LiftMaster 972LM / 892LT Security+ Garage Door Opener Remote

LiftMaster 972LM / 892LT Security+ Garage Door Opener Remote

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Additional Details about: The 972LM has been replaced with the 892LT

Product Description

The LiftMaster 972LM Security+ Garage Door Opener Remote from North Shore Commercial Door has two buttons and can turn on your lights and small home appliances. Of course it will open two garage doors or gates. We will answer any questions you might have on the site.

It features the following benefits:

•Compatible with Security+ garage opener receiver model numbers 335LM, 535LM, 412HM, 635LM

•390 MHZ Frequency, 100 Billion codes with “code rotating” technology

•3 channel transmitter, compatible with models manufactured from 1997-2005

•Visor clip and 3 Volt Lithium battery (5-year life) included

Model number shippped with be the New 892LT

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: New car did not have auto opener by Sue B 8/31/2014
COMMENT: Replacement part by Camille M 5/7/2014
QUESTION: Will this work as a replacement for an older 972 LM Remote? by emmil s 12/26/2013
ANSWER: Yes they will. Our HOA has two gates and all liftmaster garage door openers. We have started using the 872LT and they work both on our gates and the openers. by Frederick H a
ANSWER: I honestly do not know. But, I used the older model liftmaster remote on my Genie openers and it accepted the code and works fine. I hope this helps you. by K E a
ANSWER: i was able to program it to work on my garage opener, but i havent gotten it to work for our association gate as the older 972LM did.<br /><br />so i guess it depends on how u are planning to use it. it works as a replacement if u are to program your garage.<br /><br />i hope that helps. by june v a
REPLY: my garage, so I guess it works? by emmil s r
REPLY: yup for the garage. by june v r
QUESTION: how do you program? by None N 12/4/2012
ANSWER: Go to garage unit and press square red button till light goes on , immediately press the button you want to use as this door opener Multi-Button Units on you hand held control, keep depress untill garage unit light blinks you are now hook UP! by J O a
ANSWER: If I remember correctly, on the rear of the opener there is a program button on the lower right side. Keep in mind that my openers are Genie. Push the button and it will start blinking. Hold you remote up close to the opener and hold the button down that you chose for that particular door. The light will stop blinking when the opener is programmed. You remote should now operate the door. by K E a