Liftmaster 3900 Light-Duty Commercial Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster 3900  Light-Duty Commercial Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

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Product Description

Protecting your property is a priority and if you’re in need of a remote-controlled commercial garage door opener, North Shore Commercial Door can help. The LiftMaster 3900 Light-Duty Commercial Jackshaft Garage Door Opener for Sectional Doors with one remote has all the features you’re looking for in a commercial garage door.

The LiftMaster 3900 features the following:

•Made for standard, vertical and high-lift sectional doors, this garage door opener is suitable for doors as high as 14 feet and as wide as 18 feet.

•It is not appropriate for an excess of 180 square feet or 650 pounds.

•It will fit garages that have an obstructed ceiling, cathedral design or limited height available.

•The motor is protected with a lifetime warranty.

•Wall mount installation attached to the door mount tension bar.

•A quiet, tough motor.

•A power cord that measures six feet.

•Numerous safety features and push button technology.

•Tension monitor to prevent the need for balancing.

As always, our staff is knowledgeable and here to answer your questions. Get your LiftMaster 3900 remote controlled garage door opener from North Shore Commercial Door today.

*Remotes are not included but this unit does have a built in receiver. You can use the liftmaster Model 371LM remote control.

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Comments / Questions

COMMENT: liftmaster is A VERY reliable product and i have had previous models with no issues of failure..VERY GOOD PRODUCT by Carl D 9/28/2014
COMMENT: Good product by oren I 9/4/2014
QUESTION: which remote is suggested I currently have a lift master chain drive unit on another commercial door. I would like a remote to be able to operate both doors. by Kevin B 10/16/2014
STAFF ANSWER: I would buy the LIftmaster 893MAX.... It will work on up to three Liftmaster doors newer than 1993 by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have about 8" from the top of the door opening to the celing. will this opener fit in that space? by None N 9/19/2014
ANSWER: The opener gets mounted onto the end of the torsion spring rod. So the space above the door doesn't matter by Steven B a
ANSWER: The door opener is attached to the shaft of the door and clamped in place. The top of door opener is about 4" taller than the top of the door's jackshaft. As long as you have this much space above the jackshaft, the unit will be able to slide on it. And you need about 12" of clearance to the side of the jackshaft to slide the unit onto it. Since this unit can be installed on either side of the jackshaft, I would be very surprised if you could not install this unit on your door. by Jerry T a
ANSWER: This unit when is mounted on the wall is the same height as the pulley where the door cable winds and unwinds. by Theodore K a
QUESTION: Will this operator the 3900 work with an un-insulated Raynor 12x12 steel form door Thanks John Steilen by John S 6/16/2014
STAFF ANSWER: When you say a Steel form Door , Are you referring to a Rolling Steel Door If so please take Look at Liftmaster model 3950 .... it looks just the same but is geared to work on Rolling Steel doors. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Will this work on a 12x12 sectional Raynor steelform non-insulated door? by None N 6/15/2014
ANSWER: Sure, if you are within the weight limits and have torsion springs. by Alex H a
ANSWER: This is my question.Will the 3900 work on a 12x12 Raynor steel sectional door. by John S a