Liftmaster 3900 Light-Duty Commercial Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster 3900  Light-Duty Commercial Jackshaft Garage Door Opener
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ZAP 825 Series 3 Light Duty Jackshaft Sectional Garage Door OpenerZAP 825 Series 3 Light Duty Jackshaft Sectional Garage Door Opener
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Protecting your property is a priority and if you’re in need of a remote-controlled commercial garage door opener, North Shore Commercial Door can help. The LiftMaster 3900 Light-Duty Commercial Jackshaft Garage Door Opener for Sectional Doors with one remote has all the features you’re looking for in a commercial garage door.

The LiftMaster 3900 features the following:

•Made for standard, vertical and high-lift sectional doors, this garage door opener is suitable for doors as high as 14 feet and as wide as 18 feet.

•It is not appropriate for an excess of 180 square feet or 650 pounds.

•It will fit garages that have an obstructed ceiling, cathedral design or limited height available.

•The motor is protected with a lifetime warranty.

•Wall mount installation attached to the door mount tension bar.

•A quiet, tough motor.

•A power cord that measures six feet.

•Numerous safety features and push button technology.

•Tension monitor to prevent the need for balancing.

As always, our staff is knowledgeable and here to answer your questions. Get your LiftMaster 3900 remote controlled garage door opener from North Shore Commercial Door today.

*Remotes are not included but this unit does have a built in receiver. You can use the liftmaster Model 371LM remote control.

Comments / Questions

COMMENT: low headroom by Kenneth W 2/29/2016
COMMENT: ease of mounting reasonable price by S J 12/17/2015
QUESTION: Why does my garage door go up and down whenever it wants and does not go up when I push the button? I have this liftmaster. by Sylvia B 7/1/2016
STAFF ANSWER: I would hold the learn button for two minutes and delete the memory then reprogram all your remotes that should do the trick. by Taylor M a
REPLY: ITs not just remotes. It is the opener on the wall too. Will this work for that too. by Sylvia B r
QUESTION: What is a jack shaft? by Carl E 5/27/2016
ANSWER: it is the hollow or solid bar, that holds your torsion springs and your cable pulleys by Duane S a
ANSWER: Yes it is what is classified as a " jack shift" it hooks up to shaft and turns it lifting the door by fred P a
QUESTION: WHAT ARE THE WIDTH OF THE 8500? by None N 3/2/2016
STAFF ANSWER: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Is there an accessory chain that I can attach to the opener so I can open and close the roll up door manually instead of having to lift the door itself? by damon y 11/4/2015
ANSWER: For a ROLL UP DOOR, you will need the liftmaster 3950, not the 3900. by Brian C a
ANSWER: No you have to manually open it. by Thomas M a
ANSWER: No, you have to pull the rope that come with the opener to unlock the gear and you have physically lift the door . Hope that helps. by fred P a