Liftmaster MJ 5011U Commercial Garage Door Opener Medium-Duty Jackshaft Operator

Liftmaster MJ 5011U Commercial Garage Door Opener Medium-Duty Jackshaft Operator

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Liftmaster MJ 5011U Commercial Garage Door Opener Medium-Duty Jackshaft Operator Instruction Manual
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Product Description

At North Shore Commercial Door, we’re committed to providing the best garage door openers for our customers. If you have vertical lift sectional doors or small rolling doors, the LiftMaster MJ5011U commercial garage door opener is an excellent choice for a heavy-duty garage door opener. This jackshaft operator complies with local codes and makes it easier and safer to operate large commercial doors on a regular basis. A two-year warranty is included in your purchase. To find out more about this product or get garage door openers reviews, see our "Questions" app below to get direct answers from our staff and from other users.
Above this description, and below the "add to cart" button you will find a pdf file of the product manual that you can download for this Liftmaster MJ. The MJ5011 by liftmaster will not disappoint!

UL325-2010 provides safety feature for monitored entrapment capability

UL-listed and UL-labeled to comply with regulations and codes

Solid-state medium-duty logic circuit board with three-button station for open/close/stop functionality

Powerful 1/2 HP, 115V single-phase motor with instant reverse, capacitor start, and overload protection

Easy emergency manual operation using a floor level disconnect

Heavy-duty solenoid-actuated brake

Accepts up to 20 Security+ remote controls and unlimited DIP switch remote controls.

Safety sensors included with our Lift Master MJ-5011 Jackshaft commmercial garage opener

Sprocket for Torsion shaft included (specify 1" or 1-1/4" diameter torsion bar on order form)

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: Best price and easy order process by Keith H 1/13/2015
COMMENT: VERY reliable. We have 6 of these units in our car wash and even with wet environment, they are still going strong. This will be the first one to be replaced after over 7 years. by George N 12/29/2014
ANSWER: Very possibly overheat and stop in the middle of a cycle, however they are thermally protected, so after cooling down for a period of time, it should once again operate properly. If you will be operating more than twelve cycles per hour regularly, I would suggest going to a heavy duty operator. by Dale B a
QUESTION: can't get the 893lm remote to program to this product? by garry i 1/24/2015
STAFF ANSWER: The 893LM is not compatible. The 893MAX is compatible though. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have a 10 H 16 W. Heavy commercial garage door I'm wondering if this MJ5011U will work in my garage ? by Greg P 12/6/2014
ANSWER: I have a 14X14 overhead commercial door and have no problems with this opener. by Danny A a
REPLY: Great, thanks Danny by Greg P r
ANSWER: I purchased one to use on a 14x16 metal panel commercial door and it works great. by JIMMY B a
ANSWER: I have one on an 18' x 14' insulated door. It works great but I had to add the "kicker" springs to help on the closing. My door would "lag" behind the opener when I hit close. The cables would momentarily loosen and try to climb the pulley. This would only happen when the door was completely up and there was no weight to help start it down. The kicker springs were easy to install and cured the problem. I believe I used the 15"travel springs. I would recommend this opener. It's a very good unit. Roy. by Roy M a
ANSWER: I have 3 of these openers in my shop. Doors are single bay 10 ft high. Insulated with double pane glass. Openers operate all day long. The spring tension should be set to offset the weight of door. by Mike r a
ANSWER: I'm currently using it on a 12x16 insulated commercial door and it's working fine. by Warren D a
QUESTION: Do the safety sensors need to be installed for the radio remote to work? I have it programmed and the light blinks on the life operator circuit board when a button is pressed, but nothing happens. by Scott F 10/26/2014
ANSWER: The sensors need to be installed in order to have the remote work. by Danny A a
ANSWER: The sensors have to be installed for it to work, i mounted mine near the operator pointed at each other. by JIMMY B a
ANSWER: yes they need to be installed by Kevin K a
ANSWER: I did not try to operate the door without the safety swatch, but probably that is true, no safety, NO workie !<br /><br />great unit, works great. by ezio r a
ANSWER: yes by bill's c a
ANSWER: Need safty sensors on it more then pays to have for obstructions that prob your problem by Darrel K a
REPLY: I often need to close the door half way with a piece of equipment in the doorway. Will I be able to do that with sensors? by Scott F r
REPLY: Not sure if nothing else instal highup so let opener work but not be safty we got one that we got in the aur to nake wirk by Darrel K r