this, I can still use my automatic gate opener.<br />hopefully i answered your question. by JIALI H a
QUESTION: I need to replace lift master model number 380 LM. Is this compatible to switch out with the old one Before I purchase I would like to make sure. by Rebecca E 8/24/2014
ANSWER: The user's manual says:<br /><br />"The keypad transmitter can be used with garage door opener receivers having a yellow, grey, white, or green "learn" button."<br /><br />I suggest you determine the color of your garage door opener "learn" button and then decide. by David L a
QUESTION: Model 1145 LM of Garage Door Opener<br />manufactured 05/92<br />Standard Remote Transmitter is Model 61LM<br /><br />Will this work my opener<br />Opener has 9 manual switches...<br />Unit has a GREEN learn button...<br />Unit has a GRAY antenea... by TIM B 8/3/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will work with that operator with a green learn button. by Matthew O a